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Skeeter: How It was Almost ClubBridgette Not Club Jenna; or even ClubSilvia for That Matter

Porn Valley- In my conversations with Skeeter Kerkove Monday night, Skeeter tells me that Bridgette Kerkove was offered the original deal that subsequently went to Jenna Jameson which created ClubJenna.

“How many movies did Jenna Jameson’s husband direct before he met her?” Skeeter starts off by asking.

“At least between one and three, right? At at least $2,000 profit each. What I want to know is, before he knew Jenna Jameson, where did he live? I heard that he lived at his brother’s in Arizona. He wanted to be somebody but nobody wanted much to do with him. Word is that he first contacted Silvia Saint with the idea he was going to make her a big star. Silvia at the time was allegedly dating a millionaire. Bridgette and Nikita Denise really know the story on that one. Word has it that when he and Jenna hooked up, neither one of them ever owned a piece of property, never owned a car that was bought and paid for. But the drama presented by Video Secrets is what changed their lives. Several months later they were making $25,000 a month.

“Here’s a story that I clearly remember- somebody from video Secrets called Bridgette and she just flipped out.” Skeeter said he and Bridgette had subsequent meetings with the owners of Video Secrets.

“They were very upfront and so honest,” Skeeter continues. “Everything went good. But Bridgette freaked them out the way she talked. I could understand. Bridgette believed that it was a scam, that that much money could not be made. Bridgette was offered the deal absolutely because my webmaster Robert Adams was at the meeting with Chuck, one of the owners, at a restaurant in Calabasas.

“The next thing I read is how Jenna Jameson got the deal.” One of the mitigating issues involved was the fact that Bridgette was off getting pregnant, according to Skeeter.

“And Jenna was just farting around being a renter,” he adds. “Everything is a matter of public record. Look at her first and last name. When did she own her first piece of property? When did she own her first vehicle paid outright? Was it before Bridgette? Absolutely not. That’s guaranteed.”

According to Skeeter, Bridgette turned down the Video Secrets offer.

“The deal they offered her was just spectacular- she just wigged out not believing that that much money could be made. But Video Secrets is that connected with Flirt4Free and Bridgette had done a couple of those for a paycheck. But Bridgette completely wigged out. There was a lot of drama and that was it. But the offer was a big deal. But when the offer was made to Jenna, Jenna did not own a home or a condo or a town home. Neither did Jay. Not can he take his legal first and last name and show any paperwork that he did. He can show beforehand that he was on parole. But all I have to say that the subsequent deal that Jay and Jenna made with Playboy was incredible and they’ve laughed all the way to the bank. And they always will over that deal. Now they’ve been given all the future gigs at Playboy so he’s raking in even more money. There have been directors that lost their gigs over Jay.”

“What was that thing on the Howard Stern show where Jenna Jameson was telling Howard Stern that she met this new guy and his name was Jay Grdina. He was a multi-millionaire from the phone business? Did his tax records show that he was a millionaire? Did his house that he owned- because he didn’t own one- show that he was a millionaire? No. Did his car show it?”


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