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Skeeter is Ravaged-final

Porn Valley- Skeeter Kerkove had been in New Mexico and Arizona attending to some real estate business. So I finally caught up with him over the brouhaha on ADT concerning the Torrid movie, Jenna Haze is Ravaged.

Some folk seem to be of the opinion that the show’s a ripoff, and the scene Skeeter shot of Jenna Haze along with Mark Wood and AVN Best male newcomer nominee Jerry is not very well done. Particularly with so-called “bad lighting”.

Granted, I didn’t see the final cut of the movie and neither has Skeeter. But I was there the day he shot this scene. And it was a tremendous accomplishment even though Skeeter and Jenna butted heads. Which also brings to mind a moment when Haze didn’t want to do a pile driver, noting that she doesn’t even do it for Jules Jordan. At that point Skeeter told Haze to take the tape and go home, his compliments.

As far as comments about the lighting, Skeeter can’t even offer a guess as to what happened during editing.

“I didn’t do that to the lighting- I didn’t blow it out,” he states, wondering how in some of the screen captures, the lighting is overblown.

“That couldn’t happen because the lighting never changed,” Skeeter argues. “The performers didn’t change; the outfits didn’t change; nothing changed. But I was told that the European scenes they [Torrid] bought were not on high-definition camera and that the same editor put them altogether. He might not have known what to do with my shit.”

Skeeter was curious why none of the critics so far have taken attempts to mention that Haze was also in bondage during sex.

“What nobody’s pointing out is the ultimate no-no, the ultimate taboo in the US is bondage and sex,” says Skeeter. “And I’m the only one to have released that- to me bondage is being tied up with a dick in your ass.”

“If you look at the screen captures which they’re trying to use as evidence against me on lighting- and you were there, you know the lighting never changed- you clearly see her arms handcuffed behind her back,” Skeeter continues.

“And her legs are tied together. Nobody has mentioned that Jules Jordan’s girlfriend is in bondage! And it’s shot in America in 2006 and released in 2006. I challenge you that out of 13,000 releases, this is the only one done that way. I don’t see Tom Zupko and Rob Black having girls tied up. The screen captures clearly show that Jenna Haze is tied up.”

Skeeter said he’s talked to Mark Wood about the latest round of critiques and even Wood is astounded that between him and Jerry they managed 40 minutes of anal with Haze.

Amused no end, Skeeter said the framus created on ADT accelerated sales for the movie which $100,000 of paid-for publicity couldn’t have done. However in some of the dismissive reviews being offered, Skeeter notes that critics are also stating that he’s lazy holding a camera.

“Have you ever seen me being lazy holding a camera or directing?” he asks. To which I have to honestly say, no, because I’ve described Skeeter’s technique in the past as a cross between an adagio dancer and a bullfighter. Skeeter mentions that if he’s a lazy director why would he tell Haze to go home if this was going to be a power struggle.

“That’s not a lazy director- that’s a director getting ready to lose all his profits on his release,” says Skeeter. “My belief is that strong.”


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