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Skeeter is Still Claiming 103 Chopsticks

Yes, Harry Weiss did explain the story behind the picture on Dee and The Fatmen last night. Skeeter Kerkove whose chin is playing tag with Weiss’ left hand was a guest on the show.

In a post Thanksgiving tribute, Skeeter was introduced as king of stuffing. “I’m stuffing girls’ rectums like there’s no tomorrow,” Skeeter proudly proclaimed. “It’s another Kerkove love story.” Weiss noted that Bridgette Kerkove had come into the business in 1999. “Her blackened soul came in with a fury,” Skeeter laughed. “She did 203 scenes in 1999; 207 in 2000 and 200 from January to September of 2001.” Weiss as did the Sports Swami Friday morning wanted to know about the chopsticks. “God bless sushi,” Skeeter said.

Skeeter claims that Bridgette took 103 in her ass. Bridgette on the Sports Swami said it was more like 18. “It was a 5-hour sex scene. We had sex for 2 1/2 hours doing all kinds of stuff and we worked gently on putting in the chopsticks. She was already nice and stretched.” Skeeter said the scene was shot after Bridgette had already won the Best New Starlet award. Skeeter said the idea was to do something crazy and shocking that would always be remembered. “It’s been four years and it’s still being talked about. What other sex scene is still being talked about afterwards? There’s none. That was the whole thing.”

Skeeter said his biggest regret is that he didn’t have ownership on it. “Leisuretime still sells 6 to 700 pieces a month of that DV throughout Europe and Canada.

Weiss was curious if Bridgette’s ass chamber gives off echoes. “Her butt tightens up so quick that you have to work it all the time,” Skeeter explained. “When she stopped after she won the Best American Actress in the Venus show in Berlin,. she went into retirement to have another baby so we got busy on that right away. Then when she came back, her butthole tightened all the way up. Just POW. Like a rubber band.” Weiss said when Skeeter describes some of the things he does on the set, Weiss’ butthole tightens up.

Asked how he got into directing, Skeeter said he did scenes with Bridgette early on in her career. “About every third or fourth scene we did together would be nominated. We won one award together which was cool for most outrageous sex scene. We did one feature together for Michael Raven for Sin City’s Underworld. But I would just direct individual scenes or a couple of scenes at a time for David Christopher or Chuck Martino when he was at Sin City.” Which prompted several comments about Martino all beginning with the word, “alleged.”

As Weiss was getting picky, professorial and taking issue with the “DVD compatible” label on one of the Fusion boxes, Skeeter merely shrugged his shoulders and said he was dumb as a box of rocks when it came to that stuff. But as far as the content of his movies, Skeeter said he and Bridgette, like lab rats, experiment in their real life. “The first person we wanted to meet when we got in this business was Mark Spiegler,” Skeeter said. “I showed him pictures that we took at home with a Kodak throwaway camera- my cock and a dildo in Bridgette’s ass.” Skeeter said he’d take those pictures to K Mart to get developed.

Steve Seidman asked Skeeter how he and Bridgette were getting along. “Bridgette and I are fine,” said Skeeter. “She’s a totally awesome woman. In my opinion she’s the best mother in the entire world which to me is the most important thing. More important than my life, my career or anything. That’s what she’s absolutely best at.” Acknowledging the Tina Tyler/Jason Sechret rumors which were posted in an earlier story, Skeeter said he and Bridgette are still together. “As long as I don’t get in trouble, if not, she’ll kick me to the curb.”

On the other hand, Skeeter conceded that he works a lot. “I know it’s hard on her and I have this disease called fear of poverty. So I’m super, super tight with money. Mark Spiegler says I’m an honorary Jew because I’m so tight with money.”

Seidman brought up the now infamous press release with the picture of Weiss and Kerkove presumably having a smackdown. Weiss said after doing scenes here and there, Skeeter finally got the opportunity to do a whole movie. Weiss related how, as Metro’s publicist, he got called in to the general manager’s office for a skull session on how to market the movie. “I said Skeeter’s this pretty quiet, respectful guy but he just looks like a crazed motherfucker psycho. So why don’t we just play it up that he flipped out.” Weiss said a photographer came in and they spent nearly three hours posing for pictures like they’re choking each other out. “I actually went down to the art department and came up with captions for each one,” Weiss went on to say.

“We were claiming that they came from our security cameras. Anyone’s going to know you don’t have captions on the security videos.” Weiss said he went to all the adult news sites and magazines with the pictures. “They all bit on it. They just ate that up.” Skeeter said he felt guilty when people began calling him but that the marketing ploy paid off because Anal Excursions, his first movie, did 5,000 pieces. “That was really good for Metro. It was shot in one day. It was very good margining.”

Asked about his penchant for pushing the envelope, Skeeter said pornography is his whole life, 24/7. “It brings me so much happiness. God bless pornography. And sodomy is good for preventing unwanted pregnancies. And semen for a woman is an anti-depressant. It’s a mood lifter. It gets into the bloodstream. That’s why all the girls leave happy from my set. Because they’re all swallowing cum.” Weiss wondered whether it was more because their assholes could still snap shut.

“They always snap shut,” said Skeeter. “Because we’re careful. We do it with the love and care you don’t find too often.”


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