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Skeeter-Max -Cop Story; 10 Cop Cars, “Stupid Prostitute” Jenna James Used Illegal Substances?

Jerry Van Nuys writes: I love how people who were never there to begin with can tell detailed stories about what occurred.

Jenna James’ call time was 9 am but she didn’t show until close to 10. It took the make up artist forever to do her up because she wouldn’t sit still and kept fucking it up. Then she kept disappearing every 15 minutes to the bathroom to “freshen up”.

Skeeter was not happy about this since he does not knowingly allow illegal substances on his sets and she was being pretty blatant about it. She was openly bragging that her diet consists of nothing but water, alcohol, and speed; and needs about another 2 weeks to get down to the 85 lbs. that Max wants her at (she is 5’7″ and 95# at the time of the shoot and it wouldn’t surprise me if she was dead now.)

By the time we were able to finally herd her through the ‘Pretty Girl’ shots and get her in front of the video camera she’s twitching so bad she looked like she was having a mild seizure (probably from malnutrition).

We go through the typical Skeeter intro to the scene and when Jay Ashley steps in the girl completely breaks character and unbelievably asks, ‘What’s my motivation for this scene?’ (Great for BTS but sucks in the primary footage)

Skeeter, fed up with her BS by now, flips at having his shot ruined over amateur stupidity and calls the girl a ‘stupid prostitute’ and says your motivation is to get fucked for money (elapsed time: 45 seconds, not 45 minutes).

During the scene itself, Jenna refuses to let Jay use toys on her, fights against being deep throated, and after less than 5 minutes of anal, refuses to put anything more up her butt. It took over an hour to get the 35 minutes of raw footage for the scene.

By now, Skeeter (and everyone else) just wants to finish up the production requirements and get her the fuck off the set because we are well into the time scheduled for the second scene. Just as we start to film the softcore is when the police showed up.

Through the door the police says they have a report of filming on the premises and want to check IDs (like the 50th identical bogus call this year, you’d think they’d catch on by now and quit wasting the taxpayer’s money).

Skeeter notes that 10 patrol cars for an alleged infraction (not even a misdemeanor) is excessive, refused to let the cops in, and called his Lawyer.

By now, Jenna, who had flushed most of the contents of her purse down the toilet when Skeeter told her to get rid of any drugs she may have, is so tweaked out and paranoid that she is bouncing off the walls, crying, and demanding to leave the set immediately. Everyone else was sitting in the living room watching the Long Beach Grand Prix on a big screen HDTV, drinking beer, and eating shrimp.

Skeeter tried to explain to her that she should wait until his lawyer shows up otherwise the police will most certainly detain her if she were to leave right then. Not to mention the fact that she was so drugged up that it would have given Law Enforcement the probable cause to forcibly enter the premises.

Skeeter offered her an additional $300 if she would just stay until his lawyer showed up. Jenna called Max to ask him what she should do and Max told her to leave even after Skeeter explained it to him and begged him to tell her to stay.

This is when Skeeter says to Max that he was ‘screwing me over’ (He never said anything about ‘setting him up’. He couldn’t believe that Max was advocating having this coked up porn whore just walk out into the waiting arms of the police.

We all manage to get the girl to stay long enough for the Lawyer to show (about an hour after he was called and all the cops left once he arrived) and this girl bolted as soon as the door opened, not even waiting for her check. To top it off, when she left, she took every bottle of lube on the set with her.

Now we barely have the minimum footage necessary for the hardcore scene, no softcore scene and no dancing strip tease as required by the production company we’re shooting for so what we do have is useless and this has all been a complete waste of time for everyone involved.

And you know what, Skeeter still paid the girl her full rate plus the additional $300 because ‘Max is a friend’. Even though when Max showed up later that night to pick up her check he (incredulously) accused Skeeter of setting this whole thing up himself.

He even went so far as to demand that Skeeter pay for the drugs the girl flushed!

Who knows what bullshit this girl told Max but he obviously forgot the first rule of porn; whores lie. A lot of what I’ve said here can easily be backed up by the footage that was shot and we even offered to let Max watch it to prove what we were telling him but he refused, preferring to believe his whore rather than his long time friend.

I’m floored at how drugs can make some people SO stupid. I love ya, Max, but this girl is treating you like a trick.


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