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Skeeter: So Bridgette Says This Guy’s Dick Tastes Funny

Porn Valley- As I had said previously, Skeeter Kerkove was in rare form when I spoke to him Friday night.

My chat with the outlaw of love was part memoir, part rant. But all Skeeter. Skeeter said one of the reasons we were having this on record is that he was getting e-mails from people because he fell off the face of the earth.

“They said why not call you.” And that he did.

Skeeter was commenting that there really wasn’t any great drama going on in the business. At least by his standards. So he was ready to pour some gas on the porn campfire.

“I had Bridgette Kerkove wearing PVC hot pants, ankle strap heels, thigh-high boots, overdrawn lip liner, big glamorous hair- at the tender age of 19 so I could enjoy it,” Skeeter recalls. “I took pictures of it. That’s what I love. I don’t know what a John Stagliano butt-walk is with the fuckin’ butt plugs which Jules Jordan filmed.”

Skeeter had discussed some of these details in the first part of our chat and then recalled a time when he won an award for appearing in a Jim Powers movie with his “whore wife,” meaning Bridgette.

“I played the Lizard Man [in that movie], and I’ve put chop sticks in her butt,” Skeeter says. “Chopsticks in the butt is a beautiful thing. It don’t happen every day. You have to have a fucked up mind to come up with that- I love my wife so much, but I’ll put chopsticks in her butt. But here’s a question- if I’m so hardcore and so mean and nasty, why is it I’ve never harmed a girl on the set?”

He brought it up in the first part of the interview and Skeeter goes back to the story of the porn producer who was supposed to have given Bridgette Kerkove gonorrhea. He says the guy’s a trick and pays for porn pussy.

“You know how many girls laughed about it when they came to fuck me for free?” says Skeeter. “Get out of town.”

“So we’re at this house that he’s renting,” Skeeter continues. Then Skeeter began digressing to comments about Belladonna.

“She slammed porn [on ABC] then got praised,” says Skeeter. “Did Bridgette use a baseball bat three years before her? Yeah. So what’s going on? Nothing. I just didn’t go worldwide TV and slam all of porn and cry tears then get embraced by the porn community afterwards.”

That out of his system, Skeeter got back to his story about the porn producer.

“I bring Bridgette and I feel bad because I got this big pool and spa heater in the back of my truck because I got to go install it after Bridgette gets done fucking,” he continues.

Skeeter and Bridgette then get to the producers house and there’s a male performer waiting there in “this old, beat-up, jacked-up, dented fucked up Mustang. What the fuck is that? So we’re there and Bridgette’s doing a scene with him. She’s new and she’s saying there’s something wrong about the taste of his dick, that she never tasted that before. Well, Bridgette got gonorrhea that night from this performer. But I don’t know this. I’m on a phone with a customer with this heater in the back of my truck.

“I just decide to tell the truth- my wife’s in porn and we’re in Orange County by the ocean and we’re doing a scene. I can’t be there to install the heater and I’ll do it the next day and take $50 of the installation. Well they’re cool with it. I didn’t need to do it that night. And Bridgette and I are talking. She’s saying I’m horny and we start fucking. We’re being quiet and no one can hear us. It’s our own private Kerkove love affair because we are the decadent Kerkoves.

“So the producer comes up, what are you doing? I go I’m fucking my wife. He goes you can’t do that! I’ve got to fuck her. I go she already did her scene. He goes no, we’re going to do something else with Chennin Blanc. Then he gets all ornery and Bridgette starts laughing. She goes did you see the inside of his refrigerator? He’s got like 20 different diet drinks and all this muscle stuff. So he is just ornery- and me and Bridgette are just as stupid as fuck, and as white trash as we are, we’re millionaires and he’s just renting a house.

“So him and Chennin Blanc are having a sex scene and Bridgette’s in it. Poor Bridgette. This is literally her first 30 days in porn and I realize that he’s totally double shooting her. That’s how new we were. Bridgette winds up getting paid a total of $1,000. I’m going are you sure this isn’t for two different movies? It just doesn’t seem right.”

According to Skeeter, the dead giveaway was when they were shooting in two different parts of a room and Bridgette wound up changing outfits.

“Then, afterwards, I ask him where’s your test?” Skeeter goes on to say. “And he’s like doing all this drama and produces this thing. He produces a fake test. I say this is as a fact- he did not have a test when he had sex with Chennin Blank and Bridgette. I guarantee you he created a fake test to trick Bridgette.”

Skeeter, the following day, was, himself, feeling certain physical discomfort.

“I’m telling Bridgette there’s something wrong with my dick. She goes what do you mean? I’m like it’s tender and it don’t feel right. She goes, you know- I’ve been kind of itchy. So we go to AIM and test. Then we go to Sylmar Family clinic. We go, “Last night she did this and that. I did this- I did that.’ So I ask them what can be done. They give us a test, and the lady goes you have gonorrhea. I’m like, what! And they tell Bridgette. ‘It appears you have gonorrhea.'”

Skeeter then called the producer and called him out because AIM had told Skeeter this guy hadn’t tested in three months.

“You liar- you gave us false paperwork.”

Skeeter claims both the porn producer and porn performer also tested positive for gonorrhea.

That being then and this being now, Skeeter goes on to say how after all his court fights with Bridgette, that she’s living on welfare in Glendale.

Skeeter and I then got on a discussion about movies and, surprisingly, we share the same opinion about The Illusionist which got jack-shit in the way of nominations this year. I thought The Illusionist was one of the best I’ve seen in years.

“I saw that and that just blew my mind,” Skeeter agrees. “Mr. [Ed] Norton is just unbelievable. His acting- I was so thrown off when I saw the end of how he choreographed all of that just so he could be with his baby. It was the ultimate love story. It blew me away. I cried happy tears. That was such a spectacular movie.”

Skeeter gets back to the subject of Bridgette and how Al Borda practically shot her every week for IVD.

“He shot her every week with black people for four straight months,” Skeeter continues. “Occasionally with a cracker. It was with Byron Long, Lexington Steele, Mark Anthony- over and over. All these different lines because she would take it balls deep and deep throat ’em balls deep and do d.p., double-anal, whatever, let’s go. She gave them her first double anal which was Gangbang Bitches #23, I believe. It was Jon Strong’s first double anal that he ever performed in. It was Mark Anthony’s first one. Pat Myne’s first one. Guy DeSilva’s first one- we were breaking a lot of ground. Where now it’s the norm. But I remember it well.”

It was about this time that Skeeter had to call Borda’s PM to note that Bridgette had “the shit” from the other shoot in Orange County.

Skeeter chuckles wondering whether Kevin Rubio ever got the ten grand back that he reported missing in Vegas.

“Yeah, right. What was the story?” says Skeeter. “A girl has a key to your hotel but you don’t know her real name? I’ve heard all these stories before.”

From personal experience, Skeeter notes how girls just meet Rubio and he’s asking them over to the Ducati Ranch to live with him for free.

“And then they’re there and going I don’t want to fuck you in the butt. There is a T-girl that is so mad at him, so furious that she’s getting ready to go worldwide.”

According to Skeeter, she apparently has incriminating e-mails and recorded phone calls on both cell and home phones.

“She has proof that she did a sex scene with him secretly and was told she’d have it for her website and never got it,” Skeeter insists. “This girl is not a flake and doesn’t use drugs. This is when Kevin Ducati lived at a rental house that he pretended to own and there were all these rock n’ roll people who were there and trashed the place. But this T-girl just loves to save e-mails and recorded phone calls. Her only complaint was that she was totally ripped off. That scene wound up getting sold somewhere else and she didn’t get nothing.”

Skeeter still insists that Rubio is selling old scenes as new, some of them being as old as six years.

“A comp is a comp,” says Skeeter. “You can’t tell people it’s brand new. Nobody wants to buy scenes that are five and six years old and have already been released in other movies. Look at the date of production. Fuckin’ Jessica Dee’s in it for godssake. This is from a 2006-2007 release. It’s assumable it wasn’t shot recently. He doesn’t sell movies with disclaimers that these scenes are from three, four, five, six years ago. I don’t see it [a disclaimer], and if there is, I’d like you to point it out to me.”


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