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Skeeter’s Scott Justice Story; “They paid Nikki Benz $2,000 for a boy-girl scene”

Porn Valley- With the story going around about Scott Justice leaving Sin City, I talk to Skeeter Kerkove who never saw eye-to eye with Sin City’s former GM.

“I heard another story that he just left the company, that he wasn’t fired,” Skeeter tells me.

“Everybody acknowledges that that was the number one paying job in porn. By double. No one who is a general manager got paid half as much as Scott Justice.”

“Another advantage that he had is that checks were written to the SJ Entertainment Group,” Skeeter continues. “Then he divvies out the funds. So when the rule is no girl can be paid more than $1100- but if it was Brittany Skye who he fucked sometimes- oh, yeah we can pay her $1500. Or we can pay this girl to be a director because she has a boob job and I’m going to fuck her. Then if the boyfriend or husband comes into the picture, things get really different and weird.”

“Like the one time when I was doing a movie he wanted me to use Julian,” Skeeter recalls. “I was, like, Julian’s got a huge dick and is a handsome guy but he won’t like my type of movies. I go we’re too aggressive and mean. Julian’s a lover. Like Kevin Ducati, Prince Ducati. But I don’t think that’s fair to compare Julian to Ducati because Ducati earns $30,000 per scene. He knows he said it- and a lot of people laughed.

“So Julian wrote down $700 and I go, whoa, bro. No way. Every guy on this set is paid $500 no matter who they are, no matter what they do. Every guy is treated equal. Every girl is treated equal. This is how we do it at Mayhem. No favoritism.

“Then I called up Scott and Scott told me, he goes, oh Julian’s my friend- he wasn’t supposed to write down the price. I go, whoa. Just because he’s your workout partner and you guys are lifting weights together- that’s not fair. All my guys out fuck him for my style of movies.

“They paid Nikki Benz $2,000 for a boy-girl scene because she has big tits and she’s a blond. If it was any other girl who he didn’t want to impress, he has a fit over $1100. You don’t need to spend $2000.

“Nikki Benz getting it in the pussy is not going to sell one extra DVD. But you take Danielle Derek getting it in the pussy and the ass and in the mouth in a big boob movie, that’s going to sell extra DVDs- because that’s who’s on the cover of Big Tit Ass Stretchers #6- her and Daphne Rosen [ Robert Hill Releasing].

“It’s doing really strong in Europe and is having good, strong re-orders which is great,” says Skeeter. “It’s the only big tit, all-anal, ass-to-mouth, anal creampie swallowing cum line there is out there. And it’s a good title.”

On the line’s predecessor, the original Ass Stretchers, Mark Snyder gave me the full ahead to do it,” Skeeter also recalls. “He thought it was a great title. He had great visions for the boxcover of the first Ass Stretchers. It sold so strong based on a lot of Mark’s marketing. I got the go ahead- just get as crazy as you can- just make sure we have usable footage. The same thing with the Clusterfuck series.

“That was a big part of my success- the marketing that Mark Snyder did with David Sturman’s support. To quote Scott Justice. it was some of the most cost-effective, all anal movies ever made.

“Clusterfuck was their best selling gonzo ever,” Skeeter continues. “And I was so proud of that because the whole movie cost $14,000 for the all-multiple anal creampie, double anal, double vag, double oral, bar stools, slave collars, smoking, everything. Michael Raven congratulated me for the movie selling so well. That meant the world to me because he was a very well known director.

“Dave was into all the fun, craziness and uproar of Mayhem. It was a wild time then and we had a ball. I was having so much fun in those early days.”

“Maybe that Scott’s gone we’ll be able to work together again,” Skeeter thinks. In 2005 Skeeter thought the hatchet was buried or was at least led to believe that. According to him, David Sturman offered him one movie a month to start.

“I said I’ll go and apologize to Scott right now,” says Skeeter. “No problem at all. And I did. Bridgette said I can’t believe you did that. I said I want to work for Mayhem again.”

Asked why he was apologizing, Skeeter said for “being ornery” with Justice.

“I was so excited. Dave said how are we going to do this because you and Scott don’t like each other? Scott told Dave I threatened to beat him up and that I was extremely serious saying take advantage of your size now. He told Dave that he declined. Anyway I found out later that Scott Justice told Dave if you hire Skeeter, I leave.”

At the same time Skeeter says he got along very well with Mark Snyder.

“He never lied to me- he used to take me out to lunch, baby me, be nice to me,” Skeeter continues.

“He said you would come in whenever I asked you. You never asked for a raise. You never asked for extra on the boxcover shoots. You took care of everything. They didn’t even babysit me on boxcover shoots. They respected me and trusted me so much that one time Mark Snyder was stressing- oh my God, the girl on the boxcover’s retired.

“Scott goes if there’s anyone who can pull this off it will be Skeeter and he’ll get the girl there. I did. She was 19 year-old Maggie Star. She retired and I got her on the set for free to do the boxcover shoot. I got it done. But what they really liked is when they said how much did it cost? What do we owe you? I told them the truth. Nothing. I got her there for free. But Scott had power and he became very abusive with it. If Scott gets mad at a person they’re banned for life because he wants to show his power- look, I can cost you money.”

Skeeter also recalls the days when a director could see a $5,000 paycheck for doing a movie.

“But it sounds like Dave’s probably getting ready to clean house,” Skeeter says. “Maybe with a new regime there’ll be a chance in the future of returning to Mayhem.”


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