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Sophia Rossi on Stern; Janine Had been Previously Announced

[from]- Howard said that this porn star Sophia Rossi was there. He said he’s not sure why she’s there but the guys told him that he saw her boobs in a meeting and told them to invite her in. Howard said that those were some boobs she had when she did come in.

Howard said he was on Sophia’s web site ( last night and she was doing all kinds of stuff there. She’s no longer doing video porn but she’s still doing the photo stuff.

Howard asked how she got into porn. Sophia said that she met Jenna Jameson and she asked her to do a movie with her. She said that was the first time she ever went down on a woman herself. Sophia said that she had women do her but she had never done it herself. She said that it was great when she did Jenna.

Howard found out that Sophia works at the Spearmint Rhino out in Las Vegas. She said that she likes to have fun and gets very aggressive with her lap dances. She charges $500 per hour to do that stuff.

Howard asked Sophia about her lips and if they were real. She said that she has her lips done every year and she’s not even sure what they put in there.

Howard asked her about her breasts and what size she is. She said that she’s a 36-DD now but she was a C before that. Howard said that Robin actually had her boobs reduced. Sophia said that Robin looked great too.

Artie asked if he could do a motorboat on her boobs. Sophia was fine with that so Artie went over to her and did it. He stuck his head between her breasts and did his thing. Artie said that her boob job was an excellent one. Artie told George he was going in and shook his head between her boobs as he was making noise.

Sophia said that she liked that. She said her breasts are very sensitive. Artie told her that he wants her on the cover of his next book. Artie said that she was great.

Howard read that Sophia had done a lot of drugs earlier in her life. She didn’t talk much about that. Howard said that she has had guys like Tommy Lee. She also said that she danced for Artie back at the club in Las Vegas a few years ago. Artie didn’t remember that but Sophia said that she had different colored hair and different boobs back then.

Howard asked Sophia about Tommy Lee’s penis and if she was able to handle all of it. Sophia said that she thinks she was fine with it. She said that they saw each other quite a bit back then. Howard asked her if she ever saw Tommy getting oral from Pamela Anderson. She said she never did see that.

Howard asked Sophia about dating some other people as well. Sophia talked about how immature the guy was and how he wasn’t the type that she wanted to marry. She also dated a guy who could stick his own penis in his ass. She said that she thought that was kind of strange and the guy would stick it in and he found it kind of comforting.

Sophia said that she thought it was odd and found him scooching on the floor like a dog one day. Howard asked if she broke up with him after that. She said that she stuck with him for a while after that. George said that he thought that it was kind of unisexual and not even homosexual.

Howard said that Sophia danced for Kid Rock on stage. He asked if she made love to him too. She said that they didn’t click.

Howard said that Sophia’s mother is a minister. She said that she was raised with Buddhists and monks when she was growing up. She said that her parents aren’t around now so she doesn’t have to worry about what they think of all of this stuff.

Howard gave Sophia a plug for her web site Sophia said she brought in a bunch of movies for the guys there. She said she’d even give some to Robin. Howard said that Robin actually learned to give blow jobs by watching porn.

Howard said he heard that Sophia wanted to ride the Sybian. He asked her if she really wanted to do that. She said that he was afraid of coming in to do that but she would do it today. Howard told her to be real on that thing. She said she owns one so she knows it very well. She said that she actually did a show with the Sybian in Helsinki one time in front of 7,000 people.

Howard had Sophia get on the machine and take it for a ride. Robin said that she has an amazing body. Howard said that she really does. They had her take off her dress a short time later. Gary put on his Welder’s mask to cover up his face. Howard said that they don’t want to look at Gary during this ride. Sophia didn’t argue with them at all so Gary was kind of bummed that she didn’t say that he didn’t need it.

Howard told Sophia they’d start her out slow and then bump up the power. Sophia said that she wanted Gary in front of her and wanted to grab his head. Artie asked if she wanted him to Bronsky her again. She did but Howard told Artie to stay there and not block the shot.

Sophia was enjoying the ride so Howard had Gary boost up the power a little bit. Gary had her at about 45 percent. Howard told him to bump it up to 60 percent. Sophia asked for more so Howard had him jack it to 100 percent. Sophia moaned for a minute as the machine worked it’s magic. Sophia was cursing as the machine was at top speed and she eventually finished.

Howard said that her eyes were going right into the back of her head at one point. Everyone applauded the ride. Even George got excited by that. Howard asked Sophia what was going on because she was breathing heavy and had some problems getting it back. She said that she actually liked the mask on Gary because he was the controller. Howard asked if she would shoot a movie with him in that mask. She said she really wanted him to get in front of her so she could grab him. Gary said he can’t do that.

Gary said that he raised the power slowly toward the end and didn’t get it to 100 percent until right near the finish.

Artie said that may have been the best Sybian ride ever.

Howard took some calls from some people and Jeff the Drunk agreed that it may have been the best Sybian ride ever. George said that he believed her performance and he’s seen some others that didn’t appear to be real. Artie asked if she was as good as Jane Fonda. Howard asked if Sophia had even heard of Jane Fonda. She said she didn’t but then she remembered her aerobics instruction tapes. She didn’t seem to know that she was an actress. Howard had to wrap up and take a break a short time later.


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