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Soundbites from Skye Blue

Porn Valley- Skye Blue was a guest on KSEX’s The Baadmaster Show Thursday night. Blue said her company Platinum Blue Productions was putting out three releases a month. Blue also ran through an exhaustive itinerary of other projects her company’s involved with and acknowledged that she has little time to live. She got into the BD&SM culture when she was very young, she said.

“Last time I was here I think I was with Jason [Sechrest] talking about some stuff back in the day,” she said. “He brought some old stuff out of the woodwork for me and we talked about when I was six or seven years old. I grew up in New jersey, by the way.” Baadmaster traded some bloodline anecdotes about New York and Blue noted that she had an uncle who worked on the Verrazano bridge.

“I had an uncle that was building that, fell off of it and died. Sweat to God,” Blue commented. Asked if she was Italian, Blue said, “A little bit- a lot of it, actually.”

“When I was six or seven years old,” she continued, “I lived in Jersey and behind my house was this big huge parking lot. It snows in the winter time, naturally, of course. I had this kid who was my neighbor. This kid had to be five years old. I think I fucked this kid up for life. I swear to God. I do Hail Marys because I probably destroyed this kid. He’s probably disturbed to this day. So what I would do I would take this little kid and I would walk him around the other side of the parking lot and I would build a mound in the snow, like a seat mound. I would make the kid pull his pants down. It’s butt fucking cold in New Jersey in the winter time. I’d make him sit in this mound of snow until his ass got super chafed and red. Then I would proceed to lean him up against the wall and spank him. Then I’d make him sit in the snow chair again. One day not too long after that had happened, he and his mother showed up at my doorstep knocking at the door. She confronted my mom and said I was beating her kid’s ass. In my mother’s eyes at that time in my life, I was an aaaaaangel. I would never do anything wrong. I was a perfect kid. Although all the hideous things that were really happening in my childhood came out for all the shit that I was doing with this kid. To this day I don’t know if this kid has ever seen me on film or heard me in an interview. I am so sorry if I fucked you up.”

Baadmaster suggested that this might be the guy who decided to invade Iraq: “A lot of pent up aggression.”

Nonetheless, Blue said this was the first time in her life that she could remember being consciously aware of physically wanting and having satisfaction of causing pain to someone.

[Blue referred to her past appearance on The Young & The Curious, and here’s the portion of the show we never got to recap.]

Blue was running some scenes from her movie Dark Desire and since Nick Manning was in one of the scenes, Blue addressed the fact that Manning can be an asshole, but the scene she shot him in, there was a change in demeanor. In the course of conversation stripper Europe Dichon’s name was brought up and Blue remembered Dichon hosting the Score Boob Cruise one year she was on. Sechrest brought up the “tit movement” in adult entertainment, noting that Dichon as well as Blue and Summer Cummings were among the standard bearers of it.

“You guys ruined it for all us A-size breasted chicks,” co-host Sam Phillips observed. Blue said that Dichon was a very bold performer and Sechrest, who used to be a talent coordinator for Danni’s Hard Drive, remembered driving the gravelly voiced Dichon around.

“Everywhere we went she was like, ‘Where’s the nearest Fatburger? I want a Fatburger.’

“She was like, ‘I can’t get a Fatburger in Vegas- I have to have it when I come to LA.’ I swear to God that was Europe Dichon.”

“When she hosted the Boob Crusie, her voice permeated the fucking woodwork of the ship,” laughed Blue. “And she had a little laryngitis on top of it. And she would just bark out fucking orders- the whole thing. Me and Summer were like, “Are you going to throw her overboard or am I?”

Aside for that, Sechrest mentioned the fact that there was a work ethic among the big tit girls.

“It was completely different with them.” Sechrest said it was easier dealing with them than the new girls.

“You had fun with it and you worked for the money,” he said. “It was though you thought you would all be fired and never have another job if you didn’t work for it that hard.” Blue remembered how much prep would go into doing a scene and that if you had to pull an Uncle Sam hat out of your ass, you would do it.

“You don’t even get to talk to the girls any more,” said Blue. “You have to talk to their fucking agents. They don’t tell the girl what she needs. But I do because I’ll get their damn phone number. Even then they come to the set and there’s supposed to be this beautiful, boudoir bustier, lingerie–what did you bring to wear, honey? Blue then affected a Valley Girl twang: ‘A schooooool girl’s skirt and some tennis shoooooes.’ What, did your agent not tell you what this was for? It’s tough.”

Phillips said with all the girls vying for jobs in the business, you’d think that the competition level would be at a higher rate than back in the day.

Blue said, instead, you get the hurry-up attitude from performers who tell you they’re booked for another scene. Phillips said girls are interchangeable but Sechrest raised a good point that time isn’t interchangeable.

“If they show up and they’re not prepared it’s going to take more time and more money to call and hire somebody else?”

“You get one shot with me and that is it,” said Blue. “I’ll give the male performer two shots. To me that’s the toughest job in the business. I don’t care what you say. He has to materialize the almighty pop shot. For a hetero, hardcore movie you got to have the guy. His dick has to work and ultimately the end viewer wants to see that pop shot go on the face, the tits, the tummy, the ass, the pussy.”

Blue recalled editing another company’s movie and had to gag and leave the room. Because she leases office space from them, Blue also credited Sin City with being the angel on her company’s shoulder. But that didn’t change the story about the movie which came out from Mayhem, Sin City’s product line.

“The sound of it made me gag,” she said. “It’s a movie called Slurpeez. So I’m in the editing bay of Sin City and I hear grrrrh, gluuuuuh. I’m watching it and I go what the fuck is that? It’s the girl- it’s an internal anal cream pie where she squats over into the cup after the cum shot. She squeezes it out into the cup- sound effects at the fullest. You can hear every squishy farty… it’s not white cum any more. It has brown tint to it. Does anyone know how to say e-coli from the rectum?”

Blue continued to say how the girl in the scene then brought out a straw and proceeded to suck it up, bubbles first, brown tint and all.

“I’m gagging thinking about it,” she laughed. “If you heard the amplified sound effects. It’s so awful. But the owner of the company could not even stand there and listen to it.” Asked who was the target audience was, Blue imagined a soccer team in Atlanta.


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