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Sounds Like a Pretty Good Traci Lords Script to Us

Sean Quick of Five K Sales,, in Illinois has developed a Traci Lords’ script that sounds pretty good. And Quick, who wrote the script, will give it to anyone who wants to take on the project. Just as long as he gets the writing credit and Cass Paley, whom he originally sent it to, does the directing. A package deal as it were.
Sean: I wrote the screenplay basically centering it around her Larry King interview.

Gene: Which is a pretty nifty hook. It basically goes through Larry’s interview and how she’s spilling out her guts, how she was abused and all this stuff. But in the dream sequence it goes into the truth about how she got into porn and how she hated the industry. Anyway I just pulled it out of my ass one night, got mad and I wrote it.

Gene: Sounds like a good idea.

Sean: But nobody wants to do it. And I’m also offering it free. I don’t want to sell it. I just want to see it made. Cass has been shopping it around but then he’s been shopping a lot of things around. I guess business is pretty slow on his end. But so far, no bites. I had some old Hustler interviews around here and from talking to other people in the industry about her, I’ve kind of formulated in my mind what type of person she was actually in the industry. I put that in the context of giving this poor-me interview to a Larry King and worked that all in together. If you’ve got anyone out there who wants to make a movie about Traci Lords, all names have been changed to protect the innocent. It makes a mockery of her entire interview. In fact I talked to one guy who lived in the same apartment complex as her when she started out and was living with another girl. But the one thing I could never found talking to all these people is how the Feds actually found out about it. I have a nice little twist in the plot at the end.

Gene: In her book she makes it sound like the Feds new all along that she was doing this. Which is telling me the Feds looked the other way on kiddie porn?

Sean: Cass Paley caught that too. All I can say is that I wrote what came to me. I also worked around a Ginger Lynn character and and Christy Canyon character. There’s a Tom Byron type of a character. But everybody’s name has been changed.
TITLE: Staci- Above It All
Author: Sean Quick

Staci Norman: Former porn star that performed onscreen under age.
Tom Dixon: A Tom Byron type character
Misty Valley: A Christy Canyon type character
Gina Rockwell: A high class Ginger Lynn type
Slim Westward: Owner of Tri-State Modeling Co. (non-sex role)
Jerry Ace: XNN TV interviewer (non-sex role)
Marianne Nichols: Makeup Artist (non-sex role)
John Austin: FBI Agent #1
Harry Walker: FBI Agent #2
Jeffery Light: Movie Director (non-sex role)
Sean Del Rio: Movie Director (non-sex role)
Porn Stud #1
Porn Model #1 (female)

(At a TV studio, scene opens with XNN interviewer Jerry Ace speaking into the camera)

ACE: Tonight on Jerry Ace Interviews on XNN, I have the pleasure to interview Ms. Staci Norman, she the former under age adult film star who successfully battled her way out of drug addiction, abuse, and the seedy world of pornography. She has a book coming out soon titled “Above It All” that tells of her struggles.
(Camera pulls back to view both Ace and Norman)

ACE: Welcome to XNN, Staci.

NORMAN: Nice to be with you, Jerry.

ACE: Why did you decide to write this book, Staci?

NORMAN: Jerry, I felt it was time to tell my side of the story, to help people, especially young women out there who have been abused and who may fall prey to the fame and money of the X-rated film industry.

ACE: How did your odyssey into porn films begin, Staci?

NORMAN: Well, Jerry, it all began when I was a little girl. A “family friend” abused me. Then a few years later a boy abused me as well. He later became my first boyfriend.

ACE: What?

NORMAN: I know it sounds crazy, but I was really confused. Remember, Jerry, I was just an innocent little girl. I became so confused, I ran away from home.

ACE: You poor woman, continue.

NORMAN: After I ran away, I ended up in California. I was broke and someone suggested I earn money by posing for nude photos. I was only 15 and I had no idea what the were talking about. Knowing I was under age, I acquired a fake birth certificate. When I would go to the photo sessions, they would ask about my age and I would show them my ID and everything was great.

ACE: They never tried to confirm your age?

NORMAN: No, isn’t that a shame, Jerry. I was such an innocent little girl then.

ACE: Ok. (Looking at the camera and rolling his eyes.) So nude modeling was your start in porn, the next step was films?

NORMAN: I was introduced to a talent agent named Slim Westward. He owns Tri-State Modeling Company. The next thing I knew, I was on the set of this….
(Picture fades out)




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