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Spallone: Never called Cara Lott a Crackhead

Porn Valley- I had a chat with Rob Spallone Monday morning. Apparently he got some grief over a story on Adulfyi that’s old enough where barnacles are hanging from the commas. The story in question involved the Summer Haze gangbang, and Spallone was apparently misconstrued regarding a comment allegedly made about Cara Lott.

“Cara Lott works for me a lot,” explained Spallone. “I don’t have a problem with Cara- she’s always cool. So this morning I wake up and there’s an e-mail from Cara, please contact me, it’s urgent. I don’t know what the fuck happened. So I call and leave a message. Then Jim South called me ten minutes later. He says Cara Lott called. I said I already left her message. Then she just called. I said what’s up?

“She goes the FYI site, I said FYI site? That’s my friend Gene Ross’ site what about it? She goes one of my fans just e-mailed me that you said I’m a crackhead. I said, no, honey, I would never say that about you. I’d say that about 90 percent of the girls in the business. I said if it’s up there like that maybe Gene heard me say that and thought I was talking about you, but I wasn’t.”

Gene sez: Actually what happened is Spallone heard that Cara Lott was on the line and said that she should bring her bag pipes. In the recap of the story, I somehow typed in crack pipe. But Spallone is certainly innocent of calling Lott a crackhead which he didn’t do.

Spallone and I then got on a conversation about collecting money. Spallone says he did a big shoot for one of the major companies.

“You know how I work- I get paid in advance,” says Spallone. “I put up my own money and I was supposed to get it back right away. Three months had gone by and I didn’t get a dime. Then I started to get a little angry, made a little stink, then I was on a payment plan for every Friday. It was nice going to pick up a $4,000 check every Friday but it just ended because they finished. But I got people calling me asking if I knew anyone at this company, that they were owed $600.

“I go, they owe you $600? They owe me $27,000. I’m going to collect mine before I collect yours. But guys like that have all this money and we work fuckin’ week to week. When you have a regular job every Friday you’re getting paid and you know how much you’re getting. In the business we’re in, you never know how much you’re making. I can have a great month and then I can have three shitty months. The great month is nothing and these people don’t understand this. With Russ Hampshire I always got paid in advance. Legend always.

“You’ve been around for a long time- you were on sets,” Spallone continues. “People used to get paid in cash. Then we went to checks and people got paid. A few years ago they went to payroll and you’d get paid in a week, two weeks. Now it’s three weeks or four. When I shoot a movie, I pay the people the same day. Yeah, I get them a little cheaper than most people because I’ve never bounced a check. And you’re working for me today. I don’t know if I’m ever going to hire you again, so you get paid when you’re done. But it’s so fucking hard collecting.”

Spallone talks about companies who get into a hole with you then buy the invoice pennies on a dollar and call it even.”A lot of times people are hard up, they need their money and they take the deal when they should have gotten paid in full. It’s the biggest bullshit business I’ve ever seen and it’s getting worse.

“It’s not like you’re trying to collect something that’s not yours,” Spallone continues. “That’s when I get the maddest. I’m asking you for something that’s mine. I shouldn’t even have to be asking you for this. That’s when I used to go crazy. People go, Rob, you’ve been around so long why don’t you distribute your own shit? You want me to distribute my own shit so people could owe me money and I could go crazy? I don’t owe anybody and I don’t want to be owed. That’s it.”On another subject, Spallone didn’t think he was going to the January show in Vegas, but later this month there was a good chance he was going to Chicago to be on the Springer Show.

Spallone shot the World’s Oldest Gangbang.

“They want to abuse us,” states Spallone. “Like get the girl and somebody in her family that didn’t want her to do it.” The porn performer was Crystal Clear and she worked with 26 guys over 50 and 60 years old.


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