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Sparxxx BJ Turns Up Fox Sports Figure- update

Porn Valley- What with them being out for the season, you’d figure that Lisa Sparxxx would have had the opportunity of blowing the entire NHL. That may or may not be the case, but Sparxxx wound up doing a sports personality, just the same, as part of the OP Distribution contest that was held at AEE this January.

The winner of the contest is a personality who works for Fox Sports News, but OP Distribution, head Arnold Stein isn’t giving out his name. The tape, however, will be out sometime in June. According to Stein, the contest was held that Saturday afternoon at AEE to pick a winner.

“It turned out to be an anchorman from Fox Sports News. It was classic,” said Stein. “He said he was an editor at first then one of my guys who was in the booth when it all went down called me a week later at 11 o’clock at night. What are you calling me for. He’s like, you won’t believe this. The guy who won the contest- he’s on TV right now, Fox Sports News. He’s reading an article. He was there doing it.”

According to Stein he was asked by the personality not to mention names. But that seems all rather irrelevant once the tape is released. “He asked us if we could keep his name out of it, but we have his video.”

Asked how the winner got picked, Stein said that he had something like 550 applicants before the show and those that submitted applications after the show. But they were shit out of luck.

“We ran the contest and basically Lisa was going to pick the winner at the show,” says Stein. “I gave everyone a confirmation number. The only way to get the confirmation was for me to respond back to you. We told everyone to bring their confirmation numbers to the booth at 4 pm Saturday.” About 70 showed said Stein although he had been expecting a lot more. “Then we had Lisa randomly pick one of the numbers. She picked this one guy and it turned out to be a really good-looking guy, younger.” Stein laughs in that Sparxxx was sweating the outcome. “One guy had to be like 75, 80 years old. He just waddled up there.”

The winner, according to Stein, went back to the room with Sparxxx and he was taped getting a blowjob. “We filmed it all.” According to Stein, Sparxxx is starting a new series of which this will be the kick-off scene. “It’s blowjobs around America, things like that. She’s going to blow fans in different cities that she’s traveling to. We’re waiting to get all the footage together so by June we’ll have a full movie out. We don’t have a title yet. We’ve been going back and forth on a bunch of them.” Stein says the Fox guy performed beautifully.

“My cameraman told me it was a 25 minute blowjob,” Stein continues. “I thought it was pretty impressive, that we’d have a two minute wonder, here. I was shocked to hear that he kept it going long and she really enjoyed herself. She actually called me later that night and said she had a good time that she was real worried, that it was fun and she was glad we did it.” According to Stein, the Fox guys has a name on the model release he wants them to use. Of course people will recognize him.”

Asked if there wasn’t such a thing as a morality clause that this guy might have to deal with, Stein notes that his own wife, who’s hunting for a new job, is being asked to sign them. “It says right on these applications if you have anything to do with the adult world, you’re not going to be hired.” Since these are pharmaceutical companies, Stein suspects that they’re looking to stay away from potential drug abuse situations, even though this constitutes blatant discrimination.

I also asked Stein about the Clown Porn deal which he announced over the weekend. and while on the subject, I asked about the Summer Haze distribution deal.

“When I met them [Haze and Craig Valentine] in Vegas they came up and they threw their shit on the table,” said Stein. “I love when people do that because I find it interesting.” Stein said he listed to what Haze and Valentine had to say then told them he’d take a look at the product. “I watched it and it’s pretty engaging. It brings you in nicely. It has a little story to it.” Stein said he then called to get particulars.

“If I have to deal with all the replication, editing and everything else, it’s probably not worthwhile for me,” says Stein. “But he owns his own replication company. He owns his own printing company and he has three editors on staff. They hand me a finished product, no questions asked. And it’s not bad.” Stein leveled and told Haze and Valentine he was not going to get high pricing for the product. “I’m not going out at $10-$12. I’m going out at $5-$6. Perfect.” Stein said he was able to sell 1,000 pieces the first four days. You never know. Clown Porn was even funnier.”

The Clown Porn people talked to one of Stein’s partners at AEE. “They convinced him to take a look at it. When he brought it up to me I said I’m not taking a look at anything that has clowns. Personally I have this extreme anti-fetish against clowns. If I’m in the same room as a clown I start getting shaky.” Tera Patrick said as much on the Stern show that she freaks out at the sight of clowns. Stein says it’s no different with him. “My wife is just as afraid. My sister is just as afraid. Everyone I know is practically neurotic about clowns.”

Stein was then told by one of his people that the Clown Porn was pretty good. “You’re not going to believe this.” Stein said he looked at the movie and within 15 minutes made the deal.

“I don’t know if you like Monty Python or that kind of humor, it’s very similar to that,” says Stein. “It’s just insanity. It’s very, very funny and very, very different. Yet the sex is good. I was, like, I cannot believe that I’m going to do this. But I said, fuck it. Let me put it out there. It’s different.” Stein said he’s been getting a lot of pre-orders on the movie.

I suspected that it helped, too, for Howard Stern to kick the movie to the curb which he did a couple of weeks ago on his show when Hollie Stevens and Jenna Brooks showed up in full makeup promoting the movie. Stein said, though the Stern show doesn’t air where he’s at, he’s been getting progress reports on the facct that Stern is mentioning the title quite a lot and continually making fun of it.

Stein also addressed an issue that’s currently the talk of Arizona in that movie companies there stand to be granted tax breaks. That is, except porn companies. Stein said the effort is already meeting challenges. “They’re pulling the same crap that was against Extreme- what’s obscene, what’s not. Right now they’re not saying anything. My lawyers are saying don’t worry about it until they come out with a ruling. But that’s all that I know. They’re weird out here. This state is back-ass anyway. Nothing shocks me. They make laws with no bearing.”


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