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Start 2017 Off Right Put Michael Vegas on your NO list

Testing is an important part of what we do in porn. But testing alone won’t save you from getting HIV.

Do you want to get HIV?

Fuck no. Who the fuck would?

Don’t be fucking stupid and do fucking stupid things that put you at a higher risk for getting HIV.

Yes it’s fucking important to get tested so you know if you have it and won’t spread it to others, you also need to take measures to ensure you don’t get it. And that means avoid high risk behavior.

High risk behavior includes having sex with gay men who have unprotected sex with other gay men.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a division of the United States Government having sex with a gay man makes you at a higher risk for contracting HIV.

FACT: Men who practice receptive (take it up the ass), unprotected anal intercourse are at higher risk of contracting HIV.

FACT: 1 in 6 gay or bi-sexual men will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.

FACT: Gay and bisexual men are more severely affected by HIV than any other group in the United States.

FACT: Gay men make up only 2% of the population yet they make up 67% of all new HIV cases.

Even worse, nearly 1 in 7 gay men living with HIV are unaware that they have it. So if 1 out of 7 gay men out there that have HIV doesn’t know they have it, hires a gay male escort like Michael Vegas, what happens next?

This is why porn chicks need to avoid working with male talent like Michael Vegas who commonly have unprotected sex with other gay men, but on camera and in his private life as a gay male escort.


Michael Vegas does gay porn under the name of James Oak.

Michael Vegas has unprotected sex with men.

This isn’t an issue of homophobia. It’s just a fact. Michael Vegas has unprotected sex with men.

FACT: Men who practice receptive (take it up the ass), unprotected anal intercourse are at higher risk of contracting HIV.

You are 18 times more likely to get HIV through unprotected anal sex compared to unprotected vaginal sex. That is why so many gay men get HIV.

These are facts we pulled out of our ass, they are from the US government.

Michael Vegas has gay sex with gay men.

Michael Vegas has unprotected sex with gay men.

Do you want to now have sex with Michael Vegas knowing it could cost you, your life?

Thinking testing alone is enough? Of course it’s not you fucking dumb ass. How the fuck could a test protect you from getting hiv? It’s a fucking test, not a condom.

Let’s look at this hypothetical situation.

  • January 1st Michael Vegas had gay unprotected sex with a guy that didn’t know he was HIV positive.
  • January 5th Michael Vegas gets tested. In the 5 days since he had unprotected gay sex, so nothing shows up.
  • January 9th Michael Vegas has sex with you.
  • January 10th It’s now been about 10 days since had had unprotected gay sex. He starts to feel sick and have flu like symptoms. This means he’s at his most infectious. Holy shit, he had sex with you just the day before. But hey he had a valid test. How safe do you feel now?




If 1 in 6 gay men will get HIV, do you want to put your own health at risk and play ball in those statistics?

Protect yourself. Start 2017 off right. Avoid having sex with people that are considered high risk.

This means men who have gay sex.

This means men who fuck trannies.

This means men who are gay male escorts. If you are barebacking random gay dudes for money, their is probably no higher risk than that.

Testing alone is not enough. A test can only tell you if you have shit. It doesn’t stop you from actually getting it.

A test can’t protect you from fucking a guy who just fucked another guy with HIV.

Even if Michael Vegas says he is safe, he is not.

Remember our own government says 1 in 8 men with HIV don’t know they have it.

According to a 2014 study, gay men are 131 times more likely to get HIV then straight men.

Don’t get infected with HIV in 2017.

The government excepts more than 2 million people to get  HIV in the coming year. Don’t be one of those 2 million people








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  1. OMG he sure does look like flaming faggot huh
    Yes ALL female talents please put Michael Vegas on your no list asap

  2. Michael Vegas you are no stranger to term Straight for pay and a known male homosexual male prostitute making yourself available to old unclean and unhealthy men.
    Sound off once more by opening your trap hole releasing dick breath stench you queer and your past homosexual back page activities gets outbound links to them. Michael they are a great many. You should be ashamed of yourself and owe a public apology while your NO LISTS multiplies exponentially.

  3. Immediately add this dangerous under cover cross over bandit to your NO list. His Gay Escort name is James Oak
    Look this up to believe it. CDC states ample proof that 1 in 6 homosexuals will test HIV Positive in their life time.
    MICHAEL VEGAS is on such person.
    It is your life

  4. Michael Vegas you know exactly why so many have you on their no list now? There is a reason.
    First of all why do you always go to the bath room on sets with your little black bag with a needle huh ?
    Because you shoot up your dick and in fact you are a cross over open male prostitute and a cross over gay performer. Do you know how dangerous you are?

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