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Stephanie Swings Drama

> Matt K of Blue Moon has this to say about Stephanie Swings on Booked this MILF two weeks out. Day of shoot, she didn’t answer her phone. Calls 5 hours past her call time and tries to suggest that her not showing up was because I use “unkown guys”. Mind you, I told her who she’d be working with when I booked her two weeks ago. Even gave her the web address so she could see that has been around for 200+ episodes and our usual guys are solid performers and professional.

Granted, it is the model’s prerogative to choose not to work with specific talent. However, IT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER YOUR CALL TIME TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE. You cost the production company, the other talent and yourself money. MODELS, IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE A SHOOT FOR WHATEVER REASON…DO NOT WAIT TO CALL THE PRODUCER…CALL AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU WON’T MAKE IT. That allows us at least a little time to find a replacement. No call, no shows are a sure fire way to get run out of the business.

> from a press release: Larry Flynt and Hustler Video® are thrilled to announce Nikki Nine as their newest contract star. Nikki is an 18-year-old newcomer who has never performed in adult films. She has signed a one-year exclusive deal with Hustler Video®.

Hailing from the O.C., Nine is a sultry, raven-haired siren who has the wide-eyed enthusiasm of a novice, yet doesn’t have a trace of self-consciousness. “I’m a big exhibitionist,” says Nine. “I can’t wait to perform in my very first scene.” A former high school cheerleader and dirt bike fanatic, this new contract star is sugar and spice through and through.

Everyone at Hustler is thrilled to have Nine onboard. She immediately impressed the industry veterans at LFP with her fresh-faced sexiness and unabashed excitement about everything porn. “Nikki is young and beautiful,” says Larry Flynt, Founder of HUSTLER MAGAZINE. “She personifies what a great porn star is all about. We at Hustler see a great future for her and for us.”

This has been a month of firsts for Nine. She will be shooting her first film in the next couple of weeks, aptly titled The Erotic Adventures of Nikki Nine. And, having never posed for a magazine before, she recently made up for lost time by shooting a pictorial for February’s Barely Legal and a girl-on-girl layout for April’s Hustler .

In addition to The Erotic Adventures of Nikki Nine, Nine will be performing in Memphis Monroe’s film Educating Memphis, as well as Barely Legal #68. Both films will be shooting at the end of this month.

Nikki Nine is the breath of fresh air the industry hasn’t seen in a long while.

> from In a U.S. District Court ruling Friday, Jules Jordan Video won its second motion for sanctions in the amount of $5,054.92 against Kaytel Video and ordered Kaytel to produce two employees in Los Angeles for their depositions prior to Oct. 31.

On Oct. 3, the U.S. District Court ordered the defendant Alain Elmaleh to pay sanctions in the amount of $3,000 to Jules Jordan Video for discovery violations in their ongoing piracy suit.

In this action, Jules Jordan Video alleges that the defendants knowingly engaged in the counterfeiting and distribution of pirated Jules Jordan Video, Inc.’s movies. The Complaint seeks unspecified damages and injunctive relief. In a statement, Jules Jordan Video said it will continue to aggressively pursue all who infringe upon its intellectual property rights through all available legal means.

Elmaleh said Friday that he had hired an expert in the field that advised him that, as a foreign company (based in Canada), that he had no power to force any of his employees to take a deposition in the U.S.

“We provided that letter of opinion to Jules Jordan’s attorneys,” Elmaleh said. “If an American judge decides otherwise, it has absolutely no implication on what they can do in a foreign country. I have no objection to our employees taking depositions, but according to Canadian law, we cannot force any employee to do that, so there is nothing we can do about it. We have no objections because we have nothing to hide. Canadian law is made to protect its citizens.”

Jordan responded to that statement, saying, “The jurisdiction in this lawsuit is in the United States and not in Canada, so Canadian law doesn’t apply.”

> John T. Bone posts on had a little flurry of emails with Brandon Irons last week. I like Brandon, always have, but he told me he had just bought a ticket to Thailand and was off there to shoot. Soon there will be more people shooting in Bangkok than in the San Fernando Valley.

I wanted to tell Brandon that it is very illegal to shoot there and that the Muslim General in charge the new Military government is actively going after all international sex travelers, but he would probably think I had my own agenda. I wanted to mention that a still shooter for was arrested last months for shooting solo stills and that he is still in jail and that the owner of that company had to flee the country earlier this year as the police moved to seize all of his assets, but he probably wouldn’t have believed me.

I could have told him that the owner of had a recent run in with the cops and nobody has heard from him for the last 2 weeks or that my partner has left his home and business there and is currently residing here in LA with no plans to return, or a dozen other things, but he would have gone anyway.

It will only take one American shooter to be arrested and imprisoned and guys will start to realize just how dangerous it really is, I hope Brandon isn’t the guy.

> Roxy DeVille posts on MySpace, 10/20/06: First, on mon/tues I shot a 2 day sleepover for Tristan Taromino for Vivid. I had so much fun that I could’ve puked. Everyone was so fucking rad. When it comes out it’ll be called”Chemisty” vol. 3 or 4. Wait for it. It’ll be really fun.

Second, I fucked GIANNA!!!!! My friends Brian and Sun shoot for New Sensations and they were booking an all girl movie and they asked me who I wanted to fuck. I begged for Gianna and I got her. Everyone google her right now. Gianna Michels. Holy crap. I’ve NEVER had so much fun fucking a girl ever. Be her fan and send her presents (and me too!). Unbelievable.

Third, I got a call from my friend Rob Rotten last night and he gave me the good news that I’m signing for him for METRO for AVN!!!!! Me and Gia Paloma and Rob Rotten signing side by side for 3 days!! Holy crap, it’s going to be fucking rad!


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