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Stephen Baldwin at PSK

Porn Valley: Stephen Baldwin in The Usual Suspects: “Give me the fucking keys you fucking cocksucking motherfucker!!%$!”

Actor Baldwin wasn’t swearing and he wasn’t in a police lineup on KSEX Monday night but he had a lineup of porn chicks ready to talk to him. After he had about 20 minutes alone on air with Baldwin, Wankus brought on Kendra Jade who said she was hanging out all day with the actor. Knowing that he was going into the porn community and porn sets, Wankus was curious how Baldwin hooked up with her. Wankus also noted that Baldwin was going to Porn Star Karaoke whereupon, Baldwin started talking about his “Breakthrough” ministry.

“The goal for me is to get out there, hopefully, in a tangible, relative way without being too preachy,” Baldwin said. “And just say to people this is who I was, this is where I came from and this happened to me and just share that experience with people.” That’s when Wankus asked Baldwin his opinion of porn stars. Wankus laid out the bare bones of his relationship with Tyler Faith that she goes to work, comes home, they eat Chinese food and watch Law & Order.

“It’s a relatively normal life,” he said. To which Baldwin said he personally didn’t have a problem with it. Jade indicated that she and Baldwin had a disagreement about some things when they had an earlier conversation.

“I’m a pretty open-minded person,” said Jade. “We visited a set and he had his opinions and I have mine. I was just asking kind of the same question. I know at the end of the day I’m a good person, I’m not harming anybody.” Jade said she was happy, nonetheless, that she and Baldwin have been able to talk in “a real format.”

“Which is nice,” she added. Wankus couldn’t even see Jade hanging out with Baldwin.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways, Wankus,” Baldwin told him. Jade said she had fun, and Baldwin said he was having a cool time of it.

“For me, evangelists of the past have come to towns and put on these events- these crusades and all this stuff- usually the vibration is, hey, I’m standing here and I want you to believe first, then have the experience.”

Not to mention sending money, added Tyler Faith.

“What my ministry is about,” Baldwin continued, “is about extreme sports; it’s about radical people. We want to infiltrate the culture and share with the culture our experience first and then give anybody who’s interested, the opportunity to believe or not. That’s it.”

Wankus said he was of the opinion that Baldwin’s mission was to infiltrate and convert.

“But that’s not what you’re saying.”

“No, it is,” disagreed Baldwin. “Here’s the thing. I’m having an experience and Kendra’s disagreement with me earlier is she’s saying, look, I’m doing what I’m doing and you don’t understand it because you’ve never been a part of it. What this is about for me is really simple. Based on what I believe, it’s not Stephen Baldwin judging the business that you guys are in. I believe in a faith that God has set forth that is based on his word in the bible and He’s the one that is judging, not me.”

“What you’re bringing to me is hearsay,” Wankus countered. “It’s not something you’ve experienced except in your heart. I’m proud of you. But I experienced something really cool the other day when I was flipping through Hustler, but I’m not going to bring it to you. You don’t like the availability of what our community offers. Not that you don’t like it, you don’t want it offered. You think it’s not socially acceptable is what you’re trying to say. You’re spreading the word of somebody that we don’t know exists.”

“If I’ve been in the dark and came into the light because I was willing to take certain steps which you haven’t been willing to do, then how can you sit there and tell me my thing isn’t real?” Baldwin countered. Wankus then ran an analogy of getting hard on cue with your pants down.

“Then you haven’t walked in our steps,” he said. Baldwin said he could counter that argument brilliantly in blue fashion but can’t now under the circumstances.

Wankus said that was his point, that Baldwin’s message is too heavy and that’s why people don’t accept it. Baldwin agreed and said the Christian movement of the last 50 years has been “way too gnarly.”

“It’s not what they’ve said, it’s the way they’ve said it- it all seems like judgment and that really sucked a lot- I really believe that,” Baldwin continued. Baldwin said he hoped to have another conversation with Jade and Wankus said it depended on what credit card he used. Baldwin also said he was just trying to share his blessings with other people.

“That’s all it is.”

Wankus then pitched Baldwin on the premise that it was something he wanted to share and really believed in.

“We feel that’s our passion,” said Wankus.

Hypothetically, Baldwin talked about his truth being real because he had some “freaky deaky” supernatural experiences to confirm it.

“On the day of judgment you stand before God and he says, bro, at some point in your life you had the opportunity to hear and receive the truth- and you chose to ignore it.” Wankus said all well and good but if it turns out to be an empty judgment chair he’s going to be pissed that he wasted a life time of not having blowjobs from Tyler Faith.

“If there is no God, I didn’t enjoy all the fun in life,” said Wankus.

Baldwin then threw the famous philosophical principle- Pascal’s Wager- at Wankus, stating that by believing, even if it’s not true, he’s got nothing to lose. Baldwin also told Wankus that once he’s married there’s no more sin, then he can give his life to Jesus.

“Everything will be fine.”


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