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Stern Gives Masseuse Happy Ending

Porn Valley- Is there a Vivid movie that Howard Stern doesn’t love? After spending almost a solid week doing promo for Tera, Tera, Tera, Stern apparently found a new Vivid flick to flog and he began doing that on his radio show today. Stern said he found a new porno to beat off to- The Masseuse with Jenna Jameson which is a re-make of The Masseuse with Hyapatia Lee and Randy Spears which has been sequal-ized on a number of occasions in the Nineties which, in turn, had been ripped off by the mainstream in a film titled Full Body Massage starring Mimi Rogers.

Lending exhaustive detail, Stern said not only was Jameson in the movie but Savanna Samson makes an appearance in it. “I think it’s Savanna,” he says. But who would know better than Stern who’s had Samson on his show a number of times. “Not only is it a good porn,” says Stern, “but Jenna is a really good actress.” Stern said Jameson was in his movie Private Parts. “I knew she could act but she’s really good in this.” Stern mentioned that he was alone in his apartment last week, happy over the fact that Friday was a day off. “I have a 3-day weekend and I’m going to get a ton of work done.” Stern said he had 20 phone calls to make and he was going to be powerful. “I’m going to get a lot of power-work done.” However, Stern said he was alerted with an e-mail that Vivid has a website that you can watch movies on if you’re a member.

Stern said he logged on and the site has “ten gazillion movies” that you can watch. “Each movie has still shots and a synopsis of the movie.” Stern said he had a whole dialogue going on in his head about how Jameson didn’t look that great. “I’m trying to belittle her because I don’t want to be anxious.”

Stern said he clicked on the pictures. “Jenna Jameson’s got a chick tied up- like bondage. And her legs are spread and she’s doing crap to her. That’s hot.” Stern said he was out of his mind because he likes bondage. “It was the best movie ever,” he continued.

Stern said he hasn’t finished the movie yet because you don’t watch porn in one sitting. Stern claims he didn’t pleasure himself, that he was watching it on his computer and had a visitor. Stern then gave a brief re-cap, noting that a completely detached guy comes to visit Jameson in a massage parlor. “He goes to a massage parlor and hires Jenna and the first thing he hires her to do is shave him. I’m going this is so gay. But Jenna is really convincing as a masseuse, like you buy into it. She’s sort of reluctant to do it but she wants the money. She does it.”

Stern also said there was enough dialogue that you were into the story. “But it’s not too much- you want to get into the sex.” Apparently after Jameson shaves the guy, she’s asked if she’ll use her hand on him. “Are you a cop? She buys into it. She gets some oil.”

Continuing with the re-cap, Stern says the guy goes back to work and a chick who’s into him starts stripping for him in a back room. “She’s not bad- he’s kno Jenna Jameson, but he can’t even relate to her. He goes back to see Jenna and one thing leads to another. He wants Jenna to take her top off. She’s reluctant but he pays her. How this guy’s getting money, I don’t know. He’s got the crappiest job I ever saw. He works with computers but they treat him like crap at the job. And Jenna even says to him you’ve got to grow up. Like he’s childish in his fantasies. He’s not ready for a real relationship.” Styern went on to detail had Jenna came to the guy’s apartment. “Jenna comes in and he wants to tie her up. He ties her up and starts doing stuff to her. It’s so hot seeing Jenna Jameson tied up. Her skin’s sticking through the ropes like a sausage. It was hot.” Stern then related how the guy was also into tying himself up in a weird way.

Stern then ralets how Jameson does a scene in a bathroom with “another chick.” But he wasn’t sure if it was Savanna or not. “She’s tied up- she’s doing Jenna. Jenna’s doing her tied up. Now they’re doing all kinds of weird things to each other. That’s as far as I got.” Stern predicted that he would be alone this afternoon and was going to finish what he started. Asked if he had ever been caught jerking off, Stern said he bolts the doors. “And I won’t lay there naked because I’m afraid someone could somehow gwet through bolted doors.” Stern went on to say that he’s masturbated in front of women. “They love it. They go crazy when you do it and it teaches them how you like to be handled.”

It was noted that Jenna was going to be on the Stern show this week.


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