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Steve Banan Recouping at Home

Porno Steve Seidman tells us that his partner in S&S Pro Management, Steve Banan is resting comfortably at home. Wednesday night Banan was rushed to the hospital. “He’s just laying in bed right now recouping,” said Seidman. “He just burnt himself out. According to Seidman, the medicine Banan has been talking lately has put him through major mood swings. It was particularly noted that Banan was amped at porn star karaoke Tuesday night and Seidman surmised that was one of the effects the medicine was having. The following statement had been released from Banan’s other company, The Liberty Network:

Carl Messinger posts: In a conversation I had with Steve Banan’s wife this morning, Nicole Moore, she told me that at approximately 9:30 pm she received a call from Steve telling her that he was not prepared to make the eighteen minute drive from his office in Santa Clarita, CA to their home. He told Nicole he felt flush, and was evidently burning up with fever. He could hardly get up to walk and he would spend the night sleeping it off in the office. Nicole asked Steve, if he would like her to pick him up, take him home or to the hospital, he declined. Nicole’s last words to Steve were, keep your cell radio next to you, so I can reach you.

Nicole tried to reach Steve around an hour later, with no response. She immediately called one of Steve’s closest friends, mainstream actor Johnny Martinez, who lived near by and had a key to the office. When John arrived, Steve was lying on the couch, burning up with fever, pale as a ghost, dehydrated and hardly speaking. He grabbed the radio, told Nicole, he is alive and breathing, but there is a problem and that he was going to take him to Cedars. He carried Steve out put him in his car and rushed him to Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Nicole Moore arrived at Cedars and immediately rushed to be by her husband side. He was sleeping and receiving intravenous, to bring down his blood pressure that was at an extremely high level. Once this was accomplished, the doctors could move in and address the problem that was a bad reaction to a combination of two medications.

Producer, Director, and Publicist to the stars, Steve Banan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) around two years ago. He has taken many different drugs to try to stop the spread within his body. When he was put on Interferon, he would experience many different moods swings, disspression, and intensity. He could be riding the waves of success and happiness one minute, and yelling at close friends the next. He would give a huge raise to a worker in the office, just because she smiled at him and fired someone for not keeping accurate records.

I was told, it was Steve Banan’s decision to come out and let everyone know that he was inflicted with this decease. He did not want his friends, family and business associates, to think that he was addicted to other drugs. The symptoms brought on by Interferon, are very similar to many drugs that are readily available and sold on the street. At times, he would look just fantastic and ready to romp. At other times, he appeared to be losing weight, tired, immobile and frustrated with everything and everyone around him. Steve was always afraid of what stories would be passed around. There is no doubt of his past, he never held back about his early drug problems in the 70’s. His major involvement in Plato’s sex parties, and his family’s involvement in organized crime. If he felt he was wrong about anything, he would be the first to admit it and try his best to make it better at any cost to his reputation. Through it all, Steve Banan should win an award for his kindness to others, his love of family, friends and God.

Nicole Moore told me, “after many hours of Intravenous, the doctors were able to bring his blood pressure down to a normal level. My husband was administered the correct amount of medication. He woke up sweating, but his skin looked good. He gave me the biggest smile, told me he loved me. I looked down at him and told him, you are not leaving me now. Once again he smiled and gave me a big kiss”. Early this morning Steve Banan was driven home to his ranch and he remains in stable condition. According to Nicole, he has been sleeping all day long.

For us here in New York at Banan Entertainment Group, and at The Python News Wire Service, we were holding our breath, hoping and praying this would not be serious. This year Steve Banan, has worked so hard in so many different areas to make our company grow. He has led the way for us to enter into another format of adult cable reality shows. On behalf of the entire corporation, we would like to wish Steve Banan a speedy and healthy recovery.


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