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There comes a time in every bad girl’s life when she just has to take a vacation. What better time or place to take a break than in New Orleans during Mardi Gras time! Even better, why not decide to go on Tuesday, hump across country in a luxury van arriving just in time for the last few big days of the Mardi Gras celebration?

It’s approximately 28 hours by land from Phoenix to New Orleans, which we (the DJ and I) did with only one little stop along the way (when he disappeared into an El Paso strip club while I slept in the back). We arrived in New Orleans on Friday night hitting the French Quarter at nearly midnite. Let me tell you the place was jumping! We made our way slowly (up Bourbon St) seeking refuge in a divey street front bar. The DJ ordered a beer and when he turned around who would he bump into but Ami Charms. A very tired Ami (she had been there for 2 weeks already) filled us in on all the exciting happenings planned for the days ahead.

Friday night was a long one. Because we had no place to stay, we decided to simply party until dawn. At 2am, we met up with some friends in a bar for some small talk and then spent the remainder of the night doing the Bourbon St crawl (in and out of bars we passed along the way). Around dawn we headed back to the van and drove out of town to find a room for the rest of the weekend. Saturday was a sleep in day before heading down to the French Quarter for the night’s activities. Friday was busy but upon arrival on Saturday we knew immediately that we hadn’t seen nuthin’ yet. What a scene as Bourbon St was packed with people scrunched together like sardines. From the balconies overhead, Mardi Gras beads rained down on the crowd below like confetti in Times Square.

The sounds of music everything from rap to rock to Dixieland jazz, with the air occasionally pierced by the wail of a police siren. Above the crowds, women were hoisted on shoulders to drop their tops and flash breasts to roars of approval along with showers of beads. High above the crowd appeared gigantic bourbon bottles and signs saying “Jesus Saves”. After observing for awhile we plunged into the crowd. It was hang to your hat (and wallet too) as we walked or shall I say were pushed down the street. It was really something to be in that place that night. Saturday turned into another all nighter with Sunday another sleep in day.

Sunday night, rather than brave Bourbon St again, we decided to attend a large swinger party at Collette’s New Orlean’s premier adult social. A classy unmarked club (on Gravier St) Collette’s offered two floors of adult fun. Downstairs was a nice bar (BYOB) with a dance floor. Upstairs (which you got to by elevator) was an assortment of orgy rooms, a social area and one of the best indoor porn theatres this girl has ever seen. The night was spent socializing with swingers from all over the world and voyeuring all the sex taking place. It was good.

After leaving Collete’s, we headed down for a few minutes in the Quarter. The night was quieter (plus it was late) so we were actually able to stroll down the street. We had no sooner gotten to the far end of Bourbon Street, when the rain began to fall. In minutes it was pouring washing the beer off the sidewalks and the partiers undercover of awnings and doorways. Another truly incredible scene. It rained all day Monday, but luckily we had a plan. Earlier we had met a nice couple (Bill and Leslie) who had invited us to their out of town home for a little fun.

The rain was pretty heavy so we decided to take them up on the invite. It ws so cool driving out of the city across the bayou and into the thicket where they lived. Even more cool were Bill and Leslie themselves, a hip couple of oversexed cajuns (lol) who it ws great fun to get naked with! We spent a wonderful rainy night enjoying their company. Fat Tuesday came and the rain went away. Still it was a tad chilly and overcast. Undeterred we went back to New Orleans for one last day of Mardi Gras fun. As soon as we got to town, we luckily hit a parade, one of many that had been held through out the Mardi Gras celebration. It was my first so I had a great time standing with the kids waving my arms for trinkets that were thrown from the passing by floats.

While the day was dark and dank, there was no rain, so by early evening we headed back down for one last Bourbon Street fling. There was a huge crowd in the French Quarter for the Fat Tuesday ritual which only seemed to grow bigger as the night wore on and the rain held off. We took part in the revelry until after 10, when the DJ announced he’d felt a drop. Deciding to get the jump on the crowd we headed for the van. We had no sooner gotten onto Canal Street (the main drag) when it began to pour. Smiling at our luck, we pointed the van towards the freeway and the long drive home.

Stevi Secret is the owner of Stevi Secret’s Nude Cabaret (602-305-8365). The club is located at 3420 S Central Ave in Phoenix. Stevi’s is the only club in Arizona with XXX Stars appearing weekly!

Stevi Secret’s Upcumming Pornstar Schedule!

CAROLINE PIERCE – From Fashionistas! – March 4-6

ALICIA RIO – Hall Of Famer! – March 11-13

AMI CHARMS – Mature Star! – March 18-20

RAQUEL DEVINE – XXX Beauty! – March 25-27

RUBEE TUESDAY – Fetish Queen! – April 1-3


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