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Sticky Bunz = Sticky Fingers?

Randy Spears and Demi Delia are putting out the following word: Beware of fraudulent company!

On June 11th Niko St James (so called owner) a.k.a Brandon Foxx, a.ka. Chris Mason of Sticky Bunz Productions LLC approached and entered into a non exclusive deal with Demi Delia (wife of Adult Film Star Randy Spears).

The contract was to include Demi and Sticky Bunz Productions LLC in a 24 movie deal for one year exclusive contract, his distributor is Old Pueblo Distribution owner of that company is Arnold.

Apparently Old Pueblo has lawsuits against them for non payment to several production companies. He announced to AVN that the contract would start July 1st and that Demi would then be exclusive with his company. Demi and Randy did some extensive research in looking into this company during the past few weeks. They found that Sticky Bunz Productions LLC is not a registered company in any state. Since June 11th there has been many things that have occurred with Niko St James and the “so called” contract. Niko had Demi set up a photoshoot for promotional pictures for his company in early June, he did not pay the photographer (Red Ezra) or the make up artist. Demi and Randy are now responsible to take care of paying them.

Randy: “I’ve heard everything from this guy from my father passed away, my sister’s getting married, the checks in the mail (2 weeks now), my attorney is revising the contract, my investor is in the mob and owns a construction company to… Hey Randy can you use me in some of your movies”…”Is he talent or does he make movies?”

It has been a month full of unreturned phone calls, lots of excuses and empty promises.

Demi: The thing that bothers me is that he went to AVN and did a press release on how I will be exclusive with his company as of July 1st. So my phone stopped ringing on July 1st. What I am most worried about is that Randy and I represent this business and we try to protect girls from predators like this, he has used our names and Randy’s fame to :

A) Get laid?

B) Try to further his carreer as talent and

C) Get laid!

This guy is a true predator.

Our message here is for all the girls who work hard to get where there at….stay away from him.

Randy Spears and Demi Delia are not in any way shape or form connected with Niko St James or his fictional company Sticky Bunz Productions LLC. Demi Delia is available for work and is not exclusive with any company. To book Demi contact .

I received this letter from Mike and Fran’s XXX Productions:


I wanted to respond to your email as soon as possible, as I have extensive problems with Niko St James as well. I have a lot of his personal information, as far as his real legal name goes, and things of that nature. So if you or your attorney need any information, please feel free to contact me and I will supply you with any information that I have on him.

About a year and a half ago, Niko and his then wife Desiree Foxx, performed in one of our DVD’s. At that point they tried to hustle us out of our content, claiming that they had secured a distribution company that would distribute the DVD. Niko tried to attempt to take my model release forms and raw mini dv tapes and send them to his so called distributor. This guy was Arnold from Old Pueblo distribution in Arizona. I confronted him on his attempt and his excuse was that Arnold wanted to edit the footage himself. When I told him that there was no way I was going to allow anybody to take my model release forms, I’D’s, and raw footage to anybody, that’s when he started making up excuses, similar to the ones that you said in your email.

It was nothing more than an attempt from him, to steal my footage and I then found out that he had a deal worked out with Arnold where they would split the money from the distribution, being he would have all model release forms, ids, and raw footage. I confronted Arnold about it, and he offered no explanation or answers. I then did some digging around on this Arnold guy, and found out he too is nothing but a fraud, and he owes a lot of production companies money, from distributing their footage and never paying them.

As far as Niko goes, after that incident, I tried to meet up with him, he again started with every excuse in the book, he told me that his grandmother passed away and that he was in upstate New York taking care of the arrangements. I asked him to please send me the name of the funeral home so I could send flowers on our behalf to his family, because I knew he was full of it and he was lying. And sure enough, he refused to give me his grandmothers name, or any funeral information.

He is nothing but a fraud, a wanna be hustler. He is also half illiterate, he cant spell, and is not that smart. He thinks he is some kind of street hustler, however he is nothing but a wanna be porn star, and he’s a horrible performer as well. He begged, and I mean literally begged me to use him in one of my scenes, this is before I really knew him and knew what he was all about. And before we shot the scene, all he did was brag about how he has been in the business for 10 years and how awesome he is. He was so bad, that I had to scrap the scene.

I would also watch out for his ex wife, who goes by the name of Desiree Foxx. I do not know if she was in on the whole thing he pulled with us, but at the time they were indeed married, so she had to know something about it. Oh and another thing is, at the time we did have a private investor that was working with us at the time. He owned his own construction company, and he was nice enough to take the cast and crew out to dinner a few times after filming. That when Niko approached him and attempted to ask him to back him in a project, and leave us out of everything. Of course our investor told us about it after the dinner, and we basically laughed at Niko. So when he is talking about an investor that owns a construction company, I would not be surprised if he is still trying to throw around our guys name.

In closing, Niko has no money, has no company, he lived off of his ex wife’s career and dancing gigs. He is dumb, has no common sense, knows nothing about business, and is quickly running out of people to hide behind.

Like I was saying above, if you need any information about him, I would be happy to supply you with his photo I’d and any other information that I still have laying around regarding him. I do not want to see him try to pull this on any more girls, or anybody else in the business for that matter. He tried to do it to us, he failed, now he is trying to do it to other industry people as well. So if I can offer any assistance, please feel free to let me know.

Best of luck to you, and I hope that you are able to resolve your situation regarding him soon.

All the best, Fran and Mike

World X Productions

I have recieved many letters from female talent that were scammed as well by this guy. We have filed a complaint with the better business bureau.

The BBB that will handle your complaint is:BBB of the Southland(Colton, CA); 315 N. La Cadena, Colton, CA 92324-2927; Phone: (909)825-7280; Fax: (909)825-6246; Email: [email protected].,Web:


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