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Stormy Daniels at Adult Expo in Mexico City

Porn Valley- Stormy Daniels on her KSEX show, Wednesday night reported that she was going to be in Mexico for an adult convention in Mexico City and was going to be gone for eight days. Wankus told Daniels he saw her on TV last week, at the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Daniels said she went with Jenna Jameson and a few other people. “We watched sweaty, half-naked men wrestle each other. It was a good fight, actually.” Daniels likened it to gay porn without the hardcore. “The camera was on you a lot,” Wankus told her. “People were like who the fuck’s she with?”

Daniels said she was also at the Vivid club opening in Vegas. “It was very cool. It was in the Venetian and I went to show my support even though I’m not a Vivid girl and there’s no big conspiracy about me leaving Wicked or anything like that.” Daniels said she heard there would be Vivid girls and an open bar. Daniels said she also scored Janine’s phone number. “I set up a date to fuck her- totally.” Daniels said Jenna also hosted a Club Jenna party while in Vegas. “She’s got hot contract girls.”

“You’re probably the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in a chicken suit,” Daniels then told Wankus referring to a recent Wicked shoot. Wankus said he’s already told that story on air. “I was also very nice about that day when I could have gone off,” he said. “You know I could have gone off, and you know why. And I didn’t. Nor did I mention any names. I wanted to but out of respect to you.”

Wankus mentioned how Randy Spears has called Stormy one of the best comedic actresses in porn. “People don’t realize it. We did this shoot and I was paid by your ex boyfriend and sing to you and all this shit. I had to wear a chicken suit.”

Daniels said she didn’t finish up from that shoot until 7 am. Wankus said he’ll be on another Wicked shoot, the 20th, in a segment where Daniels and Julia Ann, as cops, pull him over for drunk driving. “You torture me and you make me do pole dancers on the stop sign. Do you have a list in the office that says, stupid role, call Wankus?”

Daniels will be dancing at Club Rio, formerly the downtown LA Spearmint Rhino, the 17th, 18th and 19th.Wankus said he didn’t like when it was the Spearmint Rhino at that location. “They speed the songs up to 2 1/2 minutes and you have a $60 lap dance and the girl still expects a tip.”

Daniels also mentioned a mainstream movie she’s going to be in for Universal, in which she plays herself. “I have a couple of dialogue days which is cool.”

Asked how her personal life was going, Daniels said she was too busy to have one. “I’ve got a second place and I’m going to get out of the Valley for awhile and do my thing.” On further comment, Daniels said she was moving to Vegas. Wankus suspected that it was a move to save on taxes. Daniels agreed. “There’s no state taxes.” Daniels said she was also going to incorporate and noted unless you’re a feature in LA, the dancing sucks. “Out there, of course, it’s really good.”

Daniels talked about how she went to the tanning salon but didn’t even bother to masturbate. “Now I know I’m working too much- I can’t even make love to the princess.” Daniels said she heard that Wankus did a scene for JKP. Wankus explained that he was on the receiving end. “You stand there like nobody else,” she commented dryly.

Wankus mentioned that he had some wood issues and that it was embarrassing. “Did they put the hot light on your balls?” she asked. Daniels suspected it was karma for the times Wankus would be behind the monitor mocking out someone. However, Wankus said he popped noting that the scene was with Tyler Faith. “The bigger the set, the bigger the pressure,” noted Wankus, that there was something like a 13-man crew.

“Tyler was a trouper,” he continued. “She kept going and going and she’s like sitting on her back, spreading her legs, look at me, look at me, jerking herself off. She was really cool about it and helpful and shit.”

Wankus said he started to panic with sweat on the forehead. “But I got some lube and started tuning everyone out. It was fine.” Wankus also laughed about leaving the set and commenting that it was the first time Faith was probably nice to ralent who was struggling. “They’re like yes it was!” Daniels agreed that people don’t realize how tough it is. “Guys have it harder.”

Daniels said she had also gone to a swingers club over the weekend. “I felt I was in a fish bowl. There’s a lot of people that you really don’t want to see naked.” Daniels said the next time she goes, she won’t be wearing her contacts. “I’m totally blind. One particularly mean ex boyfriend of mine that we all know used to think it was funny to hide my glasses and move the furniture a little bit.”

Daniels went on to identify the club as The Green Door in Vegas. As she was having sex she said she looked up and saw tons of people watching her. “I don’t know where they came from. But they were cool. They were respectful.” According to Daniels, her partner was assuming all kinds of crazy positions then popped all over her face and all over her. “He was, like, can we get a tissue?” Daniels said the tissue box by the bed was empty. “I’m just laying there and they started throwing boxes of tissue at him. It was really funny.”

Daniels said she also did a stage show, noting that she’s been trying to get a stripper pole put in her house for three years. “Every year for my birthday I say I want a stripper pole.”

The subject got on to holding porn parties, with Wankus noting that Adam & Eve paid $750,000 to hold one in Vegas the year before last. “That just gives you an idea of what people spend on these things. That’s the some serious money they put out.”

Daniels said Wicked has one every year, maybe she should go. The point, said Wankus is that KSEX held a party three or four years ago at The Green Door. “It cost us $280 when we figured it all out. And it was the party of the year.”

One of the attractions was a girl named Cocoa. “A big ugly black girl who stuck everything she should find in her vagina,” Wankus said. “Full bottles of Heineken, 40 ouncers and all that shit. It was hard to watch because she was kind of nasty-looking and shit. We found out later that day Harry our webmaster fucked her in one of the rooms!”

Daniels said if she were a guy and saw a woman shoving random objects inside her like that she’d be under the impression that “she’s never going to feel me”.


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