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Stormy Daniels Promotes Operation Desert Stormy

Porn Valley- On the heels of a party last week at the House of Blues to celebrate the release of Operation Desert Stormy, Stormy Daniels who wrote, directed and starred in the movie, was on KSEX this week for some chit chat.

Daniels appeared on the Fuck Soup Show Monday night to answer such pertinent questions as whether Tommy Gunn was wearing eyeliner in the movie. Gunn was getting his balls busted earlier in absentia for traveling around with entourages, and Daniels was asked if she did the same.

“It doesn’t count when you pay them,” quipped Daniels who’s also appeared in a number of mainstream movies such as 40 Year Old Virgin, Super Bad and Knocked Up. Daniels also has a significant part in an upcoming one called Pineapple Express which she describes as a stoner action movie.

With Knocked Up in DVD release this week, Daniels said she appears in a rather lengthy strip club scene which was shot that way for extended, bonus footage as a menu extra.

Daniels, who writes 10 movies a year and considers herself a writer first and foremost, says she tends to give Wicked fits with the way she turns in projects.

“My art cannot be forced,” she laughs. When it came time to hand in Operation Desert Stormy, Daniels wrote the 87-pager in under two days – fueled by Starbucks.

“I didn’t bathe, shower, anything,” she said.

Jason Sinclair, one of the hosts of the show, said it would take him eight joints before he could come up with one line on a piece of paper.

Daniels also talked about how she doesn’t take criticism too kindly but laughed as she did so.

“I didn’t mingle at the party,” she relates. “I hid. Then one chick didn’t laugh during the screening of the movie. I was going to hire her, but she’ll never work for Wicked Pictures. She didn’t get the genius that is Stormy Daniels.” Daniels said she hoped that Eva Angelina didn’t think she was talking about her.

Daniels also concedes that it was a rough shoot.

“Everyone went home with bruises and scars,” she added. “Steven St. Croix’s elbow was completely fucked.”

Daniels told a story about how Nicole Sheridan and Vooddo were going to skydive recreationally and a last minute decision was made to incorporate it somehow in the script.

“If Nicole wants to jump out of a plane, who am I to stop her?” asks Daniels. Daniels said the footage came out real cool and Voodoo had his own helmet cam to shoot the action sequence.

Daniels agreed that it’s tough being both a director and a performer in the same movie. She recalled the first time she directed. It was a project called One Night in Vegas. According to Daniels when the crew realized that the house wasn’t going to burn down with her at the helm, they slowly warmed up to her.

Along the same lines, Daniels scoffs at the notion of certain female performers being heralded as diectors.

“When they don’t evn know that the cameraman brings his own camera.”

By the same token, Daniels said she wanted it known that she does her own stuff.

“I don’t want anyone saying I didn’t direct.”

According to Daniels, the biggest thing you learn going from performer to director is, “getting responsible real fast.”

“Big money is very scary stuff,” she says. “You fuck up a $250,000 movie, you better not come back.”

Daniels then told another story about how she went on a mainstream audition. The character was supposed to be a hot blond porn star and you’d figure Daniels would have that one wrapped up. Except…

Daniels is asked to dance during the audition and some music’s turned on.

“I go this is the stupidest song ever to be sexy to,” Daniels recalled saying. Turns out the song was the theme of the movie and then some girl learning that she’s a porn star, says to her, “Porn Star? Isn’t that a fancy way of saying whore?”

Daniels waffles her, then fires back, “Isn’t that a fancy way to say shut the fuck up?”


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