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Strahan Wouldn’t Have Sex with His Wife

New York- Michael Strahan’s estranged wife charged yesterday that the Giants superstar vowed to “never have sex with her again” – even as he was involved with two other women.

In explosive divorce papers, Jean Strahan paints the gap-toothed sack king as a demon behind closed doors who showered her with spit and venom during terrifying quarrels and refused to help nurture their twin girls.

“I’ll never tell you where I am going or when I’ll be back,” Strahan raged this month, according to the papers, filed yesterday in Essex County Superior Court in Newark.

The Strahans face off in Newark divorce court today over the allegations of abuse, adultery and million-dollar malfeasance.

A lawyer for Jean Strahan, 39, said she would detail years of physical abuse at the hands of her husband, whose ferocity on the football field has been matched by his big-hearted devotion to charity.

Michael Strahan, 33, did not respond in kind, saying via a spokesman that he would “never physically or psychologically harm anyone of my loved ones, especially my wife.”

Among Jean Strahan’s most devastating claims are that Michael Strahan:

Agreed to have sex only twice since she had twins in October.

Juggled affairs with two woman, including a Toronto woman and another named Kelly in Jacksonville during Super Bowl week.

Tossed her breast pump into the trash and told her he didn’t have time to spend with the twins.

Claimed he wanted a divorce in part because she “did not like rap music.”

The marital strife exploded when Jean Strahan called cops to their Montclair, N.J., mansion last Thursday, accusing her husband of verbally confronting her. Michael Strahan responded by filing for divorce Monday, accusing her of looting $3.3 million from their joint account.

The cash “has been surreptitiously taken … and must be returned!” Strahan exclaimed in court papers. When Strahan learned the money was missing, his wife said, he confronted her with fingers wagging and “his spit showered her face.”

“It was his clear intention to terrorize [me], as he has in the past,” she claimed.

Jean Strahan, a one-time cosmetics saleswoman from North Dakota, insisted she took the cash because the All-Pro lineman was siphoning off his money and planning a divorce. But the seven-figure snafu was apparently the tip of the iceberg for the couple, who looked like a portrait of married bliss.

They wed in 1999, and he often credited his wife with being the rock that helped him build a Pro Bowl career, including a record-setting 22-1/2 sacks during the 2001 season. They also built a reputation for generosity and opened their meticulously restored Montclair mansion for charity tours last year.

Jean Strahan charged the couple has long had a stormy relationship, but things got much worse as she prepared to have the twins.

Among other allegations:

On the eve of the birth of the girls, who were conceived through in vitro fertilization, he blew off a doctor’s visit and refused to discuss possible names.

Even as she struggled through a difficult birth, her husband ducked out of the operating room to spend time with his friend, TV doctor Ian Smith, and got irritated when she questioned the intrusion.

“Who was there for me?” Michael Strahan asked his wife just after she gave birth.

With two little ones at home, Jean Strahan charged, her husband became less attentive to the family and regularly spent weeks on the road or with girlfriends.

Once, he agreed to take her on a date to mend their fading marriage, but got into a road rage confrontation with another motorist on the Garden State Parkway.

When they finally had sex in February, he refused to look at her and vowed they would never make love again, the suit said.

Reached last night, Smith declined to say where Michael Strahan is staying, but spoke for the football star. “Despite the inaccuracy of the allegations that have been levied against him, Michael Strahan is determined that he will remain a gentleman in the face of a very difficult situation,” Smith said. “He will continue to respect the privacy of his wife, his children and his family life.”


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