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Sugardaddy’s Name Resurfaces in Another Tale from Giirlz Inc.

Florida- An interview with Autumn Skye last week developed into a pitched battle that brought in the names of LA agents Mark Lasts and Skooby; Florida agent Brian Berkenfield of Giirlz Inc., Craig Valentine; a 70 year-old sugar daddy named Dick Lichtenstein and a performer named Chrissy Vonner who claims her named got smeared in a story that started out having nothing to do with her.

Needless to say, Autumn Skye’s account quickly devolved into one of alleged drugs, alleged pimping out, alleged scamming, alleged stolen credit cards and alleged fabrication.

Vonner, apparently was one of Brian’s house girls at the time Skye lived there in Florida.

Monday morning Vonner and I had the following chat.

“I see that Brian had made comments about me that are not true,” Chrissy says. “We’re not working together any more.”

Vonner met Brian on MySpace.

“I was contacted by one of his models- they asked me if I would be interested in the adult entertainment industry. I told them yes I was. They called me back, got me a bus ticket and I left the following morning for Ft. Lauderdale.

“Things were going good. When I first got there, I was sleeping in the living room because he had so many girls in there.”

“Is it true that Brian puts up girls on air mattresses?” Vonner’s asked.

“Yes,” she says. “That’s all he has in the house. When I first got there, there were five mattresses in the house. He had three or four girls shacking up in one room in two air mattresses. He had another one of his models and her two year old son living in a room.

“He had a couple of people on mattresses in the kitchen, people on couches, people up in a loft where photo shoots were taken for the website.

“I thought everything was okay at first then started realizing what was going on. Brian sleeps and dates the girls in the house. He tells us we shouldn’t talk to people he introduces us to, like Craig Valentine. We went to dinner with Craig and we all hung out a couple of times. Then Brian told us not to be talking to them because they would be telling us things we shouldn’t be doing in the business [like doubling up on air mattresses].

“When I was with Brian he told me about a shoot he wanted me to do,” Vonner continues.

“I would be staying over- I would be doing three little scenes and would be paid $2,000 for the shoot. He would come back the following day and pick me up. The shoot was up in Tampa. I got to the place, we pulled up and it was a house. Brian told me to get my stuff, he went to the door with me, took an envelope with money I’m guessing, and left me there. I soon found out that this guy was a sugar daddy. His name was Dick Lichtenstein.

[Skye also tells of her meeting with Lichtenstein in her interview].

“When I was at his house he ended up telling me that Brian worked with him before and sent girls to him,” Vonner continues.

“I also called my mom while I was there telling her that Brian had left me at a guy’s house telling me it was a shoot I was doing and it was not. He was pimping me out, basically, to that man. Brian talks to him. He goes on Brian’s site and Brian calls him every time he gets a new girl. Brian tells the girls it’s a photo shoot and it isn’t.”

“When I got to this guy’s house I’m waiting for a shooter and he tells me he’s not a producer and he’s not a director. He said I do this for my own private viewing. I ended up staying in another room in that house and basically praying to God and waiting for Brian to pick me back up.”

“Did you wind up having sex with this guy [Lichtenstein]?” I ask Vonner.

“I didn’t have sex with him,” she answers. “He ended up videotaping me naked, bouncing around. He did three five-minute shoots of me naked.”

According to Vonner, Brian picked her up the next time. But at no time did Lichtenstein force himself on her.

“I talked to the girls later and told them I was so happy to be back [alive]; that scared the hell out of me. I told the girls that if Brian asked them to do a shoot with this guy, tell them no. I told them what went on. After that I never brought it back up to Brian. I didn’t want to talk about it again or anything.”

After that incident, Vonner wasn’t scheduled for any immediate shoots. But the week after Christmas she was asked if she wanted to go to New York-New Jersey to work.

“I told Brian yeah so I got a plane ticket and did three shoots up there,” Vonner relates.

“I was up there for two days and got a call from Brian as I was doing a shoot. He told me that Cody Kay and a couple of the girls were saying that I was talking about them. Brian was pissed off because supposedly I had been talking to Craig. He told me, obviously, my loyalty wasn’t to him and his company. It was to Craig and he told me to stay up in New York because he didn’t want me back down in his house.

“The situation with that is I do talk to Craig,” Vonner continues. “It’s nothing more than business. I have not slept with Craig even though Brian seems to think I have. Actually the stuff that Brian had said about Cody- I was friends with Cody- she ended up going home with Craig after that wrestling match and she ended up sleeping with Craig. Pictures were taken.

“She, after that, started telling everybody that Craig was stalking her, Craig wouldn’t leave her along; Craig wouldn’t stop texting her. The truth of the matter is, she wanted to date Craig. She slept with Craig, she wanted to be with Craig. But around everyone else, she didn’t want them to think bad about her.

“So she would tell everyone that Craig was after her because she wouldn’t sleep with him.. That was completely untrue. I have been around when she told him I want to go to AVN with you, I want to do this with you. But she was feeding everybody a bunch of lies about Craig.”

“Later we found out that Cody is dating Brian now.”

As for herself, Vonner said she’s on Sexy Jobs trying to get work.

“I’ve been contacted by Gunn Models and am waiting on them to reply back to me,” Vonner says. “They want to be my agent. I e-mailed them and told them I’d love to be part of their company. I’m waiting to hear back from them.”


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