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Summer Haze’s Former Web Designer Responds

Bill Slevin of responds to Summer’s Latest Comments. In an article “Some AIM’sters on Drugs sez Summer Haze”, Summer makes some comments about her website, which I felt everyone needs to understand. This is not to BASH Summer and Craig in any way but to once again set the record strait. In her last rant Summer Stated:

“Asked how her website is going, Haze said she’s been on the road so much she doesn’t have time for updates. “We ended up losing our web designer,” she added. “We’re looking for any web designers who are not super expensive and through the roof that would consider taking on my website.”

Haze bemoans the fact that she can’t find anyone in Florida who wants to work. “They want to sit on their asses and be lazy. That’s the problem. They say $2,000-$3,000 for a website and the website they build is crap. For that kind of money I should have a kick ass website that practically does everything except go to the bathroom for you.”

Let me set the record strait for you, I was her Web Designer, I designed back in September of last year. I was friends with them at that time and did them a favor by setting the site up in time for the conventions, then I waited for these CHEAP people to get off their lazy asses and pay me for the site. I didn’t think much of it since we were friends and I even made a deal with them after they admitted they didn’t have the money. I told them I needed a new computer and Craig had agreed to get me a new computer (Worth about $1,500), which is less then I was originally going to charge them, but I said they are friends so whatever.

Then the snow storm of bullshit starts, Once again since they are so cheap, they can’t even go and get a computer, Craig was trying my patience by telling me every week he has a friend in a warehouse that gets him parts so he gets what parts are available that week.

He then told me he had everything but the CPU and then the stories started, (which I am not saying are lies, just funny how all this happens at the same time) they were on the road when their house was struck by lightning, which of course fried every electrical part in the house (even parts to my computer, that was supposed to be in a box in the garage).

Then while “living out of a hotel” while their house was being fixed, someone broke in and stole everything (everything that had already been damaged by the lightning). Again I am not saying these are lies, but give me a break, it has been almost a year since I built the site.

Now at Christmas time I was still maintaining the site, when all of a sudden my access was cut from their server, my copywrite to my web design company removed from the site and now they will not answer any calls or email or anything since then.

So the point is she is not too busy to update her site, SHE does not even OWN the site, it is STOLEN PROPERTY, since they have never paid for it. They don’t have the graphics to update the site, I do. Also to let you know, $2,000 – $3,000 for a website is not much, like you stated.

Now it sounds like she is complaining about the design of the site also? Well that is because I went ahead and made a site that was far too classy for her, should have made the design more trashy for her standards.

She was so stupid, because if she would ever open her eyes and see when people are doing things to help her, she would have a site that was updated and running great, I never charged her for maintaining the site. I did that as a favor.So stop whining about your website and try paying for it, maybe you can get an update!!!


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