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Sunny Lane now with Lighthouse Talent

Sunny Lane [pictured] is now with the Lighthouse Talent Agency and she talked a little bit about that on KSEX Wednesday night.

> Kelly writes on ADT: When she [Sunny] left her first agency, Exotic Star, she explained that she ultimately wanted an agent that would do more to make her a big star. I wonder if that’s a re-occurring theme for her, or if she left Spiegler and has twice decided to and then against representing herself for other reasons. Now, she’s with one of the few legitimate (i.e. legal) agencies, and with her history of press releases and Adam’s knack for self-promotion the move makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up in the next season of “Family Business”, that is if Showtime hasn’t cancelled it. Interesting that she is available for b/b/g now seeing as how she did her first and so far only such scene around a year ago. Nice modeling pics. I finally got to see her cover of Australian People magazine, and by extension find out what the hell that magazine was.

> skonker writes: She’s delightful in her scenes but career-wise she seems mostly about “show” rather than “go.”

> Kelly adds: If you agree with Skonker, in that she’s more “show” than “go” away from the camera, then this makes perfect sense. Except for a couple of heavy workers, you hear about the Lighthouse girls (Tylene Buck!) way more than you actually see them. Plus, if you look up and down the list of girls at Lighthouse, a good deal of them don’t do anal. “Seymour Butts” may not have any immediate use for her, but depending on how much she wants to actually work right now Adam can probably make good money off of her. If she hasn’t all ready been in one of Cousin Stevie’s girl/girl videos that’s something she’ll probably end up doing. Heck, even if she all ready has they might book her again.

Of course, recently on KSEX she’s talked about getting real into anal play right now just without anal sex. Maybe choosing Adam as an agent means that she’s inching closer and closer to actually trying anal on camera. And this way Adam will help her promote it and maybe it’ll make it to Showtime. Or maybe they’re not related at all.

> Dino Velvet writes on here is the website…….

go to the bottom of the page and read…… states……………………..

this site was created soley for the purpose of fulfilling my sexual fantasy of being an adult director interviewing women for parts. Any promise of payment for services is completely false.

> Vegas Vince quotes: [About Us: Southern Experiences is an Adult Internet Distributor. What that means is that we do not run websites of our own, except for this employment site, instead, we film, photograph, and produce hardcore sexual material for customers who do have adult websites. We have been in business since 1996 and are based near Orlando in Central Florida. We also work in Southern California and the New York city area.

We hire and pay women to perform hardcore sex acts according to the orders placed by our customers, which we produce and sell to them in their raw form so that they can be edited and published on the internet.

Women who work for us are contractors who are paid per day and responsible for their own taxes. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD or older to work for Southern Experiences. You must also apply and be interviewed for any position offered. Payment will be made by payroll check or direct deposit weekly as arranged at the time of your initial interview.]

Vegas Vince writes: OK…they “don’t run websites of their own”…but they have one.????

They film for others…etc. OK…I guess that means you guys are “content brokers.” lol My apologies for the industry jargon here…..

They have been in biz since 1996…and I guess that comes to nearly a decade of adult video excellence. lol.

I’m curious how they managed to get by the secret service….as someone must have layed a really good blowjob on the President– considering 2257 doesn’t seem to apply to these guys. ??? Or maybe I’m just missing it?

Let’s move on: offices in New York, Cally, and Central Florida….Kissimmee Florida to be exact… which happens to be in Polk County.

Maybe some of my fellow Floridians can help me out here…but last time I checked….Polk County wasn’t exactly adult industry friendly. But maybe I’m just fucked up. New York? Yeah right. These cocksuckers would end up swimmin with Big Pussy in three days. Cally? I’ve vacationed there once. And after glancing at the thumbnails on this site..I can tell you honestly that these chicks aint no California Girls. I don’t even think they qualify as Billings Montana girls. UGGGGG!

“you must apply and be interviewed….” lol. The casting couch is alive and well in Jerkwater Florida..aka…Polk County, Florida…a county where I own a bar and restaurant and where Southern Justice is still in effect. Where you can go to jail if you don’t serve “Bush” beer in your place of business.

“Payments for talent will be made by direct deposit or payroll check”…and you’re fucking kidding me right!!!! I’m going to stop now before I piss my pants laughing at this.

Unfortunately, it’s assholes like this that keep lawyers in business when the net comes down on the rest of us.

This site is so patently illegal and full of shit that I almost wonder if the coppers from RENO 911 arn’t doing a reverse sting.




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