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Sunset Thomas Debuts on KSEX-final

Porn Valley- You can talk about your Jenna Jamesons doing the big crossover, but for the money, pound for pound and press release for press release it’s Sunset Thomas who’s made the biggest splash on the other side. And this week KSEX landed a coup by having Thomas doing a weekly show.

Coming on in the fifth week in August to fill out the Contract Super Stars schedule, Thomas starts officially next Thursday night on the station. She takes over the 9 pm slot. But this is how it went Wednesday night when Sunset teamed up with long time buddy Kent Wallace [pictured left] who basically does her P.R. work.

The show sounded more like an ESPN broadcast with Thomas putting her knowledge about the fight game and other sports on display. Thomas mentioned that boxing and horse racing were her two favorite sports.

On a down note, Thomas noted that a horse, Lost In The Fog, had cancer. Thomas also has a horse named after her- Sunset Thomas

At the outset, Wallace urged listeners to contribute by calling in.

“It’s like Jerry Lewis- you contribute to the show- that limp you have will be healed if you contribute to the show,” Wallace predicted.

Wallace went on to say that Thomas’ new show would be a mix of sex, sleaze, sports and celebrity. Not to mention unapologetic promotional plugs for Vibra Strip- a sex enhancer made of bark which Thomas endorses.

“No splinters,” said Wallace.

“As the hottie handicapper she’ll provide sports picks,” Wallace continued. “In fact today she’ll give you the winners of each NFL division AND her Super Bowl pick.” As her first guest, Thomas had on boxing promoter Dino Duva, son of Lou Duva to talk about the James Toney fight scheduled Saturday night for The Staples center.

Wallace also mentioned the fact that Thomas had been at The Palomino in Vegas for August 25th and 26th to a standing room only club. Thomas said it’s the only club in Vegas where patrons can dance and see naked pussy.

“The joint’s unreal,” said Wallace. Thomas mentioned that Vegas cab drivers, obviously on the take, put up an argument when riders asked to be taken to certain club.

“They’re paying them off,” Wallace said bluntly. “So guys get into a cab- they ask to go taken to The Palomino- the next thing you know [they say] The Palomino’s not open. That’s because they’re getting $40 bucks a head to take them to another joint. B.S. you get in a cab, you’re in Las Vegas, you want to go to The Palomino, you tell that frickin’ cab driver take you to The Palomino. If he wants to screw with you, you ask him for his hat license. I’ve never known a cabbie who doesn’t shrivel when you ask him for his frickin’ hat license.”

According to Thomas, the owners of The Palomino have sunk some money into the club and you wouldn’t recognize the place with facilities that include a male revue where guys get naked for the women.

Wallace took note that women were buying lap dances from Thomas at The Palomino.

“Women came out absolutely grinning from ear to ear,” he observed. “You love pussy, don’t you?” Thomas purred, noting that she’d rather eat a woman’s pussy.

“I’m a very good pussy eater- I’ve been in the business 14 years,” she said. “I haven’t experienced too many girls that can eat good pussy. Nina Hartley can eat good pussy.”

As the “hottie handicapper” Wallace took note that Thomas has been doing this on radio stations throughout the country for years.

“I have a fun way of giving tips,” Thomas explained. “I use it kind of in a sexual way.” Wallace then put out the claim that Thomas often beats some of the top handicappers in the country with her picks, particularly last football season.

“When I’m in the middle of having sex- all of a sudden I’ll think of something, ohhhh!” Thomas explained. “It just pops through my mind.”

Wallace also questioned Thomas on her claims that size doesn’t matter. And Thomas said she’s had big cocks before and that they hurt her after awhile.

“You can be a small-medium- it’s the way that you stroke it,” Thomas went on to say. “It’s like riding a horse with a little stroke the way you ride.”

Thomas again repeated her aversion to huge dicks.

“Can you imagine having a big, huge dick all the time?” she laughed. It was also determined that Thomas loves sucking cock, and she was asked if the amount of cum correlates to the size of the penis. It was a question that was asked on the recent California SAT’s.

“No!” said Thomas. “I’ve seen little penises cum better than big cocks. I don’t know if it really matters.”

Wallace pressed Thomas for her hottie handicaps and Thomas said she could only do it with her tits showing.

“And Sunset has some of the finest frickin’ tits in the history of boobies,” Wallace acknowledged.

That all being said, Thomas was going with the Buffalo Bills in the AFC east. She also picks the Bengals in the AFC north for the fact that they have five “Johnsons” on the squad.

“Give me five johnsons and we’ll have a hit movie,” she laughed. That cued Wallace to talk about Thomas’ eight man gangbang which she did with Peter North and Sean Michaels d.p.’ing her.

“I love cum- I love the taste of it,” she said. Thomas then went on to pick the Indianapolis in the AFC south.

“My man Manning will lead the way but will shrink like a pee-pee in cold water come playoff time.”

Regarding the reference to choking, Thomas, said, yeah, she’s done that with a cock deep down her throat. In the AFC West, Thomas was going with the Broncos.

“I like riding horses,” said Thomas. “I used to ride naked on my ranch. I used to have 223 acres and quarter horses- 20 of them.”

“Did you take them on one at a time?” Wallace asked her.

“I just jerked them off here and there,” Thomas replied then went on to tell a story about how she was burning up from riding horses all day and jumped into a trough.

“I was bathing in it and all of a sudden one of the horses literally went right down on me,” she laughed. “What are you doing? I had an interesting ranch.”

In the NFC east, Thomas was going with the Giants.

“I understand that Jimmy Hoffa’s buried up your booty,” Wallace told her.

Thomas is picking the Chicago bears in the NFC north.

“It’s the Windy City- the wind blows and so do I,” she explained. The Carolina Panthers are her pick in the NFC south.

“Nothing could be finer than be in a bathroom with a couple of Carolina cheerleaders,” she stated. “And the biggest Johnson of ’em all is Keyshawn. They have Keyshawn now.”

Skipping the NFC west altogether, Thomas’ feeling was that the Giants were going to take it all the way.


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