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Sunset Thomas Hosting Baja Bikers Event

Cabo San Lucas- The cabbies at Los Cabos airport greet you like a pack of paparazzi—fortunately, our contact at The Cabo Agency had hooked us up with a Town Car and a chauffeur who could tell we needed a beer—and pronto!

The ice cold Pacifico mixed well with the waving palms and turquoise shoreline visible through the tinted windows. Mile after mile of uncluttered coastline wending its way towards our ultimate destination—Cabo San Lucas.

We arrived at the Tesoro Los Cabos resort within less than an hour—the check-in process was painless, the room immaculate—within another thirty minutes we were seated at the poolside bar sipping banana daiquiris and defrosting the brain freeze with shots of tequila.

Our purpose in Cabo was two-fold—Sunset had been asked to host the Baja Bikers event, held at the Tesoro Los Cabos resort. She was also there to relax!

The Tesoro resort is located just off the marina at the mouth of the harbor—where all the action is. It’s a short walk from the hotel’s lobby through the portico and onto the marina walk. Rows of cantina’s—thatched roofs, open bars and grills—chili infused scents mingling with the salty sea breeze. Peddlers with silver and beads, fisherman coming and going from the piers, touristas ogling the day’s catch, signing up for a sunset cruise—giddy from the view, the brew and the locals hospitality.

Settling in with sushi and suds at the Tiki Bar, Sunset and I toasted our good fortune while negotiating a Sunday morning fishing expedition with a character named Marlin Brandon (it said so right on his card). Deal closed.

Hours after sundown we sat shirtless on our balcony over-looking the harbor—finally falling asleep beneath the ceiling fan on the king sized bed—music mixing with the guttural sounds of the arriving Hogs, Honda’s and mixed assortment of custom bikes…

The following day Sunset was to make an appearance at the Baja Biker event—signing posters and 8 x 10’s and for the coup de grace, having her body painted by world renowned Swiss airbrush artist Stephen Beutler

Sunset was a big hit at Carnival in Brasil two years ago—when she appeared there for Sexy Hot TV, but I had no idea that she had legions of fans in Mexico. The thousand plus bikers and revelers that packed the event site mobbed her. Posters were gone in minutes and crowds gathered, not simply autograph seekers, but mothers holding their little children (boys and girls alike) up for Sunset to kiss or touch—as though her beauty and success could be passed on in this pagan interaction. I was blown away!

Mariano Lemus, of Elite Photography followed Sunset, posing her on bikes, with dignitaries and into seductive posses—her only break from the throng of adoring fans.

At 8pm I had to literally drag her through the crowd and onto the stage where Beutler awaited. The masses followed.

Once on stage Sunset shed her top and bottom, clad only in her t-back panties. The artist went right to work—the crowd a sea of flashbulbs, hoots and hollers. Beutler put created a masterpiece (he turned Sunset’s torso into the face of a white tiger—her thighs stripped—her backside as well).

After her appearance on stage, bikers seemed to form a wall as I rushed her passed the patio bar, into the hotel and up the elevator—stopping, of course, on the 2nd floor and promptly plopping down at the poolside bar.

The following afternoon found us at Nikki Beach. Now this is an A-list type of place. The property is spectacular; the sweeping patio/veranda with multiple bars (one set dead center in the lagoon like pool) is just steps away from the spectacle that is Medano Beach.

The Cabo Agency had reserved a spacious cabana for Sunset’s party (in fact it was right next to Dallas Cowboy Terrell Owens—sadly, Sunset aka the Texas Tornado is a New York Giants fan). We were plied with booze a plenty, sushi, calamari and shrimp too large and plump to hoist with a mere toothpick.

Mr. Paparazzi himself, Mariano Lemus, soon joined us along with Luis Lozano, director of Tequilas Premium ( Senor Lozano provided a cacophony of cacti concoctions. A smoother brand of tequilas you will never find!

Once the brightly adorned dancing girls arrived poolside—doing their sexy samba routine, Sunset was up and at ‘em—they welcomed her warmly, as did the crowd.

Sunset joined in—dirty dancing and spraying champagne—pouring the bubbly beverage into the awaiting mouths that lined the edge of the pool.

Of course Sunset, as always, was approachable and amicable to photos, autographs and conversation—showing again why she truly is “The People’s Pornstar.”

Sadly, we had to pass on an invitation for VIP services at club Passion that evening because we had that previous engagement with the marlins, tuna and dorado’s of Cabo’s deep seas…

Up at sunrise (around 6 a.m.) we drank some strong coffee, packed some beverages and made our way to the marina. Along the way, we picked up some fresh burritos of steak and cheese with eggs and chili peppers, which were wrapped in foil—six in all—couldn’t buy less, couldn’t have paid less either.

We met up with Marlin Brandon, who brought us aboard our panga (a twenty foot something, sleek, no nonsense fishing vessel). Marlin introduced us to our skipper, Raphael (a salt with no front teeth but tons of personality).

The swells were substantial as we chugged our way out of the harbor and into the open seas (there had been a tropical storm far out at sea days prior).

Raphael had three lines cast in no time as we trolled the surface seeking tuna as we cruised to deeper depths. It wasn’t long before one of the lines hooked something and reeled wildly. Raphael grabbed the line, did his thing and then handed the rod to me. It wasn’t much of a battle as I reeled and tugged and reeled and tugged and lost my catch.

Once we were far from land, Raphael baited our lines with the live bait (I’ve caught fish in freshwater the size of our bait). It wasn’t long before Sunset’s pole sang wildly—the spool spinning. She grabbed it and fought for a bit before she handed it to me.

Again, I was on the spot, I tugged and reeled and there in the distance a beautifully almost neon colored fish leaped out of the water—once, twice—caught and fighting.

For the next fifteen minutes or so I did what I could, at one point winding up on my ass on the floor of the craft.

Raphael was excited. We’d hook a large Dorado and we were winning the battle.

I got the damn thing right beside our boat. Raphael had gaff in hand and viola—it was gone! He turned to me, shrugged and said, “No comida!” So much for our supper (which the Tesoro kitchen was prepared to serve us that evening, if by chance we came home with a catch).

Though we came back to port with nothing to show for our efforts, we were still jazzed and adrenalin enriched…

That evening found us at the Nowhere Bar—a very hip, waterfront, cantina with a dance floor to steady our sea legs. Sunset danced with one of the servers and was soon joined by others…we danced, drank and partied into the wee hours…

I can only tell you that in six nights we barely scratched the surface of all there is to do in Cabo. It’s a seaside wonderland. The locals (a mix of ex-pats, natives and touristas) all seem to share a similar concept of life—live it!

We plan on returning to Cabo whenever we can. It’s the host site of many events, from Spring Break, to the Pimp and Ho Ball, to major fishing tournaments. It’s a sportsman’s paradise by day and a club-goers dream at night—equally textured in culture and chic—Cabo is the new Riviera!


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