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Sunset Thomas on Stern

Sunset Thomas was on the Howard Stern show Friday morning to participate in a win-a-date promo. Just to get through all the suspense, Thomas, who has a thing for virgins, picked Henry, one of the three participants who got by on that lame hard luck tale. “Don’t mind me saying you’re a whore,” Stern said, greeting Thomas as she came into the studio. Thomas said she didn’t mind. “I love what I do. I’m not ashamed of it.”

Stern got his ranches mixed up and referred to the Bunny Ranch as the Chicken Ranch. Thomas who’s been featured in Penthouse was asked how many girls at the ranch could compare to girls in the magazine. Thomas said there are girls even hotter and that there’s a Playboy bunny staying there right now. Stern wondered aloud how much she might get for intercourse. Thomas said each girl does her own thing, so she wouldn’t know. Asked how much she gets, Thomas said it depends. “Different prices for different things. Stern told her she could work out of expensive hotels in L.A. Thomas said she prefers the Bunny Ranch that it’s safer. And, besides, she’d be breaking the law, the other way.

Asked about her boobs, Thomas said she just got them done six months ago, that it had been 10 years. “Are you supposed to change them?” Stern asked wondering if they were like tires. “They say like every ten years you should,” Thomas said. Thomas said she does, on the average, five guys a day. “I do by appointments only. I’m also publisher of Cheri magazine so I come out to New York a lot to put things together for the magazine.” Stern didn’t care about the magazine and wanted to know more about the whore-stuff. Complimenting her six-pack abs, Stern said Thomas must get really grossed out by some of the slobs she has to do. Thomas said she doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do. Asked what she might charge for a handjob where he gets naked, Thomas said $300 but that she might get carried away and end up doing more than that. Stern didn’t buy it.

Thomas said the fifth session of the day stands a better chance because the more she does, the tighter she gets, opposite of most girls. Thomas said she also gets a lot of couples coming out to see her. Stern thought she was married, and Thomas hastened to strip him of that notion. “I got a divorce seven days ago after a two-year battle,” she said. Asked why, Thomas said, “Because he’s [Zack] a suitcase pimp. All he does is take my money. It wasn’t working.” Thomas displayed a divorce ring she wears on her middle finger. She said it was a gift from a friend.

Stern wanted to know the cost of a blowjob. Thomas said she hated talking prices but mentioned that she’d charge $2,000 for straight intercourse but that the guy could get off as many times as possible in the hour. Thomas said she’s had guys get off as much as three times and said another of her turn-ons is watching her man with other women.

Stern didn’t think there was any hooker as hot as Thomas. Thomas said the ranch accepts credit cards. Stern was surprised that Thomas didn’t smoke weed, or so she said. Thomas admits to having a beer every now and then. Thomas said she does good things with her money like buying cars and homes. “I’m not going to make it forever. I take it and invest it.” Stern also seemed surprised that she had kids- two. Stern asked if they minded she was a whore. Thomas said her kids were too young to understand. Stern said it didn’t matter, predicting that her kids would be taken away from her, anyway.

A cab driver called in claiming that he picked up Thomas, “the guy from the Bunny Ranch,” and another girl. “And we all fooled around in the cab.” The cabbie asked if Thomas remembered him. Stern said he didn’t care and hung up on the guy. Another caller brought up the time Thomas’ house burnt down. “Oh that’s a scream,” said Stern. Thomas said she didn’t know exactly who burned the house down but suspects her ex-husband. “But I don’t know for sure.” Thomas acknowledged that there were people who didn’t like the fact that she was living in their town. Stern presented that as another possible scenario and Thomas agreed that also could have been the case. “They were really bad with me. It was a small town and they were, like, we don’t like having a porno star.”


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