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Tabitha Stevens: Nick Manning Lies

NY [From]- As Tabitha Stevens sat down, Howard reported he’d been on her Website recently, and he wanted to know why there was no sex on it. Tabitha responded that she did things like exercise, go rock climbing and shoot guns on her site because she thought those were the things her fans wanted, especially because she’d gotten word they didn’t like to see her hardcore material.

However, Howard assured Tabitha most of the people who went to her site were looking for nothing but sex scenes.

Howard mentioned Tabitha’s former fiancé, Nick Manning, was in the studio earlier this week, and played a clip of him during the interview talking about how “jealous” she was of his career in porn. Tabitha replied, though, that she supported Nick’s career but didn’t like the personal time he was spending with other women. Nick then got on the line and Tabitha told him that he knew the real problem she had with him concerned his “lies,” but Nick insisted that wasn’t true.

When Nick insisted Tabitha used to yell at him for his porn work, she again denied it and added she didn’t appreciate how Nick used to smoke marijuana in front of her 5-year-old niece either.

Tabitha went on to refute Nick’s claim that he always lasted for at least two hours during sex, and that she even referred to him as “Two Minute Manning,” which he admitted was accurate when it came to being with her.

After Nick hung up, Tabitha insisted he “wasn’t a bad guy,” but wished he was more honest when they were together.

Tabitha reported she has never had sex with Artie although she would at least used her mouth on him if he’d ever wanted it, and invited him to join her on the couch. However, Artie said he was eating and, therefore, didn’t feel like moving, and Tabitha mentioned all she was going to do was “straddle him” and “walk him through” what she would’ve done to him if they’d been intimate. Howard then said he thought Artie’s refusal had nothing to do with Tabitha but with the fact that he was seeing someone else, a comment Artie didn’t address.

Gary came into the studio to ask Tabitha if she’d ever had sex with Cabbie, and she said she hadn’t. When Artie next asked if Tabitha had been with Rev. Bob Levy, she replied, “I have a good taste for Bob Levy,” adding she once used her mouth on him. When Gary went on to ask Tabitha where Bob “finished,” she acknowledged she “took one on the chin” when it came to Bob.

As Tabitha removed her pants, she announced she would perform orally on either Fred or Benjy if they ever asked her to do so, which led Howard to claim there was a time when he and Tabitha were at a club together and she didn’t pay any attention to him. Tabitha replied, though, that if there was ever a time that she didn’t approach Howard it was because she was so intimidated by him, and Howard informed her he wouldn’t have been with her no matter what, but that he would’ve appreciated the opportunity to turn her down.

Howard then got Eric the Midget on the line to ask why he refused to get a “hand job” from her last year, and he explained it was because she’d been with “too many guys” for his liking. After Tabitha told Eric that she would “wash her hands” if he wanted to be with her, Howard asked the two of them to have phone sex, but Eric refused to take part. Despite Eric’s refusal, Tabitha began talking dirty to him, but Howard announced Eric had hung up.

Before she left, Tabitha had Jason sit on the couch so she could show Howard what she would’ve done had Artie agreed to her request to sit next to her.


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