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Talk with Ariana Jollee

Porn Valley- Ariana Jollee was interviewed by the Sports Swami. Apparently referencing her directing, Swami asked where she came up with all her wild ideas, that she seemed like such a sweet, wholesome girl. “In your movies you’re wild as a mountain lion.” Jollee called it having the angel’s wings and the devil’s horns. Jollee said she always wanted to do porn but never had the “balls”.

“But I guess you have to follow your dreams,” she conceded. Swami seems to think that Jollee “has more guts than a fleetful of navy sailors.” Jollee revealed that she has serious cases of stage fright. “I can’t stand on the stage and do anything except have sex. As long as it has to do with sex, I can do it anywhere. The camera opens you up. Normally I’m quite shy.” Jollee let on that she’s very cautious and pent-up in her private life.

Bringing up the fact that her father’s a deejay [in New York], Jollee was asked why she didn’t follow suit. Jollee made some analogy about the girl deejay who plays records naked. “That’s what she’s known for, not for playing good music, is she?” Besides that, said Jollee, she didn’t have the best radio voice in the world, either.

Answering the inevitable question, Jollee said she went with L.A. Direct Models because she thought Mike Sullivan and Ben English were the best agents in the business. Jollee said, while she could pretty much leave herself to her own devices, English and Sullivan take care of her like family. “They’re THE best.” Swami offered a bizarre depiction of Hannah Harper- “she’s the soft shoe to the industry’s goose step.” Jollee said she adores Hannah Harper.

“She’s a lot like me,” Jollee said. ” She’s disgustingly intelligent, shy and sweet, and so innocent and fucking nasty. A horrible, horrible side of her comes out when she goes on camera.” Jollee pretty much described herself as a performer without limits. “As a performer I’ll always do whatever I want to do until someone asks me to stop.”

As a director, Jollee said she was particular about whom she casts and uses. “If someone can’t handle it, they’re not going to be in my movie any way.” Jollee went into some vague explanation about what she was attempting to accomplish in her first movie- something about bringing stars in someone’s eyes. “True passion- you cannot fake that no matter how hard you try,” she said. “There’s no actor in the world who can bring out stars in someone’s eyes when they’re not there. That’s what I wanted to create. I think I did. I tried.”

Swami began describing Jollee as heir-apparent to Belladonna. Jollee said she was humbled to accept such a compliment. As far as directing’s concerned, Jollee said she just tries to do a read on people, bring the right ones together and make real sex happen. Swami asked Jollee something about the makeup of her “dream cast.” Jollee said, being a woman, she doesn’t break it down that way. “I don’t look at tits and ass,” she said. “I’m looking at people as wholes.” Instead of recording the actual penetration, Jollee said she likes to see the actual sex for what it is.

“The kind of people I want in my movies are the people who fucking love what they do and it shows so much.” As far as her website goes, Jollee said it isn’t up yet, that she has someone brand new working on it. But she expects it to be up by January. According to Jollee, a lot of the proceeds from the site are going to the Free Speech Coalition and AIM. Other than that, Jollee said she intends to go crazy with the site. “It’ll have some really cool options that people haven’t done before.”

Swami asked Jollee for her take on the HIV crisis. She thought it was amazing that they were the first cases in a very long term but with very early detection. “It’s medical history,” she said. “I think that everyone who gets into the industry should know and be aware that it’s a thousand times safer than walking into a bar and having unprotected sex with a random person you’ve never met before.” Jollee feels that people coming into the business should be made aware of the work hazards. “It’s not necessarily that big of a hazard if you really stand there and look at how many people have how much sex, constantly.” Jollee’s also of the opinion that the press should have been handled differently.

“I know that there are people going down to Brazil right now to have the performers tested the way we are tested.” But Jollee also believes that things were blown way out of proportion. “It should have been what it was and people deal with it,” she continued. “It shouldn’t have been on the front page of the NY Times.”

“When was the last HIV positive case before this? A few years?” she asked. “Twelve hundred performers go through AIM- a year, a month, different people. The rate is so much smaller…I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t agree with me they doesn’t feel safer. I think if they’re going to make a condom-only law in porno, they should go out and test the entire population for HIV.” Jollee said no one had ever forced her to get an HIV test before and doesn’t know too many people who had been tested.

“And I’ve had a lot of fucking sex.” Jollee is of the opinion the adult industry is the safest place in the world. “There’s no place safer than the U.S. adult industry There isn’t. I’m not going to use a condom because some government individual wants to come here and tell me I have to do this. Go out and test the rest of Los Angeles County while you’re at it. If you’re going to spend some money on that, spend some money on something that makes sense.” Jollee said there are performers who are condom-only and she isn’t. “That’s that. It shouldn’t go any further than that.”

Jollee didn’t think that a union was necessary. “If an individual is strong enough to stand up and fight for what they want or what they need, they don’t need anybody else to help them.” Jollee said she wasn’t into the idea. “I’m more reclusive. I’m not a cattle-type of human being. Unions are for cattle in my personal opinion.”


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