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Talon: I’m Rough for Show

Porn Valley- I spoke to Talon Wednesday afternoon. Talon is TT Boy’s brother, and he wanted to have a word or two about the run-in with Wankus last week at PSK. Talon was rough housing with Tyler Faith at Sardos.

But Talon says the main reason he approached Wankus at PSK, and not vice versa, was to straighten out an issue relating to his brother.

“The reason I went up to the guy [Wankus] was because my uncle told me he was on the radio saying that I hated my brother,” says Talon.

“I didn’t even know that he saw me grab his girlfriend. So when I went up to him, I was trying to talk to him. He kept ignoring him. I finally cornered him. I said, hey, I’m trying to talk to you and he was kind of crazy. I said don’t fucking say that I hate my brother. That’s not true. I love my brother. We don’t get along. He’s going crazy: you better step the fuck away from me! You better get out of my face. I’m, like, laughing. I didn’t know he was mad at me about his girlfriend. So finally he keeps talking crap and I’m laughing at him. I’m, like, let’s go outside. Then they kick me out of the club. About ten minutes later, he comes out of the club and I’m waiting outside where people are smoking. He comes out and says, let’s go. He’s calm and nice and we go around the corner. He says do you work with my girlfriend Tyler. I said we really don’t work together any more. She’s not with Jill Kelly any more. He goes, well you’re on the list to work with her. I told him, listen, I never came up to you trying to get tough. You started getting crazy with me. I don’t want you say I hate my brother. I never said that.

“We go back and forth and talk and talk,” Talon continues. “Nothing ever comes up about fighting me. He tried acting crazy in the club. Outside he’s calm and he’s talking. Then we walk away. Then he talks bullshit.” [Wankus told his version of the story on KSEX the following night].

According to Talon he was play-fighting with Tyler.

“We act like we hate each other but we joke with each other,” he explains. “She dated Vinnie Pazienza and we joke around like she’s tough. I guess he [Wankus] saw me grab her, trying to act physical. I didn’t even know who he was. I had never seen the guy. Then I found out who he was. I went up to talk to him then he’s talking bullshit. He was the one who acted crazy and said I better get out of his face. Then he goes and acts like a nice guy outside. I didn’t try to get tough with him, either, outside because he was calm. Then it was stupid. I thought he pulled me 30 feet away from everybody to fight me but then he wants to talk. So I talked to him. He was the one who tried to act tough and when it came down to it, all he wanted to do was talk. I didn’t challenge him to fight but I said if you want to go outside, we’ll go outside. Then the bouncers kicked me out of the club for just standing there.”

Talon said under ordinary circumstances he might have punched Wankus in the face if the situation called for it.

“But he’s the kind of guy who’ll get on the radio every day and say Talon just beats up girls- don’t work with him. He always tried to slam Kurt Lockwood. I don’t want to get on that list because these girls listen to these guys. I’m rough for show but I’m really not that rough. It looks rougher than what it is. It’s a fuckin’ show. I’m a porno actor. Look, a 280 pound guy comes up to me saying I’m going to get you, I might back down. But from a guy like that? He’s not even a big guy.”


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