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TANC Releases Community Websites; Over 25,000 Already in the “Army”

Whoville – Over 25,000 “soldiers” have already joined the TANC “Army” in their new community website that has many anticipatiing the launch of TANC TV.

With TANC Radio having launched last week and the community website a few days ago, the last and final piece of the TANC Network is being built in TANC TV. The Adult News Channel ( TANC ) last week announced that XTube, YuVuTu and others will be streaming the TANC TV stream and sponsors have already lined up creating an industry buzz of what will come next.

“This came together pretty quickly and we are not done yet,” said TANC owner Joe Brandi.

“The community is a great place for the fans of TANC to go and interact with the hosts, maybe win a few bucks but more importantly have fun. It’s a game that the more you play the more you can win. It’s pretty simple and if you hang out on a site like My Space all day then just imagine doing it and having a chance to win cash & prizes. It has a military theme to it. You build your own Army by adding friends. The bigger your Army the stronger you are.”

The website is quick, clean and so far bug free. “We are still working on adding features but right now the chat room with live streaming webcams so members can interact on cam seems to be a favorite along with a fully functional video upload side” said web designer Burt. “This is just the beginning. Trust me. Just the beginning!”

Brandi has hired a team of developers that he has worked with in the past and has them working different hours daily so the website will always have tech support. “The biggest issue with most sites in the states is that if they have members overseas and they have issues they have to wait until morning in the U.S to get an answer. You aggravate alot of members that way and we already have a very good percentage of members outside of the US. Customer service and support is key in websites like this as even sites like My Space go blank now and then” continued Brandi.

The website will not be censored and unlike other websites ownership and management will not interfere. “One thing I learned is that you can’t make everyone happy all the time and if you take everything everyone says personally on your website then you will be one unhappy crazy person. I don think Tom ( My Space ) is deleting every negative thing written or said about him or the site all day. Let people vent. Let people say what they want and post what they want. As long as it’s legal I don’t care” said Brandi.

The TANC Army is building quickly making TANC a major player in the market.

“We are not going after just the adult industry and will not be covering just adult events,” continued Brandi. “TANC TV is going to have sports, comedy, music video shows and alot more. It will not be XXX rated. The website and community on the other hand is a different story. Members can post whatever they want as long as it’s legal and it will not be censored. Our programming will, but the community site will not.”

The website will have news from CNN, ESPN, MTV and more in the upcoming weeks. It will be a place that you can go as an informational resource all day long. Not only can you see what the adult industry is doing but also main stream as well.

To check out the new community go to and click “Join the Army”


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