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Taryn Thomas Not in the Looney Bin?

> Dirty Bob posts on ADT: With all the hoopola over you would think they would research their banner headlines. Today they make a big deal about an upcoming Tera Patrick shoot which they proclaim will be her second anal. Personally, I don’t care how many sausages she has taken down that dirt path in her life, but wasn’t that last one she came out with earlier this year (which incorrectly proclaimed it to be her first anal) corrected by many fans who also remember her doing it waaaay back in 1999 in Caribbean Undercover by Adam and Eve with Anthony Crane?

I guess it is her second anal…this millennium.

> from One source told me that she’s checked herself into the looney bin.

> Monstar writes: she just texted me @ 3:50 pm:

“In a looney bin? who the fuck posted that??? I’m on the way to fuckin’ school!!!”

she then called me and, no, she is not in a “looney bin”

luke is wrong again. is anyone surprised? when he wrote some false shit about stormy, i called him on it and he said “well i e-mailed her and she didn’t respond…” which of course, must mean it’s TRUE! /sarcasm.

but even a retarded 3rd grader will note that she logged onto her myspace profile today. i’m pretty sure they don’t let you myspace in a “looney bin.”

let us not pray for taryn as much as we shopuld pray for luke’s fact checking…i can hear the avn’ers laughing @ him right now.

> Roxetta posts on MySpace: Hello everyone… I have barely escaped from dearh after falling prey to one of the most Slimey,Bloodsucking, Vagrants ever. His Name is KEN HARMAN Here is his Homeless Face. He Slithered into my life when Mickey was away for a few days because of the St LAPD holding him for Marijuana Plants even though he posesed a legal Rx Note.

Ken Harmon. found me on a bus alone and quickly moved in on me to chat … I reluctantly did. I am someone who is a sucker for a SOB story and Boy Did This Ken Wo have one.. and I’m a bit crazy in the head too… I must Admit. I Let him into The Home that Mickey and I Lived in and He Grew Roots immediately. I feel so blind and Stupid looking back now… Mickey was suspicious right away but I have had a drug problem and ken was wanting me to try “Crack Cocaine” with him behind Mickeys Back… I’m Bad I did..Michael if you are reading this….Please forgive me….i am so sorry for all the pain, damage and life I caused you…

I was angry at the time but it does not justify the pure cruel demolition on your life and reputation…This is the least I can do make my apology public for all my friends and fans to see.. I was Wrong I Hate that part of me who became cruel, mean, cold hearted.and destructive,it was the crack cocaine Ken introduced me to it brought out the worst in me, I ended up being Pimped out on Century Blvd. by Ken Harmon for $75.00 and crack and I almost got you killed. I know nothing could ever repair the damage I have done…. I was curious as my sister has been AT IT FOR YEARS… I read the letter you wrote and I cryed when I realized the pure Hell you suffered in your soul over these past few months. I was quickly addicted and Stupid to Do what Ken said….

Ken makes his living on the streets homeless… Smokes Crack ERVicodin and Serquil whitch he raped me in my sleep once I was Knocked out for almost a week once Ken harmon Kept me sedated in Mickeys abscense with Serquil. Ken Brags That he has Killed people before and has a hells angel uncle He Quickly controled me as I was Blind and Stupid at the time. Crack Cocaine,Fear of being killed by Ken or Mickey too He Made many Death threats at him the night LAPD took Mickey to Jail because of the Lies Ken helped me with By the Way as you read Ken Harmon Was The One Who Chocked Me and Scratched Me…

I did not think that Mickey would Have to suffer so much as I did not know The State ran with these cases and Placed a restraining order on Micaael. I thought it was like Mickey would be in the Dungeon for the night. Ken Knew and kept taking my money and running Crack… Like a crazed Uncontroled Addict I Fed his Habit and mine as He would Pimp me Out and Take All my Money… At the time I did not know of the restraining order and Ken would Lie and Say Mickey did not care and Mickey Gave me to him.. I found out Later Ken was a desparate Lier and Took advantage of the situation to the fullest. Ken being a Pro Homeless Hustler Thrived on Destroying Peoples Lifes He has had Several attemps on his Life from his Behaqvior, thats why Ken is all scared up, the Sob stories were lies to invoke sympathy from his victims… Mickey was only in Self Defense on the night that I Called K-Sex… Ken Had a Knife To my Throat That Night. Ken has Also Phycaly and Mentaly Abused me several Times in his Drunken Drugged out bindges. And Dum ass me just kept consuming more drugs That Ken would Feed me. To Fuck Me and control me.. He follows me everywhere so I could not call mick and I Know he would have got rid of the Maggot. About a week ago or so Ken Took Me To Century Blvd.

To Street Walk for his Crack and mine too as I was strung out… One Night Ken Let .. Black Gang members in to Have Sex with me for Crack as he sat Like a Little Bitch and Watched me be Raped. Ken will Not Stop Hanging on my Life till I’m Dead I Guess. I Miss Mickey… Michael He Truely Took Care of me well… I suffer hard know with Ken Because of that night Mickey if you Read this Please Forgive me…. And if anyone knows of an FBI Agent that could Help me have ken Put Away and Leave me Alone… Please Help. LAPD failed to recognize the real problem and I am with the real criminal Ken Harmon, he hits me beats me with rum bottles over the head. Love Rox…. Mickey Please Forgive me I was Demednised By drugs…. I’m Hurting and Ken is Bleeding me Dry… Michael… I am sorry for this mess i worry about you are you OK? If anyone see’s Mickey G tell him I wil help in any way I make things right by him…I still Love him now that I realized after the rockbottom you are a good Man I don’t blaim you if we never speak again… I don’t.

> Den writes on ADT:I was reading Luke Ford’s site and this title intrigued me. Can you image the AVN Senior Editor Mike Albo asking this question? I know AVN is a tad behind times, but this takes the cake! But, for him to ask this is impossible for me to believe?

Let’s see:

* Rog has been reviewing on the Internet for 10 years.

* Rog has the number 1 rated independent review site.

* Rog has the well respected Rog Awards.

* Rog is a voting member of the AVN Awards!

* Rog is a member of XRCO (Mike Albo is not).

* Rog even had a monthly column on AVN Insider!

* Rog’s monthly editorial is on Cindi Loftus.

* Rog’s monthly editorial is in BNI.

Rog is the reviewer that all other reviewers look up to and stride to become. Rog is the KING. Maybe you print media magazine Senior Editor’s need to wake up?


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