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Taryn Thomas on Stern- Once Got Ripped Open Doing an Anal Scene; Ended Her Engagment last Week

from Howard said that Taryn Thomas is coming in and she had an anal accident. He said she had a mini nervous breakdown too.

Howard said that Taryn is in a new porn movie which is a parody of the Jersey Shore TV show. Howard said that Taryn also gained 60 pounds for her role as Snooki. He said she took it off already though.

Taryn came in and Howard said that people should know what happened to her with her anal accident. Howard said that Robin has been moved to do it before. Robin said it’s only happened twice to her. Howard said he knows that the AVN awards just happened so he asked if Taryn had any nominations. She said that she had taken a couple of years off and she wasn’t nominated because she hadn’t been doing anything.

Taryn said that her new movie is from her new movie company. She said that she’s being distributed through

Howard said Taryn did the show a few years ago and she woke up the day after the show crying. Taryn said in January of 2006 she had her intestines torn open. She was also having drug problems at the time because she was doing coke and Xanax. She said she got back into the coke because of the anal accident.

Howard asked Taryn to tell her story about the anal accident. Taryn said that they usually have the right kind of lube on set at the movies. This time they did not. Howard played a clip from one of Taryn’s movie ”Tear me a New One 3” where she was giving oral to a guy. She was doing her scene with a lot of gusto. Howard said that he couldn’t even tell what was going on there. Taryn said there were a lot of hand movements and stuff going on.

Howard asked Taryn if she would ever do an ”Analtar” movie parody of Avatar. She said that sounded like a great idea actually. She said that she knows there’s an Avatar parody being made already but that Anal thing was a good idea.

Howard played some more of Taryn’s movies scenes and said that she looked embarrassed by her own clips. She said that they were kind of weird to hear but she loves it.

Howard asked Taryn about the lube they had on the set for the anal scene. She said that they had K-Y on the set and she can’t use that because it burns. She said that she uses Aros when she does anal. She said they used spit and lube and it just didn’t work. Taryn said that she had a painful burning in her ass and she wasn’t able to shit.

She usually shits like 3 times a day. Taryn said she wasn’t able to go to the bathroom and she was mortified by it. Taryn said she went to a doctor that many of the porn stars use. She said she didn’t know what was going on with her ass so she drove back to meet with him. She said that he told her to go see another doctor and they tried to put a scope in her ass and it wouldn’t go in because it hurt so bad. She said she had to have two stitches put in her intestines. She had a tear in her intestines.

Howard said he didn’t know that the penis goes into the intestines. She said it was inside her anus. Robin said that it must have been the colon but Taryn said they told her it was her intestine that was torn.

Taryn said that she took a couple of years off from the business after that incident. She said that she had started gaining weight in her time off too. Taryn said she had to take a break because she was known for doing anal and she has to keep her fans happy. Taryn said that she could have done the vaginal thing but she didn’t want to do that.

Taryn brought up this cream pie thing that some girls do and Robin had no idea what that was. Taryn said ti’s when like 10 guys cum in your ass and it looks like a cream pie.

Howard asked Taryn what she did while she was out of the business. She said that she worked as a pharmacy tech and went back to real estate school. She said that she had money from the business too. Taryn said she threw rave parties too. She said that she was doing just fine while she was out. She kept herself busy.

Taryn said that the business was always the thing she wanted to do. She missed the business and gained a lot of weight. She said she was like 162 pounds which was up from 105. Howard asked why she let herself go like that. She said that she wasn’t sure why that was. She said her mom told her to go to the doctor when she got fat. She said that the doctor told her that she might have problems with her neural transmitters from her brain to her stomach.

Taryn said she was eating blocks of mozzarella cheese and she would just eat and eat. Taryn said she was depressed and the food comforted her.

Howard said Taryn is back in the business and she’s doing anal again. Taryn said that it’s not hurting back there anymore. Howard asked if that’s the first thing she did when she got back in the business. She said she shot some Penthouse stuff and things like that. Then she started her own company and that’s when she started doing anal again.

Howard asked Taryn how she prepares for the anal scenes. She said that she takes a laxative 48 hours before the day she’s going to do it. Then she’ll do a colonic that day. She said she has an attachment in her shower to do that.

Howard asked if she’s ever had an accident while doing anal. She said that did happen once. She said that time she was able to jump right into a pool.

Howard asked Taryn about what movie she did the anal in. She said the new movie was Vogue Nasty. Robin said she doesn’t think she’d ever be able to go back and do that again after the accident. Howard said that she’s a very brave woman.

Taryn said the guy who ripped her intestine was bragging that she had said ”ouch” while they had anal. He didn’t know that he had ripped her open. Howard said he has never hurt a woman with his penis.

Howard asked Taryn about doing double anal in a movie. Taryn said that she did a movie that was based on the premise of Saw and she had two guys in her ass. Taryn said she did every single scene in the movie too. Taryn said that it’s a great movie and that one is called Dirty Dance.

Howard asked Taryn what the doctor thinks about this. Taryn said that he doesn’t know she did double cocks in there but he told her that she could do anal again. Taryn said that she’s really particular about who she works with right now. She said that they’re shooting movies every 3 months or so now. She said that proper lube is the main thing. She said she swears by Aros lube.

Howard told Taryn that Robin uses natural lube for her ass. Robin said that she did that once. Howard said she must drink motor oil before she does that.

Howard said he thought that Taryn was engaged. She said that she’s not. She said that all came to an end last week. Taryn said that it was time to move on and she was kind of upset by that. Howard asked if he’s part of the business. She said that he was part of her business and he’s welcome to stay part of it. Howard asked what it was that she didn’t like. Taryn said that it was just certain things about the way she was treated. Taryn said that it was a lot of personal stuff and she thinks that she’ll be better off now.

Howard asked Taryn about the orgies that she used to have with the boyfriend. She said ”of course” like that was a normal thing for them. She said that she’d have people in the industry over to just have some fun. Howard asked if her mother attends the orgies. She said that her mom said she wanted to come to one but she won’t have her there. Taryn also said that her mom doesn’t like anal but her father has told her that he sticks a couple of fingers up his own.

Howard asked how the orgies work. Taryn said that she just tells people to bring condoms and they have alcohol there. She said they hang out at the pool and people will just hang out and do stuff all over the place. She said it’s like a swinger party. She said that she has neighbors but they’re like 2 acres away from her.

Howard said Taryn is back down to a nice weight. She said she had some liposuction done and this guy Dr. Victor claims that he lasered some ass hair off of Howard. Howard said he’s never had that done.

Howard asked Taryn if she’s had to ban people from her parties. She said that she has had to do that. Howard asked if there are guys who have penises that are too big. She said she’s had that problem too but it’s no big deal.

Howard asked Taryn if guys think they can have her anally at the parties. She said that she saves that for film only.

Howard was going to play a scene from Taryn’s new movie ”Jersey Shore XXX.” Howard said that she’s a fan of the show and you can get a copy at or Howard played the clip quickly and then talked about how she didn’t show up for her date the last time she was on the show.

Howard said that Taryn didn’t show up for the date and JD is really pissed about it. JD came in and said that they were supposed to go on a date and when she came out into the hall that day she said ”Eww” when they told her to kiss him on the cheek. She apologized to him for that and asked if he wanted a kiss now. JD said he wasn’t sure he wanted that. She gave JD a quick kiss. Howard said that it was big heart break for him back then. Taryn said she didn’t even realize she did that. She said that JD was a cutie pie and she didn’t know why she would do that. JD said ”Whatever…” and left.

Howard let Taryn get in some more plugs and said hat they were just warning people about this anal thing and wanted women to be aware of what can happen.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he was late to his job because he was sitting in his car whacking off to her. He asked if they could go out and get some coke and do anal. Taryn wasn’t up for that.

Another caller asked if they have disability insurance in the porn industry. She said they’re independent contractors so they don’t have health coverage or disability.

Howard took another call from a guy who asked if she would ride the Sybian. Taryn said she was up for it, she didn’t care. Howard said maybe she won’t even like it. She said she would give it a try.

Howard had Taryn go over to the Sybian to ride it but she wasn’t sure if she had her period. She was going to keep her panties on just in case. Howard asked what she does when she’s with a stinky woman. Taryn said that she would ask the woman to clean up if she smelled anything. She said she would ask them to go douche. She said that some girls get really offended when you say that.

Taryn said that she had one girl who had white stuff coming out of her pussy and she had to tell the director. She said that they pulled her aside and they told her about it and she threatened to slash her when she went back to the make up room.

Gary instructed Taryn on how to sit on the Sybian. He told her where to sit and how to lean forward on it. He told her she might want to take her feet off the ground too.

Howard had Gary put on his welding mask to cover his face during the Sybian ride. Taryn asked if it was going to hurt. Howard said it will hopefully turn her on. Howard said he wanted her to be honest about it and if it wasn’t working, let him know.

Gary started Taryn off at 50 percent. Gary told her to move into it. Howard told him to crank it to 100 percent. Taryn said it was kind of boring. Howard had Gary crank it to 100 percent. Gary slowly moved it up but Taryn wasn’t saying or doing anything. Howard said that’s the reaction he gets from girls. Taryn told Gary to give her full power. Gary did that and she asked if that was it. Gary said he had it maxed out.

Taryn said that it was starting to work. She finished about 15 seconds later. She said that it was pretty hard. She thanked them for that. Gary said he had it at full throttle. She said it would have worked quicker if it went any higher. Gary said she went pretty quick. She said she had to put her clit on there and it worked. She said that if they and an attachment that went inside of her it would have worked eve better. Howard said they could put one on but they don’t do penetration there. They had to wrap up and go to break after that.


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