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Taylor Wane: Christian, I can give up

Porn Valley- Taylor Wane was on KSEX Monday night talking about the LA Erotica Show. Wane also had Devyn Devine on as a guest. Wane said she was burnt out from a busy schedule that included the poker tournament Thursday night prior to the weekend at the LA Convention Center.

“I’m dead today,” Wane announced. Devine’s from Seattle and Wane said she didn’t like the city.

“I feel people are kind of grumpy there,” Wane said. Wane also mentioned that she took a lot of photos- about 2,000 at the show- and threw her back out in the process.

“I strained the muscles around my spine,” she explained. Devine, who signed at the Rodney Moore booth, told a story about how she was on a lunch break eating a hot dog.

“Some guy is in my face- I turn around and there’s a camera right there. Excuse me, mister, I’m trying to eat.” Nevertheless Devine said she’d rather have someone be taking taking pictures of her than no one. Devine said she was celebrating one year in the business and that she was the only girl at her booth that sold out all of her movies. Cherry Poppins was also at the booth, said Devine.

“Cherry was one of his [Moore’s] hairy girls.” Devine mentioned how she keeps herself completely shaven and that she also tends to get up at 6 am. Wane heard that some girls were freezing at their booths while her own booth was a hot house.

“There was no air anywhere close to my booth- I was dying.” Devine agreed in that she was freezing as well.

“I was dying,” said Wane who wore a bikini for the show. Wane’s booth was locared across from Bang Bus.

“This is nothing against any other company at the show,” Wane continued. “They paid money to be there. I paid money to be there. Everybody around me paid money to be there. But yet one vendor gets really out of control and loud- with the loudspeakers, with their own purpose in mind- what about all the people around you who paid money? Because if we all started bringing in microphones and loud music, and we all do a different theme. It’s already madness. Now you can’t even mouth to one another.”

Devine had that problem at the NY show, according to her.

“Like some nobodies- I don’t even know what they were promoting,” said Devine. “It was loud ass music. They were really drawing attention but I was trying to do my own radio show. We had no idea what they were doing or promoting and it was causing a scene, causing a ruckus.”

Another thing that Wane was complaining about was the fact that they were broadcasting the World Cup.

“I don’t mind if you put on a porn movie, and watching somebody getting it in the ass- that’s what I’m there for. It’s three day of tits, ass, sucking and fucking. I don’t mind that. But I don’t want to watch the World Cup. That sucks. I’d go to a pub and have a fucking pint of beer if I wanted to watch the World Cup.” Wane said she was being chided by some other British guy in a booth near hers because she wasn’t into it.

“Fuck you, too, you limey bastard,” said Wane. “Go watch it in some London pub. Shut the fuck up and get out of my face.” Wane noted that the show had its Gestapo.

“They’re on you every second making sure that there’s not a titty poppin out or that someone’s touching your ass,” she said. “Hell, it’s an adult convention. I’m not blowing the guy. I’m taking a picture.” Devine said there were guys being blowed at her booth during the New York show.

“There was some blowing going on and the guy who was working security for me was actually NYPD,” said Devine. “Some cops came around and he had me autograph some pictures.”

Devine explained that it was some random fan walking by who got a blowjob. Devine said Gina De Palma also offered to blow Howard Brown who has an Internet radio show, for which Devine serves as the sidekick,

“Gina wants to blow Howard and Howard passes it off- he can talk a big game- but when it comes to pulling out his cock he can’t do it.” Wane suspected that Brown was either little or was impotent. That being said, Devine described how a random guy then got lucky when she yelled out who wants to get your cock sucked.

“So we made a human wall so nobody would see,” she went on. “NYPD was roaming around and my security guard was NYPD. He checked him over and brought him to the Genesis booth. Then Gina went to town.” Wane remembered how cops would come into New York’s Show World in uniform.

“And they’d get pictures taken with us in our private dressing room. Cops rule- I love cops from New York. They’re the best police department and New York cops are great. They’re so cool. Cops in LA, no matter what you say to them, they’re no!” Wane said you’d be flirting with them and they’d want to see your driver’s license.

“Fuck, man, are you all gay?” Devine imagined that’s because of all the porn stars in town and Wane agreed that the LA cops must be jaded. Wane talked a bit about the poker tournament, noting that Wankus was supposed to have been the emcee.

“He got sick or whatever and couldn’t make it.” Wane was asked at the last minute and said she’d do it.

“I was emceeing with Bob Levy- and it was kind of weird doing an auction,” she said. “It’s hard to get people to give up money. It was for charity. There was some really great things up for auction and people don’t want to give up money.” At the same time, Wane said these people were gambling loads of coin.

“How can you say $500 is a lot of money when you’re willing to sit at a table and gamble?”

One of the things up for auction, according to Wane was a Cousin Stevie-run pussy party- with eight girls- on a bus, alcohol included.

The discussion then got on to trannies, and Wane said she was grieved to here some disturbing information.

“Somebody told me- because this is hearsay- that they saw Jean Valjean on a movie cover surrounded by trannies. That’s what I heard.” Wane said she saw Valjean over the weekend.

“This is a gorgeous man- probably the most gorgeous man that ever got into porn. He’s breathtakin’. I’ve worked with him. That’s what I heard. Christian, I can give up.”

Devine was not in agreement on that.

“I think he’s hot,” said Devine saying she liked Christian’s big, shiny bald head. Wane said she thought he was hot before he sucked tranny cock.

“Then the bald head just seemed like a soccer ball that I needed to kick out of the room.”

Devine said she was supposed to work with Christian before she found out about the tranny-thing.

“It was sad that I found out about the tranny-thing. I think it’s an epidemic.” Wane said when she first met Christian she thought he was hot because he looked like a big, manly man.

“I love men who are men,” asid Wane. “I don’t fucking care how grizzly they are, sweaty they are. I don’t care as long as they’re real fucking men. I want men to be men. All the way. But the minute I found out he sucks tranny dick, that’s it. I can’t even look at the guy because that’s all I think about. I can’t look at him as a sexual human being any more because I know he has sex with men.”

Devine said she was up in Seattle having her blood drawn for AIM and met some beautiful guy she thought was gay.

“But he blows me away- he tells me about his girlfriend that wants to fuck all day,” said Devine. “You can’t tell any more. The boy has style. His house is beautiful.”

Wane wanted to make it clear that she didn’t have anything against trannies or gays.

“I just don’t want to do you- I want to do red-blooded men,” she continued. “I just want them to be men who like to fuck chicks. I like a man who sees a chick walking down the street with a miniskirt and high heels and their cock gets hard. And not fucking another guy with a set of hairy balls. That’s just the way I feel.” Wane conceded the double standard because she likes women and likes having sex with women.

“But that’s alright- I have a double-standard.” Wane said there are a lot of women in the business who are into trannies and gay guys.

“The business should be segregated- I fuck gay guys. You should wear a sign like a sandwich boy. Porn stars should have to wear sandwich boards- I suck myself off for a laugh. Special today, I fuck my own ass.”


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