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Taylor Wane Recaps NYC Expo

Porn Valley- On her KSEX show last Monday night, Taylor Wane talked about her being at the New York Erotic Expo. Wane said there were some fabulous people at the show including Tera Patrick with Evan Seinfeld. “She had a booth on the other side along with Tyler [Faith] and Wankus,” said Wane. “They were staying away from the rest of us- I don’t know why.” Wane said there was also a performer named Britney Rears. “You know her ass has to smell when you’ve got a name like Rears- I’m sorry.” Other that Rears’ name giving off a funky vibe, Wane said Patrick looked fantastic. Co-host Dick Nasty said he’s never had sex with Patrick. Wane said she wasn’t surprised. “Because she’s too hot for you, Dick.

“Melissa Lauren was there. She was looking fabulous,” Wane added. Wane said it was also the first time she got to meet Adam & Eve contract girl Austyn Moore. “What a cuttie.” Wane wasn’t sure what Moore is doing for Adam & Eve because she hasn’t done a scene yet. “She’s a contract girl but what does that mean.” Carmen Luvan was there as well, Wane reported. “Very nice. A very sexy blond. Obviously very popular.” According to Wane, it was the first time she met Luvana as well. Also at the show, said Wane, was Tiffany Mynx. “I remember back in the day when Tiffany first got into the business,” said Wane. “She would like her pussy to be bit. I remembered being in this house on location. They were shooting a movie. She starts the scene and says bite it; bit it harder! She was begging the guy to bite her pussy. I said, well, that’s different. I don’t know if she likes it any more but she did back in the day when she first started.”

Wane said Mynx still looks fantastic and amazing. “She’s also a really nice girl.” Nasty remembered being in a movie with Mynx, Deep Throat 6, One of the few he could remember the name of, he said. Wane said she also saw Vanessa Del Rio at the show and Del Rio never seems to age. According to Wane, she’ll generally run into Del Rio in the ladies rooms at conventions. “I won’t see her at the convention but I’ll go to the toilet and there she is.” Wane was telling Del Rio in New York her makeup looked good. “I guess she’s got some new thing going on where she’s directing. She’s looking for a protege.” Wane suspected said protege is going to have to be someone very sexually aggressive. “Vanessa is one of the legends. When it comes to fuckin’ and suckin’ this is a woman who knows her shit. She’s crazy, too. She’s sexually wild.”

Someone in the KSEX chatroom wrote in to say that Del Rio has a two-inch penis. “She has a large clitoris no doubt,” Wane agreed. “So does Victoria Zdrok and she’s a very beautiful, feminine, Playboy Playmate. Massive clit. Huge.” Wane remembered doing a webcam show with Zdrok in which Wane’s toe wound up Zdrok’s asshole. “She is a wild, wild woman.” Wane also mentioned the fact that Howard Stern’s crew came by. “Angry Black was there. But he’s not angry at all. It’s his eyebrows.”

Wane recalled how she attended makeup school and was given an assignment to draw 200 eyebrows with a pencil. Wane was told by her teacher that she had screwed up the assignment and had to do it over. “They’re too large- they look angry,” she was told. Wane then related the story about the sex bungee which was also grist for the Stern show last week. Wane explained that you bang your partner on the bungee. “You kind of bounce around.” Wane said she was bouncing up and down on Richard Christy, although she wasn’t clear as to what role Christy plays on the show. “Then Austyn Moore jumped on his face and another girl threw her body on him. And the bungee snapped. We were crapping ourselves, but it was fun.”

Wane also related how she got a call from Dan Davis of Genesis Magazine telling her there was a chocolate cake waiting there for her. Wane said she didn’t know what to expect from this. “It was a company I did an album cover for.” Wane said it’s a tremendous album and you can find more about it by going to her website.

Wane was mentioning that she was in a bad mood and ready to scrape. This recalled an instance where she did a catfight with a performer named Goldie. “When you meet her in person she’s so quiet and sweet.” Consequently Wane didn’t think she’d have a good fight because Goldie was too quiet and sweet. “Did we fight. She slaps me in the face hard- POW! I said, bitch, the fight is on.”

Wane also mentioned that she’d be co-hosting the XRCO show this week along with Wankus. “It’s at the Century Club in Century City.” Wane said she’s never received an XRCO award and Nasty said that makes two of them.

“That’s going to be odd,” said Wane. “I’m going to be hosting a show that’s ignored me for 15 years but that’s okay.” Asked if he ever received any awards, Nasty said he won a Best Anal Sex Scene several years ago but couldn’t remember the name of the girl he had the scene with. Wane then asked if he remembered the name of the mother of his children. Nasty said it was Leslie to his recollection.

Originally, Wane had a scheduling conflict and she was supposed to have been in Philadelphia this week at Wizard World. She’s re-scheduled the dates to start her comic book convention gig, June 4th. Wane read off the list of people who would be there including some luminaries from Star Wars like Kenny Baker. “It’s going to be a fun show,” she said. Wane also went on to note that Virgil the wrestler would be there as well. According to Wane, Virgil wants to do a porn movie with her. She mentioned that Lou Ferrigno would also be at this show.


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