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Tera and Evan Up in Smoke?

On her KSEX show Wednesday night Tera Patrick announced that she would be appearing at the upcoming East Coast Show in Atlantic City. She was going to be a special guest of LGI and MCV. “They have a great big booth,” Evan Seinfeld announced. New promo items include cigars and T-shirts, he added. Out of left field, Seinfeld mentioned how one guy in the industry tried to grab Tera’s tit. “I caught him in a Steven Seagal wristlock. He was immediately removed from the premises.”

Needless to say, the mood of Patrick’s show could be described as rather mellow to say the least with Seinfeld taking sniffs of Patrick’s pussy as opportunity presented itself. Patrick was curious if any girl had failed Seinfeld’s dip and sniff technique. He said yes without hesitation. Seinfeld’s of the belief that you have to smell it before you fuck it. Patrick went on to describe how Seinfeld licks her ass and Seinfeld advised male listeners to practice dip and sniff or otherwise be in for a horrible surprise. Seinfeld claims a friend of his once douched a woman with a bottle of Sangria when he discovered that she stunk.

Between sniffs, Patrick also announced that she had debuted her feature act at the Admiral Theater in Chicago. “They were awesome,” said Patrick who thanked her fans in the area for making the experience wonderful for her. Patrick said her second round of appearances came in Los Angeles at the Spearmint Rhino. Seinfeld said that Tera set attendance records at both places.

Seinfeld and Patrick, who sounded like they were broadcasting out of a Cheech and Chong festival in New York, noted that on a recent rip to KSEX, it had become a DNA festival judging by the cum stains in various places.

Seinfold noted that on Thursday and Friday Patrick was appearing at the MVC Superstores in Springfield, Virginia. Seinfeld heard that people were already lining up at the store in spite of hurricane warnings. “And we have to fly on a plane in a hurricane,” he said. “Yeaaaah,” Patrick purred. “We don’t know for sure if there’s going to be a hurricane. People said there might be one. Hurricane or not, I’m coming.” Seinfeld also announced that fans could go on and view her new splash page.

“You can see a streaming video piece of Tera,” Seinfeld announced. There will also be a big launch party for the site in October, he added. “And the tour should be up in about two and a half weeks. Maybe sooner.” According to Seinfeld, members will also be able to view her KSEX Internet show for free. There will also be a live chat and live sex how each week.

On October 2nd and 3rd Patrick will be appearing at The Romantic Depot Superstore grand opening. Patrick wanted to give props to Crazy Glen who was one of her first supporters. With the pot practically calling the kettle black, Seinfeld mentioned that it was no secret that Glen indulged in recreational drug use. “I would never have guessed that,” said Patrick in a voice that was practically channeling Dr. Timothy Leary. “I can pick out stoners,” she said in an it takes one to know one, resonance.

“I betcha I could pick out the stoners in our chat room.” In the mood to sprinkle liberal teasers, Seinfeld also mentioned that Teravision was going into production. “I predict in the next 18 months there will be 6 new Tera Patricks DVD’s in the market. I’m talking about hardcore that you’ve never seen before. Tera’s taking it to the next level.”

Patrick wondered aloud if she shouldn’t raffle some tickets to the launch party. Seinfeld also mentioned that if fans went to Patrick’s website and left their e-mail addresses, ten free memberships were being given away. Four winners would also be invited to the L.A. and New York launch parties, respectively. Patrick also let it be known that she and Seinfeld fuck after every show. “They’re not paying us enough to fuck on camera,” Seinfeld interjected. “If you want to see it, you got to pay us.”



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