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Tera Patrick Fashion Show a P.R. Mess?

Porn Valley- In what will probably go several installments, Wankus began with his annual Vegas recap on KSEX Monday night. Co-host Rebecca Love likened AEE to an employee’s party that extends several days, and Wankus told about how his car got broken into at the Venetian garage with his stereo stolen. Among the things he reported on, Wankus observed that Tera Patrick’s fashion show was a mess.

“She has a new clothing line I guess,” said Wankus noting that Patrick and Seinfeld are good friends of KSEX. “They asked Tyler [Faith] will you be part of this fashion show.”

The party was held at Tao and supposedly Faith asked if there was going to be any compensation. She was told no but that she could keep the clothes and there would be great press exposure. Wankus said they had to rush over from their own KSEX party and had to wend their way through a milling thong to get to the front door. According to Wankus, the bouncers were acting like assholes and pushed him and his friends including Robert Lombard.

“He’s a major player in the industry and somebody who doesn’t even want to go to these kind of things,” Wankus noted. “Then the girls who were in the thing which was Kaylani Lei and Tyler both said fuck you, they’re with us and if they don’t come in, we don’t come in. Go tell Tera and Evan, fuck them, fuck everybody. It gets to the point where you start hating the would because the bouncers treat people like shit.”

By the same token, Wankus said he hates events that are held in Hollywood and won’t cover them, principally, for the same reasons.

“I’ve gone to parties where I promised people exposure and all kinds of shit and I’ve gone the fuck home.”

According to Wankus, they finally got into the event and had to walk through a club full of idiots. Wankus said there were a lot of big name girls at this event including Taylor Wane, Stormy Daniels and Brooke Haven.
“A lot of big name hotties ready to go on stage and do their thing.”

With Faith being tired, Wankus asked Evan Seinfeld if she could go on as soon as possible so she could leave. He was told the whole show was something like six minutes long.

“That’s what they were saying- two hours later the girls were still waiting to go on stage,” he continued. “Everybody was getting grouchy and annoyed.”

Wankus noted that you start to get pissed off when you’re tired and doing something for nothing and are getting barked at. Co-host Rebecca Love assumed Faith was at the head of the class where that was concerned.

“But surprisingly Tyler was kicked back and was let’s get this thing over with,” said Wankus. “It turned out that Evan was going to deejay this event. Now they go on stage and do their thing. It was quick and they were done. Stormy comes out and I’m talking to her saying how was it? She had the Stormy look on her face of I want to kill somebody.”

Wankus then asked Daniels if the girls were announced, and Daniels said they weren’t.

“They never said your name once? No.” Asked if the girls got at least press moments to be photographed, Daniels said no. There was no promo, nothing.

“I walked across the stage and came back in,” Daniels supposedly told Wankus. Wankus then assumed that Seinfeld, acting as deejay, probably mentioned his own name several times in the occasion of things. He was assured that Evan did while none of the girls who gave their time got mentioned.

“That’s fucked up,” thought Wankus, noting that next day the spin on the show hardly reflected the p.r. faux pas where performers gave up at least three hours of their time for a 30-second runway walk.

“And not even get a mention?”

With the girls obviously pissed off, Wankus charged the promo ball dropping to oversight, although Seinfeld apparently made the gesture for the girls to keep the clothes they modeled.

“It was probably two dollar panties and a two dollar top,” mused Wankus.

“It wasn’t like some big lingerie. It was basically a bikini bottom and a bikini top.”


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