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Tera Patrick on Adam Carolla-final

Los Angeles-Tera Patrick was a guest on the Adam Carolla Show Thursday morning along with husband Evan Seinfeld. Carolla asked if she was okay with the designation “porn star” other than adult film star.”Porn star’s all right,” said Patrick

“Call a garbage man a garbage man instead of sanitary technician,” mused Carolla. “Not that it it has to do with your job- you know what I’m saying?”

“My job is sanitary,” cooed Patrick. Carolla noted that Seinfeld also appeared on a cable show, Super Group.

“It must have been hell living with that blowhard Ted Nugent,” Carolla said. “For all those weeks in one place.”

“It was certainly interesting,” said Seinfeld. “He really believes everything he believes. He’s not crazy- he’s just eccentric.”

Carolla pointed out the fact that Nugent was running around the house in a loin cloth brandishing a crossbow.

“He was trying to get us to eat deer,” said Patrick who didn’t sound too thrilled about the prospect.

“He’s a real meat eater.”

Corolla brought up the fact that Patrick started off as a nurse.

“Tell us your path- I’m very interested,” he said. “Where did you grow up? Where did you start out? What’s your nationality? What’s your religion? What’s your sign?”

“I’m not religious,” Patrick answered. “I wasn’t raised religious. My father’s English and my mother’s Thai. They met over in Vietnam but I was born here.”

It was noted that Patrick wasn’t wearing “a stitch of makeup” but couldn’t be more gorgeous. Carolla said he wasn’t a racist but that a lot of races needed to be watered down with a little honky.

“Take a little of the edge off- a little coke with your rum,” said Carolla. “Makes it easier to down.” Patrick’s from San Francisco, according to her and went to college in Boise, Idaho. Asked what made her go off to Boise, Patrick answered that she was a child model, did some modeling in San Francisco and worked overseas when she was 13.

“I started working in Japan and Italy and France,” she continued. “I worked all over. I didn’t go to school. I basically dropped out of school because I couldn’t finish high school because I was modeling. I went and got my GD. Then I decided when I was 18 I wanted to go to school. I wanted to get an education. I always wanted to be a nurse. I actually wanted to be a doctor but I ended up going to nursing school.”

“So far you’re reading my bio right off of IMDB,” Carolla joked. Patrick moved to Los Angeles about 12 years ago and was a nurse for a couple of years. Patrick worked in Idaho for awhile before she came out to Los Angeles.

“I was working one day and this woman was really irate,” Patrick explained. “She didn’t get her medication on time and I happened to be the nurse that was walking in like right at that change of shift. And she’s got her bed pan and flung it at me- because I didn’t have her medication and in her dementia she confused me with the other nurse. I was like there’s got to be something better for me out there. I don’t know what but there’s got to be something better. My girlfriend was like I’m going down to Playboy to pose for Playboy. Why don’t you come with me? You’ve got some modeling experience. I was like I’m not taking off my clothes. She goes it’s 25 grand if they pick you. So I was, where do I sign up?”

Patrick went on to say that she’s the only girl that’s been in both Penthouse and Playboy.

“Simultaneously,” she said, noting that it happened in 2002. Carolla wondered if getting into porn was like easing into cold ocean waters.

“It didn’t work out for me that way,” she answered. “I had never been in the adult business at all- I came from regular modeling. So I went straight to Playboy. I did magazines for about a year, year and a half before I even did movies.”

“Was there a point in your career when you were doing the magazine where people were trying to get you to do hardcore adult films?” Carolla asked her. “I imagine right from the beginning you said, no, I couldn’t do that. What was your attitude?”

Patrick said she wasn’t ready and didn’t know who she wanted to work for.

“I kind of wanted to get into the business I guess the right way,” she continued. “I really enjoy doing the magazines and modeling has always been my first love. And if you ask me what I like doing more I’ll tell you the magazines. I love modeling. I love doing the modeling aspect of it. I love doing movies now especially with my own company. It took me about a year to make that transition into getting into movies. I got there and it was kind of like a fantasy come true. Doing the adult films. I really wanted to do it.”

“Working with Ron Jeremy- a fantasy come true?” Carolla asked.

“I didn’t work with Ron,” Patrick stated. It was also mentioned that she had just done her first anal scene in Teradise Island.

“She’s built Teravision, her company into a $30 million company in two years,” said Seinfeld.

“As the husband, that doesn’t freak you out?” Carolla asked Seinfeld about the anal scene. It was politely pointed out that Seinfeld did the scene with Patrick.

“Now I am freaked out,” said Carolla.

Patrick talked about her talent agency and commented that girls would come up to her all the time on the road and would say, “Tera, I want to get into the business- how do I get in the business? But I don’t want to get into the bad side of the business, can you steer me the right way?”

Seinfeld also mentioned that Patrick would be dancing at Rouge, September 20th and 21st.

A caller-in named Jeremy said he caught Patrick dancing at the Spearmint Rhino in Rialto.

“She was the best, ever,” he said. “She was just awesome. It was the highlight of my young life.”

Asked how that worked, Patrick said the club pays her to come do usually two feature shows a night.

“They’re about 15-20 minutes long,” she continued. “After that I set up for about 2 hours. I sign all my magazines, all my pictures. You get a nude Polaroid with me or topless.”

“For you, you make a lot of your money and a lot of people in the business make a lot of their money going out on the road?” asked Carolla. “More than you would make if you were just an adult film star? I know you own your business.”Seinfeld said a lot of girls can come into the business and make, freelance, $200 grand a year, $300 grand a year.

“They really work a lot if you’re hot.”

Yorgi the Romanian porn director said Patrick was too good looking for porn and Carolla agreed.

“Porn is sort of like going to a smash-up derby,” Carolla continued. “You want to see some old jalopies running into each other. I see a Ferrari out there I’m going to feel bad.”

Patrick was then asked how her anal scene went. She hesitated for moment.

“It was good,” she said. “It was with my husband and I only do it with my husband. So I felt really safe and it was comfortable. And I do do it in my personal life so it wasn’t like a big stretch or anything.”

“The pressure to me is with Evan who’s on the business end of the ding-a-ling,” said Carolla. “Sorry to say, you just relax. Take a Vicodin and enjoy the ride. Evan’s got to produce.”

Seinfeld talked about the amount of pressure that he put on himself when he first started performing with Tera.

“Now she performs with other men in the movies I direct for her,” he said. “I perform with other women.” Carolla imagined it must be weird to be standing there and watching another guy with your woman.

“It’s a rush in a weird way,” Seinfeld admitted. “Part of me is that it’s our job. It’s what we do. It’s why we’re rich. The other part of me is like, I grew up a kid in Brooklyn. Look at my girlfriend and I’ll hit you over the head. To exorcise your demons and face your worst fear- that’s every guy’s worst fear- find some guy banging his wife.” Seinfeld said the point is to get over it and look at the turn-on of it.

“It’s like a turn-on that makes you sick at the same time. it’s kind of cool. It’s like a roller coaster.”

“You must be insane to tolerate this,” Carolla suggested. “You’re standing behind a camera while your wife’s being plowed by some guy with a shaved ass. Or maybe it’s the height of sanity. Maybe you’re so secure that you can do this when no other man can. I just think you’re insane because I’m so insecure.”

Patrick said she and Seinfeld have a good relationship.

“It’s insane to a lot of people who wouldn’t ever try it,” Seinfeld agreed. “It’s easy for people to write off things they’re afraid of as insane.”

Seinfeld went on to say that men are the mechanics of the industry.


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