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Tera Patrick Talks to GamerHelp.Com About Her New inTERActive movie and her video game,

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Q:Tell us about the InTERActive DVD. How much control does a person actually have over what they do in the game?

It is the ultimate first-person adult movie of all time and stands alone in tech capability. There’s a plot which twists and turns with every click of your remote and interactive viewers’ choices effect how they interact with me.

You control every position, every angle, every scenario, and you can even make yourself or myself climax with a touch of a button. The quality and user friendly nature of InTERActive sets this movie light years beyond any of its predecessors.

Q:What are some of your favorite things people can do to you in the game, such as having you slather Hillary Scott in chocolate sauce?

I think part of the allure of the game is not just the hardcore positions and angles, but all the extra fun features. For instance, a UPS guy delivers a Sybian as you’ve seen me with on Howard Stern and you physically control the amount of vibration that goes through me. I had a great time filming this. You get to watch me wash my car and even have one of my girlfriends join us. I don’t want to give away all the secrets. Let’s just say you will love it.

Q:How have your fans reacted to the chance to interact with you in InTERActive?

Since the movie has come out, not only are the reviews amazing, but the feedback on all the message boards and fan mail has been incredible. I think the general consensus is that it’s everyone’s favorite. When both critics and fans agree, they can’t be wrong.

Q: Do you think there will be a sequel?

I am speaking to Larry Flynt about the possibility of doing a second one. We have some amazing ideas and I think it would be a big hit. For now, we’re going to sit back and watch this one and enjoy its run at #1.

Q:What is your favorite video game to play and what do you enjoy about it?

I’m kind of torn–I really love the classics like Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, and Asteroids. I have a Hello Kitty game for my GameCube and I’ll always love Kirby, Strawberry Shortcake, and anything with Mario in it for Nintendo DS.

Q:You starred in an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. What was it like providing the voice for a cartoon version of you?

Working on it was really cool. I always thought it would be fun to provide the voice of a cartoon character and be someone else, but it was fun and easier to be me, Tera Patrick. I was really honored that they asked me to play myself and also pleasantly surprised by how many people have seen it.

Q:Have you had a chance to play the Nintendo Wii?

Oddly, I haven’t. That’s probably the only console that doesn’t reside in my home. It looks really fun though and I’ll have to get one at some point.

Q:What is one of your favorite quotes from a movie you’ve starred in?

Everybody seems to love when I say ‘Welcome to the forbidden passage, welcome to Teradise Island.’ My fans have teased me that I’m like Mr. Rourke granting sexual fantasies.

Q:You also have a PC video game, Virtual Tera, where a person has full control over your body, including the option to dress you up. Tell us about the game.

There are many different options. It would take me hours to explain it all, but it’s absolutely a breakthrough in terms of adult video games. There’s even an option to have your own face put on a character that’s with me.

Q:You are actually the only porn star to ever appear in GamePro magazine, in an Avirex advertisement. What does being the only porn star to ever appear in GamePro mean to you?

I am really proud to be the only porn star to ever be in GamePro. The gaming community is a perfect crossover for me. I once did an appearance at E3 and there was a line a mile long of people who wanted to meet me and get my autograph.

Q:Since we all know that the video game version of you is the hottest video game character, who do you think is the second hottest video game character?

I personally have a thing for most of the Dead or Alive girls. I also love Rumble Roses. The way they bounce really gets me going.

Q:Do you think that adult video games are the next big thing?

The marriage between adult entertainment and gaming has been inevitable and now it’s happening. The gaming industry is aching for more adult games.

Q: If you were made into a video game heroine, would you be a Lara Croft-type character? What would your special move be?

I’d be a cute creature, similar to Sly Cooper and I would have to have a cool tag line. My special move would be a super sultry look that I would give my enemies which would make them faint. I wouldn’t even break a sweat.

I also had a lot of fun working on Backyard Wrestling 2, where I was a playable character. I was a kind of a ninja in that game and it was definitely cool to kick as as virtual Tera.

Q: What would our readers be surprised to find out about Tera Patrick?

A lot of people think that I live this wild and over the edge lifestyle, and while it’s true to an extent, I really love just being a homebody. Cooking, cleaning, and being at home with my little dog Chopper makes me happy.

Q:If you could give some tips to a dorky gamer on how to talk to women, what would you tell him?

Don’t try to hide your dorkiness. Use a pickup line like ‘want to play with my joystick?’

Q:What are you doing right now other than working your butt off?

Lots. I have been nominated as a finalist for the FAME awards. Anyone who wants to can actually vote for me by going to the FAME website. Please do.

Q: Have you ever… you know… to a video game?

Actually… once I did. One night Evan and I were going at it in the middle of an unpaused game of Tekken.


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