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That Sunny Lane Press Release

Porn Valley- On Wednesday nights, Sunny Lane is co-host of The Wanker Show. On the recent show, Wankus was trying to push some of Lane’s buttons including an observation about a press release that went out last week announcing Lane’s signing with Lighthouse talent, Seymore Butts’ agency and thus leaving Jeff Mullen.

“There was a press release that went out saying that I was no longer with All Media Play and Jeff Mullen,” Lane agreed. “Maybe it could have been worded a little bit differently. The press release was letting everybody in the industry know that I am now with Lighthouse Talent Agency. Good people, very professional. Secondly that I’m on KSEX radio.” Lane said she realized she’s getting a lot of fans out of her involvement with KSEX some of whom brought her roses at Adultcon. Wankus said he read the press release and it was very professional. Lane agreed.

“But supposedly he [Mullen] got very hot, very upset,” said Wankus.

“Yeah, he got a little heated by it,” replied Lane. “He took it a little negative and I told him at the [Britney Rears 3] party it wasn’t a negative point and I thought we were under an understanding that everything was okay. You’re shooting movies and directing now and you don’t have time to do publicity. He just felt that he was put out there. But no harm is done. Everything is okay. No stress. I look it like this, when you say All Media Play, you immediately say Jeff Mullen. Just like when you say KSEX, you say Wankus.”

Wankus was of the opinion that Mullen got upset, unjustly. Lane said she and Mullen talked at the party.

“I’m an east coast girl- I like to get it done,” she said. “When it’s face to face you feel what’s going on. I said, hey, I didn’t think we had a misunderstanding. If you truly had a problem with it, you would have called me.” Lane said Mullen did a great job for her and she’s thankful and there were all hugs and kisses at the end of their conversation.

“It’s water under the bridge- it is what it is,” she said. “I was thankful for what he did, and now I have April Storm as my new publicist.”

Wankus was trying to get Mullen on the phone.

While he was waiting, he noted that Mullen put out a great promo kit for Britney Rears 3.

“It had some really good shit- I called him on the air and complimented him about it and told him thank you for sending it to me,” said Wankus. “And he accidentally called me Kurt in the middle of the conversation. So I hung up.” Wankus thought it was pretty funny and noted that Mullen called back apologizing that he had Kurt on the mind.

In their phone conversation, Wankus thought Mullen might have been having an “uppity moment” when the release was sent out.

“What are you talking about in particular?” Mullen asked.

“Oh see he’s going to play it down like nothing ever happened,” said Wankus to his audience. “I’m talking about the press release Sunny’s people sent out.”

Mullen insisted it was no big deal.

“Sunny and I worked together for the better part of a year,” said Mullen. “We took Sunny to wherever we did take her. Sunny’s a budding superstar. We love Sunny.” Mullen again said the way the release was written was no big deal.”It just sounded like it was poorly written and I had to fix it.”

Wankus took that to mean that besides being a porn director, Mullen was also an English grammar major.

“I read the fucking thing; it said, FYI, Sunny is not represented by this person any more,” Wankus commented. “And the reason for that is that no one fucking bothers you and she can still get booked.” Mullen said he and Sunny are always cool.

“I wanted to point out that I read the same press release and I was not offended by it- then, again, she didn’t fire me,” Wankus laughed.

Wankus and Mullen talked, again, about the Britney Rears 3 promo pack and the compliments Mullen has been receiving on them. Mullen said wait until you see what comes out for the Sex Z Pictures’ Corruption movie.

“What happens? You open it up and Bob Friedland jumps out?” Wankus wanted to know. “What the fuck.” Mullen thought it was the movie of the year, directed by Eli Cross.

“This is a real movie- this is unfriggin’ believable,” said Mullen. “He should be directing CSI Miami. It’s that good.” Wankus admitted that Cross puts the time into it.

“But he’s a very angry man- wouldn’t you say that?” asked Wankus. Mullen was more inclined to call it granite-like.

“He put together such a high story,” Mullen continued. “It’s a political thriller. It’s completely beyond belief.”

After Mullen got off the air, Lane again talked about how she attended the Rears party put on by Mullen.

“It went off without a hitch,” she said. Wankus wondered if it was attended by the same party-porn crowd.

“It was all great people,” said Lane. “It was lots of fun. Hillary [Scott] was there. She was dressed really sexy.”

Lane also reported that she was at Adultcon last weekend and thought it was great.

“Tons of people,” she said. Wankus referred to it as “Adult Con Job.” According to Lane, she was signing for Nectar, and Wankus was attempting to get an honest assessment from Lane about the show. But Lane always puts her golden spin on any subject.

“They [security] was on top of it making sure we were okay and no one was fucking with us,” continued Lane. “It was $35 to get in and Adultcon gave away $5 chips. Then you got a card for a free t-shirt.”

Lane kept insisting it was a great event and she had a good time. Asked if she made any money, Lane said she did.

“It was action-packed and a lot of people there,” added Lane who said she met a lot of people who listen to KSEX.”So many fans were coming up to me,” she commented.


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