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XXX writes me: We noticed BisexualBritni is now writing for you. That is really cool as she is one of the best writers we have ever scene [sic]. We used to keep up on her political diatribes several years ago when she was more active in adult movies. Congrats on getting BisexualBritni to write for your site. Britni gives one of the best blow jobs in history.

Now, some information you did not know. Do yo know why Dennis and BisexualBritni had to move their family to LA? They did not leave Denver becuase they wanted to, they left because their wife, Michelle, also known as Pepper McCormick, had over 30 adulterous affairs. While Dennis and Britni were travelling, Michelle would invite men to their house and have sex with them. Michelle was having sex with dozens of men from her job at RTD in Denver. RTDis the public transportation/system in Denver. Michelle is an canaptic liar and was even having sex with Dennis’best friends behind his back. Michelle was having 2 and 3 affairs a week. She was having sex with her supervisors, other bus drivers and later, after she got promoted, she was having sex with people she supervised. When Michelle got caught, she started calling these men’s wives and telling on them. She figured if she was going down, so was all the guys she had sex with. She ended up getting fired, has been criminally investigated, has been committeed toseveral mental hospitals and even tried to kill herself on several occasions. We have heard rumor that Britni even hadMichelle jailed for domestic violence and the website lasd.ord does show a felony arrest several months ago. If you want a real story, dig into this one.

> Still believe that everything’s swell in porn land? The following is a fax sent out by one of the industry’s distributors- Triplex – to all of its customers: To our valued customers: We have not forgotten about any of you. Thank you so much for being patient with us. The summer has been so terrible to all of us and we all need money. Unfortunately our customers are having the same problem. So keep faxing those statements and credit memos and whoever comes across my desk will be on the top of my list. Again, we value and thank you for your business and patience. Checks will be coming soon. Sincerely, Erin La Crosse.

> matchmaker posts on ADT: I noticed that Dru Berrymore is now at the Exotic Star Models agency.

> A Ryan Connor thread starts on ADT: She does have a website, named, appropriately, RyanConner dot com. I believe she’s retired from filmming. Perhaps we could coax her into a comeback a la Lisa Ann and Tiffany Mynx? Because she still has a phenomenal body!

>Quasarman writes: Just in case she reads ADT, We at Zero Tolerance would be willing to open our checkbook W I D E for a Ryan Conner comeback.

> Bill posts on ADT: Ryan was escorting for a while, where she had a reputation as being an incredible “provider”. She got so popular that she stopped taking on new clients and only worked with established clients.

However, as of early this year, my info is that Ryan has retired from that business as well.

> Chico Wang posts on ADT: I just got back from Palm Springs with Jessi [Summers] and her boyfriend. I was with Haley Paige. We went there to relax and get some sun.

I’ve known Jessi for quite a while and have never seen her happier. She works out daily to a ridiculous sweat and concentrates her time between reading the Bible and improving herself.

Yes, she had a substance abuse problem at one point but I know for a fact she no longer does it. I think a major component of her change is her newfound faith.

I’m not a religious person and don’t like religious zealots. She’s very non-judgmental and is one of the nicest, sweetest girls in the business.

The decision to get out of porn was hers and hers only. And frankly, I’m really beginning to think she made the right decision. It may be bad for me because I can’t shoot her but she’s a much happier person. In fact, happier than I’ve ever seen her.

> A lot has been written about the falling out between Lisa Ann and director Tom Zupko over a movie project. For the record, these are Lisa Ann’s original comments on the subject posted on ADT, June 19th: Hello.. Well you would like to know what happened right? NOTHING.

After spending 6 days with Zupko, picking him up at his house, driving us around to shop, eat and talk (actually I didn’t talk- he talked about himself, NON Stop.) My final meeting with him was scheduled a Press Day for last Wednesday. I pick him up at 2pm. He gets in the car. He lets me know he has no one to build our set. We are now 2 working days away. Yes, I am a little concerned. Well the amazing Rob from Extreme gets up a set builder at the office in 30 minutes. He and Zupko conspire for the afternoon while I sit and wait. All Day.. At 6 pm I have to have Zupko back to his place to meet with AVN for an interview.

Question.. Do you think many girls would pick up and drop him off? Do you think many girls would take 6 days out of their schedule to make no money and just run around endlessly. Dont forget the BOX Cover we shot for HOURS and HOURS- as a matter of fact I recall not getting home from that shoot till about 11pm/ NUTZ.. ….

Well lets sum it up with this after sitting there all day waiting for Zupko to get his shit together he starts bitching me out. Why? well he looks at me and says “Whats your problem?” I respond with ” well I have sat in an unairconditioned office in the Valley at about 110 degrees waiting for you to talk to me about my scene that is now 2 working days away. I have taken another day off from working to accommidate your demands to meet with me again” before I could finish he Starts with ” you are just like all the other whores in the business, all you care about is yourself. All you care about is making money. You all all selfish bitches etc etc etc etc…..

HEY ZUPKO- are these the same whores who starred in your movies that won you awards- I THOUGHT SO.. Are these the same whores that make up the industry today? Without them who the fuck would you be??!! Ask yourself that…Anyone who remembers me from the 90’s might recall I have a brain, a voice and some serious balls so please dont make the fatal mistake of encouraging my sicilian style to come out and unleash the fury on your ass…

At this point all I could do is remind him I had to get him home by 6pm for his interview. I made it very clear that I have gone way out of my way and we have still not discussed my scene, all I know is NOTHING. and from the looks of meeting A new set designer 2 days before shooting- looks like he knew nothing too. I really overextended myself to make Rob & Tom know I was into working with them, but come on. No script, no set and no idea what is going on .. COME ON!!!!

By the way no one, absolutely no one, will get away with talking to me that way. Kinda poor way to just say Thank you. All he had to do was say- thanks for your patience, sorry to make you sit. Anything would have helped.That nite, we spoke on the phone on and off for hours reguarding all the bullshit, unnecessary nastiness and ridiculous lack of organization. He said he was working on it.

The next day he called me and said, “we are afraid to work with you. We just dont think your heart is in it. We are cancelling you. NICE… way to go Zupko.. Thanks for nothing. I would like to add one important thing. Extreme and Rob are as amazing as ever. Lizzy and I were planning a scene which i would still love to do. This has nothing to do with Extreme. This has everything to do with ZUPKO.

> Nectar Entertainment is reporting damage to its warehouse after a fire Saturday afternoon. The blaze was prompted by a warehouse roof repair. However the company is saying that it’s still open for business and that the release schedule hasn’t been affected. The company will continue to ship this week.

> kate writes on “I was reading somewhere where it suggested that Club Jenna may not employ bisexual men. If that’s the case, I believe that a case for discrimination could be brought against Club Jenna and the people involved with it, especially Jenna Jameson. My message to Jenna is this: I’m scrutinizing your employment policies.”

>seeya writes: Well if this is the case good for Jenna. To me she just wants to make sure her girls are in the safest enironment possible. Why take risks with your stars and if you see where you can do safer scenes do it.



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