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The Adult Industry Is The 1 Percent Haves Vs. The 99 Percent Have Nots, Says Rob Black

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The concept of Rob Black being under a gag order is almost too absurd to imagine, but that seemed to be the case Friday afternoon.

Black in recent weeks has alluded to federal lawsuits involving himself and an industry bigwig, and Friday seemed to confirm that Black would be circumspect in his ongoing references to a “cocksucker who sits in his multi-million dollar houses in Miami Beach.”

Instead, Black chose to refer to Mr. Big as one of the “one-percenters” who controls the adult industry in the way Black elaborately described the trickle down economics that affects the other 99% of the business. As I was listening to the broadcast, I kept saying to myself Rob, dumb it down. Imagine you’re talking to Bree Olson.

Rob Black explained that he has been talking to “people” and “handlers” who are ready to advance him to the next stage in cable broadcasting. Black was told he needs to get more “serious” and can’t use words like “cunt bag” as often as he does.

“We’re not as good as Alana Evans and Chris Evans to get on Playboy Radio. We suck,” Black admitted

“So today’s going to be serious Friday.” So Black got as serious as Karl Marx.

“The adult business is controlled by a very select few,” continued Black, stating that the person who holds 70% of the “receivables” in the business is this Mr. Big.

“You sell a piece of product- a DVD, a videotape, a sex toy. You sell that and all big companies get credit. This person gets the biggest terms- a net 90 window to get paid. You make this movie with all the talent- you sell it to the person who takes the most amount of your product. So now you sell this piece of product and you wait 90 days. But you must live because you have a business.”

From there Black sounded almost like Stephen Hawking explaining the Big Bang Theory to a roomful of rocket scientists. Mike Souths, if you will.

The long and the short of it, the DVD distribution system is based on consignment and waiting till hell freezes over to get paid. You squawk and you’re screwed. The longer you wait for your money the more leverage is held against you to recoup. And that’s pretty much how the system works.

The point that Black was also trying to make is similar to the French Revolution: the other 99% of the industry needs to storm the palace and start beheading some of the nobility.

“It is very easy to get a group together.”

“One percent of the industry is making the money and calling the shots,” Black explained.

“I bet you Kelly Divine doesn’t have have health insurance. She’s one of the 99% in our business.”

Black said the same system that governs DVD distribution- the one of leverage- is the same system that makes performers toe the line.

“Four agents control all the girls with fictitious contracts,” said Black.

The fictitious contracts, according to Black, are held over performer’s heads with the most ridiculous of excuses and threats.

Black mentioned how he talked to a performer who actually had to pay Metro $3,000 to go to another agency.

“She mustered that money to pay Metro to get out of that bullshit contract.”

“If the agencies can keep the talent down, you mean there can’t be a central organization that can’t control this business and work with the city, and Washington?”

Black also asked where Larry Flynt was during Measure B, noting that handsome Jimmy Lee, a Republican, talked about running out of money to fight the Weinstein advance. Black wanted to know how that happens when Flynt, another one percenter, just sold a building for $86M.

Black said the industry would be better off flashing some money at heavyweight attorneys like Alan Dershowitz or Ted Olson than proceeding with its present course of action like it did with Measure B.”

“James Lee is all we could get? Really?

On the issue of Mr. Big, Black describes how the extortion deal works rather simply. You get waited out over 90 days only to settle the bill for considerably less.

“I’m going to beat you up on price, and I’m going to beat you up on returns and if you complain about it, I’m not going to take your product any more,” added Black.

“Now your balls are in the sling.”

You tell me we can’t regulate ourselves and tell a person like that, “Fuck you”?

Black said the toy companies are wising up to the game and are going direct to customers.

“Great guys like Chad Braverman and Nick Orlandino are telling the big guy to go fuck his mother.”

Black conceded that the 99 percenters “have their throats and balls leveraged to the max and live day-to-day.”

Noting that the million dollar companies like Evil Angel are stretching everyone out when they could pay them on the spot, Black told of instances where Francesca Le does movies where she slaps girls and chokes them out then offers them $200.

“But we only got $200 to pay you. But you work for Evil Angel a company where a guy’s got so much money he has a Las Vegas show, a dream defense and medicine that makes him immune to HIV. Okay? The talent goes can we get $300? My husband [Mark Wood] said we’ll give you $250.

“You hear this laughter?” asked Black.

Black said do the math. The movie is costing $2,000 to make and is selling 3,000 pieces out the door at 18 dollars.

“And I’m a douchebag because I want talent to make more money?” Black asked. “Remember Francesa, Mark Wood [pictured] how you used to bad mouth me?”


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