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The Audrey Hollander Controversy

Porn Valley- Today I spoke to both parties in the Audrey Hollander controversy. Yesterday, Acid Rain’s Mitch Spinelli posted on ADT that Hollander flaked a signing over the weekend. Spinelli rarely, if ever, goes public on such matters. According to Spinelli, Hollander was scheduled to do a GVA signing along with Mika Tan and another girl. Hollander was the only one who didn’t show up. According to Spinelli, three stores were involved, and Hollander was the chief draw.

This morning I spoke to Otto Bauer who claims nothing was ever firmly established with Spinelli. Then I spoke to Spinelli who claims just the opposite that Bauer told him Hollander would be in San Francisco.

“I guess that’s one way to look at it,” says Bauer. “If you want to call flaking on something giving a week to ten days’ notice.” Bauer claims Hollander has obligations with other people [Sydney Niekirk and Michael Ninn] and couldn’t have done it.

“As soon as I got the sniff that might happen, I told Mitchell,” says Bauer. “And Mitchell chose to take no action with that information.” Bauer claims he made it clear to Spinelli that Hollander’s presence wasn’t going to happen. “Fuck yes!” says Otto. “I made arrangements with Mitchell that he was going to fax me this itinerary and see if it was going to work. It was coming down to a last minute deal on this other stuff and I would give him as much notice as possible which I did. But as far as the word flake goes, that doesn’t fit the situation. But there was a change of plans. I can tell you that. And the change of plans happened in a reasonable time limit that Mitchell could have dealt with it. He chose not to.”

Bauer claims that Spinelli’s posting was “fucked up” that, according to Bauer, he communicated with Spinelli via e-mail. But Spinelli is saying he never received the so-called e-mail. “I told him [Spinelli] I think you were aggressive in this as far as wanting her to go,” said Bauer. “But not in a bad way aggressive. He was excited and anxious about it. But I gave him more than enough of a clue that it might not happen.”

Bauer says he and Hollander got up the Friday morning that she was supposed to fly to San Francisco. “We thought about it and called to see if the ticket was still available then just go if Mitchell hadn’t already replaced her,” says Bauer. Bauer claims some guy was then calling him from the airport in San Francisco. “This was 10 o’clock and he was saying he was in the baggage go-round looking for Audrey. But, dude, the plane wasn’t even set to depart according to the itinerary that was sent to me by Mitchell. It wasn’t until 1 pm from LAX.”

Bauer’s claiming he told Spinelli all the shit he was involved with and it was not a good idea to make the trip. “But he fuckin’ pushed it. Then he turned around to say flake? That’s kind of uncool because he had more than ample inkling that it was fucked up for us. Audrey had a change of plans and Mitchell was aware of it. Audrey’s got some things pending that are very important to her and she’s not able to represent other companies in public. That’s a complete conflict of interest. That’s that and Mitchell’s apparently mad about that. I like Mitchell a lot. I’ve never said a bad word about Mitchell.”

Bauer is feeling he made his point clear even though Spinelli “called fifty fuckin’ times in a row”. Bauer also states that he had a phone conversation with Spinelli two days before Hallander was scheduled to fly up there. “I said, listen ma, we really have a hectic schedule. I’m on the set [Thursday] at 7: 30. I hope to be done by 10. I got out at 1:30 am.” Bauer claims Spinelli he was shooting and, hence, wouldn’t be picking up his phone.

“But even so we got up to check on the situation,” says Bauer. “And her flight wasn’t supposed to leave until one o’clock and this clown is calling us from the airport saying where’s Audrey Hollander, Mika Tan? Even if all would have been well, apparently the flight got fucked up. I can show you the flight itinerary. I think Mitchell’s speaking out of some quick frustration because I’m sure that the people who were expecting to see Audrey Hollander were quite disappointed. I’m sure Mitchell has to say some kind of off the wall bullshit so that he can cover his ass. I don’t know. I think Mitchell, otherwise, is a good guy and I still like him. But I’m surprised that he did that.”

Spinelli says it’s good if he started shit. “Otto did a lot of performing for me and I really like the guy. He was a straight-up guy. I really liked him. But for some reason they get this Michael Ninn-thing and I booked her two months ago. They’re not returning my calls and it’s getting closer to the day. Then I went to his house like two weeks before the event because he wasn’t returning calls. I was getting nervous. I went to his house, by chance, on a Sunday. He was there. He told me he was out of the country, this and that. And he said his phone was with his production assistant [Nash]. Which is okay. No problem. I said, Otto, we did publicity on her, we booked this a month ago. I said you’re going to make me look bad if she doesn’t go. I said is she going to show. He said, yeah, we’ll be there. I said this was a commitment you gave me two months ago. I said if Michael Ninn has a problem, let me know. He said there was no problem. As we got closer to the day I couldn’t get a hold of him. His guy Nash called me and said there should be no problem. But as the day got closer and closer and closer he totally shined me on.”

When told that Bauer’s comment was he made it clear that Hollander might have other commitments, Spinelli says Bauer never conveyed that. “He never told me that. He said there was no problem. Otto was always reliable so this takes me by surprise that he shined me on. It came out of nowhere.”

Asked about this so-called e-mail, Spinelli concedes that Bauer could have sent one. “My e-mail has been changed, but it would have come back to him. He could have called me.” But Spinelli’s saying as soon as Michael Ninn’s name was being dropped into the conversation, he had a feeling there’d be a problem. Spinelli also claims that Thursday prior to the signing, he went again to the house and left a note on Bauer’s door. “Just call me- let me know what’s going on.” All in all, Spinelli says these were the last people he expected to flake on him.

“Any time you deal with these girls there’s always the intangibles, but this made me look really bad with these guys and that pissed me off. The dude said there’d be no problem.”


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