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The AVN Awards- Something that Needs Fixing.

Porn Valley- With Wankus and Tyler Faith in Mexico, Tony Batman had the 7 to 9pm slot on KSEX Monday night. Co-host Rebecca Lover reported that she’d be in Dayton, Ohio in March but didn’t know the club as yet. Batman suggested she contact Tim Case and Felicia Fox, noting that Fox was pregnant.

“She has the baby in the oven,” he said. Love didn’t know.

“And it’s Tim?” she asked laughing. Batman said it was debatable at the moment and read somewhere on the Internet that it was Wankus’ fault. Batman announced that Fox and Case run a club in Dayton called The Pink Flamingo.

Asked if she was shooting any movies, Love said eventually but that she was slowing down. According to Lovem she hasn’t announced any plans to retire because she doesn’t have a fall back position as yet.

“But I’ll be featuring again.”

Batman suggested that with the arrest of Melissa Wolf, georgia needs a new madam and Love said she felt bad for her.

“If you knew her, you’d know that she’s not that kind of madam-type person,” he said. “I know she doesn’t initiate things like that. She has a lot of friends- they come in and stay at the house. I’ve stayed at the house. She didn’t pick me up.”

Batman noted that Fox wasn’t the only one having a baby, that former Best New Starlet McKenzie Lee was due with a baby girl.

Though she was in vegas during the AEE convention, Love didn’t go.

“I took the year off,” she explained. “I wasn’t nominated. I didn’t feel like dressing up.”

“If you went to the awards show you would have been so pissed,” Batman told her. “I’m sure you’ve heard this from everyone else.” Batman recounted the red carpet horror story that he told last week on KSEX.

Love said it would seem logical to try to run it the same way it was done at The Venetian.

“You would have thought,” said Batman. “I’m sure they’re going to fix it up and make it better- like run a red carpet out through the convention door instead of the front of the hotel.”

“At the other hotel [The Venetian] they wanted the guests to be disturbed. They wanted to make a spectacle out of it. They didn’t do any of that.”

The way it was set up, Batman said fans were within arm’s throw to ask a porn star if they could touch her ass.

“Every fan is not cordial.”

To make matters worse, if you weren’t nominated you couldn’t walk the red carpet.

“Fuck you!” exclaimed Love learning that bit of information. “All your team members have to stay away? That’s not fair. half those people that get nominated had people there- it’s a team effort. How dare you separate?!”

Though he was covering the event for three diofferent outlets, Batman said he was told to step aside off the carpet and meet his date at the end of the carpet.

Love could imagine Brad Pitt being told to step aside for Angela Jolie because he wasn’t nominated for anything.

However the rules didn’t apply for the mainstream people who were at the show.

“When Tito came with jenna they didn’t ask him to step asie,” said Batman. “He wasn’t nominated. Gene Simmons? Right through.”

Love likened it to squashing the little people like bugs.

“You felt alienated from your own crowd.”

Batman rememembered a past occasiin when he was with Regan Anthony how nice he was treated.

“They gave us tickets- no problem; now that I’m totally in, I’m out.”

Love uggested that people write AVN with their complaints and let them know.

“I know it will be fixed but how did they fuck it up so bad? We’re so family-oriented and so close netwroekd and you’re going to split us apart?”

Batman said Carmen Luvana and her date were similarly separated.

“She did not get escorted down the carpet,” he said.

“How do you go solo? You need your date there,” said Love.

With the stadium seating there were assurances that porn stars wouldn’t be mingling with fans.

“But some people got tickets up in the stands where the fans were,” said Batman. “And I don’t know how that happened. And here’s another thing- a couple of awards were awarded to people who were in the stands. you had to walk down the stairs and get your award.”

Batman again ssumed that thinhs would be fixed.

“But they’ve had enough practice to figure it out- it’s not their first rodeo,” said Love. “Just because it’s a different biuilding, it’s not a different sport.”

Batman laughed that he didn’t want to tell anyone he was doing dome work for Xbiz and Xfanz.

“Could you imagine where my seat would have been then?”


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