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The Condom Debate Won’t Be Debated

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Here’s my theory why the industry doesn’t want to adopt condoms. Condoms would add extra time to shooting sex scenes, and just about all directors and performers want to get in, get out and go home with as little extra time and effort added to the work day as possible. That’s it.

It’s got nothing to do with sales, and no one can quote accurate statistics about sales slumps related to condoms because the industry’s condom experiment years ago never lasted long enough to make that evaluation.

Just take a look at the success of Wicked Pictures. The anti-latex crowd have no answer for it. And Rob Black brought that argument up again Wednesday afternoon. Black also argued that the subject of testing has little relevance to the condom debate because a test is as only as good as the day, the moment it’s conducted.

“The industry is at a point where nothing’s being done,” said Black.

“It’s like a government shutdown. What we have is essentially a business that is now in a shutdown mode. Nobody has faith in the testing. A test determines if you pass or fail, whether it’s driving a car or flying a plane.

“You graduate and pass tests and are able to fly a commercial airline. But never has a test been a preventive measure in anything. Why everybody harps on PASS is completely baffling. Take pass-fail out of the equation, and it’s about money and what is done with the money and the fact that tests are free.

“Everybody needs to stop with the debate about testing,” said Black.

“Go to Rite Aid and get an over the counter test for HIV. Testing is moot. A test is only a basis for a pass or fail. After the test is the next barrier of protection-condoms. And condoms are the only debate we should be having.

“But nobody will ever answer the heart of these questions. You have tons of people running around lying and sidestepping issues and nobody will address the real issue.

“If you have ten people test August 1st and they are all clean and you don’t see those people for ten days, how can you trust any of those tests? [Meaning how can you trust these people to observe safety and proper protocol in their personal lives.]

“Let’s go with the fact that Rod Daily got HIV off camera because he’s gay- let’s go with that theory. That being said, nobody comes back till the tenth of the month and shows the test that they’re clean. But during that time people did tricks without condoms; another girl got HIV because she goes with Rod Daily; another girl hangs out with Mr. Marcus.

“These people all come back the tenth and do an orgy. How does that test work because no one gets another test until the 14th. Then on the 14th everybody goes to PASS and gets tested and everybody fails on the 16th.

“So how is it nobody wants to promote condoms? Don’t you see a flaw in that system? All you bullshit directors and people toeing the company line, how do you explain this simple process and deny that we should have condoms? Why won’t they debate this system? It can happen and has happened so why do we lie to each other, everybody else, and why do we put up with it?

“August 1st you had ten people take their PASS certified test, and they all passed. Then they all go out and do scenes and fuck whore and crackheads and rent-a-boys- every excuse our industry uses for contracting HIV. So all those crackhead junkie AIDS rent-a-boys are all getting disease from August 1st to August 10th. On August 10th they all perform in an orgy with Spiegler girls.

“On the 10th a bunch of people get infected with diseases. Then everybody has to get their $165 to test on the14TH with the new two week turnaround. And 6 of the 14 test for Hepatitis C, HIV and Syphilis. Diane Duke says all these people did not contract disease on a set and we’re going to be shut down for a week then it’s business as usual.

“How does that work and you say testing works? I’m at a loss. If everybody would debate this on the message boards it will be real easy. Anybody who is against condoms and wants to debate this I’m up for it.”

Black pointed out that the Raiders quarterback suffered a concussion during a game Monday night.

“No one attended to him. He played two more plays and was taken to the locker room. The NFL is investigating because the NFL had to pay out over $768 million in concussion lawsuit settlements and now the NFL gives a shit about the players and concussions.

“When you say there is an inherent risk being a porn star, you’re right and that could only be said if we were using condoms and adhering to safety regulations and giving a shit and treating porn workers like every other worker in America.

“But when our business ignores simple logic, people who listen to us say it makes no sense. When you say you’re against condoms and you go testing works and we haven’t had a case of on set transmission in ten years…you know these are all lies.

“What other industry would have so many loopholes to kill the American worker? I never heard of that. This monster loophole [testing] is one that Diane Duke and Christian Mann tout and throw it in the face of everybody with their Ponzi shell scheme testing system.

“August 1st everybody tests cleans. For the next 9 days half of the people are behaving responsibly. The other half aren’t. On the 10th everybody gets back together, butt fucks and shares bodily fluids. Disease is now going through the system and kicking in. By the 14th that disease is full blown. They they go to Cutting Edge Testing and five people tested for a whole bunch of disease.

“On the 16th half are informed by John Stagliano and the other half by Bobby and her daughter. Don’t you see the huge problem? We should wear condoms, and you say no, testing works. ‘They contracted HIV off set and we detected it by our testing procedure.’

“So you’re telling me no one can get disease or got disease. No. But it defies all logic. In any other industry they would vote to close that industry down for further investigation. Does anyone want to keep debating a test?

“They only thing you should be debating is why you’re paying $350 a month. I showed you an example with a 14 day window. With a 30 day window, no one tested on the 14th until the 30th and by that time those people fucked other people in offset threesomes. Now nobody knows nothing until the 30th. Now you got 30 people with HIV and hepatitis. How would condoms not have worked? Is Christian Mann going to pass up this debate?

“Where do we get off telling people there is inherent risk. The gay industry has been wearing condoms for ten years. Wicked has been a condom company for over a decade but condoms don’t sell and condoms don’t work. Wicked Pictures has never had a disease or a chafing raw pussy and they sell. Doesn’t that wash the entire condom debate? Why is nobody debating that? Why isn’t Christian Mann writing letters defending that?

“Why do all of you who support the Free Speech Coalition say we should not have condoms, then how do you explain Wicked Pictures’ success? How do you explain that Jessica Drake’s vagina has never been raw, chafed and infected and why will nobody debate this?”


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