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The Crinkly Wrinkly Bob Friedland-final

Porn Valley- Tyler Faith on her KSEX show Wednesday night told a story about the time how Bob Friedland not only had carnal knowledge of Cindy Crawford but that Friedland also shocked a number of people by walking around naked during a pool party. Perhaps coincidental to the fact that Faith also introduced her KSEX audience to the Kinky Wrinkly or Crinkly Wrinkly porn series from Black Widow.

For the better part of the opening minutes, Faith was discussing that when she and Wankus work as a pair, the show runs better when Wankus takes the lead and Faith follows the rubber footprints on the dance floor.”You carry the show and I have no problem with that,” she said. For several shows running, Wankus and Faith have been on Daisy Duxxx’s case.

“Daisy Duxxx is…” Wankus started to say something else, and Faith finished by referring to Duxxx as a cunt. Duxxx was on Wankus’ show one time explaining how she shot a water buffalo then had sex next to the dead carcass.

“She bragged about it a long time ago, and Tyler wants to kill her,” Wankus explained. Another thing that irked her about the whole incident, said Faith, was Duxxx stating how she wanted to mount the horns in her house.

“I would love to shove those fucking horns up her twat and see how that would feel,” said Faith. “The only thing she can say is I’m so fucking sorry- slap me and punch me right now. I deserve a beating. That’s the only thing she can say to redeem herself. She ought to beat herself up.”

Wankus noted that Faith sells a lot of her movies when she’s on the road but that she asked Ric Williams of Black Widow to provide some movies representing his company.

“Not just the Team Tyler movies because she always sells those on the road,” Wankus said. “But stuff she could throw into the crowd and give away as giveaways.” Williams gave Faith Vols. 1,2 & 3 of Kinky Crinkly or Crinkly Wrinkly.”Seriously? I fucking can’t even give that to anybody,” said Faith. “I wouldn’t even give that to somebody I don’t like. It looks like Dick Nasty.”

“Dick’s better looking than that,” interrupted Wankus. Faith insisted that one of the guys looked like Nasty, whatever. Wankus explained that it was some 75 year-old guy banging a bunch of young chicks.

“She can’t give it away and we can’t give it at the airport as tips,” Wankus laughed.

“My bags will never get there,” said Faith. “They get lost anyways, never mind if I gave them a wrinkly kinkly, whatever the fuck it is.”

“Maybe you have a friend that you hate and want to give him some porn- this would be perfect,” Wankus suggested.

“It’s a good gag gift because you will throw up,” Faith insisted.

Rebecca Love came on as guest during the second half of the show.

“She’s like a living Jessica Rabbit,” Faith said about Love. Love, who appears in Faith’s Fantasies, said she was going to be at Erotica L.A. at a booth with Lisa Sparxxx. Wankus said KSEX would have a booth as well. Faith said she’s never been to Erotica L.A., that she always managed to get out of it because of her dancing schedule.

“It’s like AVN- a little bit smaller,” Love told her.

“And it’s packed with Beaners,” Wankus added.

“Maybe we should sell tacos,” suggested Love. “Do you imagine the fortune we could make?”

“I’m going to sell lemonade,” Faith declared. Wankus told her it was a good idea but that they should sell tacos and call them Tyler’s Pink Tacos.

“We can’t because of that thing in Vegas- isn’t there a place in Vegas called Pink Tacos?” Faith asked.

“Fuck them, They’re in Vegas, we’re in L.A.,” Wankus replied. “Make some little lemonade stand.”

“But you know how I feel about..,” Faith started to say.

“Yeah, you hate Spick food,” Wankus said.

“I don’t even want to profit off something I don’t like,” replied Faith. Wankus said there was a hook, that everyone would want to eat Tyler’s Pink Taco.

Love also mentioned that she was going to be in New York for the Exotic Erotic Expo. Wankus said Faith and he would be there as well. Faith started talking about New York and threw out something about a Miss America ruining it for everyone with the Sultan of Brunei.

“Remember girls who would go to the Sultan of Brunei?” said Faith. “My friend went for six months. She came back with $200,000 in cash and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewels. She told me she fucked everybody. She goes Tyler I fucked everybody but I’m set up now.” Wankus asked her who screwed it up.

“That fuckin Miss America douche bag-bitch,” Faith answered. “She was, like, I didn’t know I had to have sex! Everybody knew that was the deal.” Love said she heard that the women are held to strict curfews.

“They’re really strict,” Faith agreed. According to Faith, her friend was a Playmate of the Year six or seven years ago.Wankus then asked Love if she wanted a copy of Kinky Wrinkly and Love said it reminded her of a story when she was in Vegas with one of her girlfriends.

“She happened to be talking to this older gentleman that looks just like that guy in the movie,” said Love. “Another player came up to me and said why is she talking to wrinkled balls. He said it right in front of him and I said, because he has money? That whole week wrinkled balls was hanging out with us. Everybody was calling him wrinkled balls- not to his face, obviously.”

And to answer the question, Love said she didn’t do wrinkled balls.

“It’s really a vile sight to see an old man naked with gray wrinkly balls,” said Faith. “It’s really fucking disgusting.”

Faith then went on to say how she saw Bob Friedland naked.

“Are you still traumatized?” Wankus asked her.

“Yeah,” said Faith. “I was at my friends- it was after a Jill Kelly party, somewhere. My friend was like why don’t you guys all come over my house. I have a big pool, whatever. This is like a good friend.”

Faith explained that she used her friend’s bedroom to rest from headache, with Kelly running in telling her you have to come down and see this. With Kelly being insistent, Faith walked downstairs.

“Bob was getting in the pool naked- guy, just like because everybody else is naked, you have no business getting naked. He’s a 190. Then to top it all off, she asked my friend to use his bed to fuck Cindy [Crawford]. I don’t know how that happens anyway because he couldn’t get a hard on. How do you ask someone if you can use their bed when you’re 190. That’s disgusting. And with a douche bag that throws her baby away.

“Allegedly,” Wankus reminded Faith.

“I’ve heard that rumor come back to me a lot,” said Faith. “I heard she threw her baby away in a dumpster in Vegas.” Wankus wanted to know who started the rumor. Faith didn’t know.

“Is it a rumor or is it not?”

To push the Kinky Wrinkly tape, Wankus said something about Friedland being in the pool with Christian Giambi, Jason’s wife.

“Don’t they burp their kid in the pool and all that shit?” Faith asked. “And then you throw it away in a filter- I don’t know.” Faith compared the Crawford rumor to a game of telephone but thinks that Crawford might really have given her baby away or thrown it away.


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