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The Del Toro Red Light Firing Update

Posted earlier this week on there are grumblings in Red Light District Video. Martin del Toro has been stealing from them and their budgets by forging production dates, forging model releases, stealing money for location fees, stealing editor pay checks, faking and duplicating shoots for both internet and video, getting kickbacks from performers by overpaying them courtesy of RLD vouchers, sending Red Light checks to his girlfriend Lori Carpenter and cashing them himself, using cameramen for another company’s shoots and charging Red Light, then trying to get everyone to lie for him to cover up his tracks. a notorious sobber who was trained inacting in Hungary but was beaten up there (where are his front teeth?) because of embezzling investors andpinning the blame on his wife in Hungary who spent 2 years in jail, Martin Del Toro has been fired from RLD.

> Willie D writes:Really, thanks for making that up. The name and all that bullshit. You do a great job in advancing Haley’s credibility with that, don’t you. What most of you Csaba haters don’t realize: the more stupid aliases you use, the more unfounded rumors you post, the more disjointed you make your attack, the weaker and more pathetic it becomes.

I have nothing against Haley, in fact I think she is one damn good whore. I don’t think she is exactly as innocent as all of your portray it (she does make porn for a living after all), but whatever: if this foreign douchebag fucker her over like this I will happily take up her cause.

But none of you Martin haters have done more than posting a few documents (two of which had her real name and address), and some half-hearted disjointed bitch schlaps. So if you would like to deliver the coup de grace to Csaba del Taco, please do a better job. And please learn to spell “perjury.”

Wanker, if a lot of porn folk are going to be at Martay’s deportation circus, please post where/when. I would love to see that, thanks in advance.

> Wanker Wang wrires: Willie, the poster above is actually accurate in the statement that Martin Del Toro was fired from Red Light District Video. I’m surprised it wasn’t all over the trade rags. It is true he was caught stealing heavily from the company. If there is a way to get yourself quickly banished from this oh-so-forgiving industry, committing acts of theft from a great company like Red Light is akin to the Death Penalty.

They have a great core group of phenomenal directors but this two-faced, lying imbecile should not have been one of them. It really sucks because their current stable of directors are nothing but class acts who don’t resort to lying, manipulating, forging, defrauding, stealing, cheating.

It’s amazing how stupid people are and can’t see the forest from the trees. Cheating his own company for a little money here and there, stealing from the hands that feed you, then claiming everyone is lying but himself (after trying to get people to lie for him) is beyond my comprehension.

You see, if I pay more for talent or locations or photographer, I pay out of my own pocket. Red Light trusted Del Toro to shoot based on his talent but the money came out of Red Light’s pocket, not Del Toro’s who found a way to quickly scam his way for chump change.

The trial date is set at November 22, 2006. I already let all my friends in the industry know they have to be there including those who know Martin Del Toro closely, including his former employers, both male and female performers, agents, current journalists, and a friend of mine from the Feds. I want to see this idiot squirm under oath as everyone who knows him and the truth watches him lie under questioning. He has nobody to testify on his behalf because they all left him.

Haley is not part of this smear campaign. It’s likely a group of people who have been fucked over by this colossal moron over the years.

A couple of months ago, I asked him real nicely that if he apologizes to Haley, admits what he did, perhaps we can work it out without resorting to legal channels. Of course he denied everything not knowing how armed with facts I was. I was absolutely convinced he was a patronizing, lying bullshit artist who used to tell people that I fuck trannies and con girls into doing POV’s and double anals for cheap. And so the campaign began. Anyone who knows me knows I will spend money to find Haley representation on whatever she needs.

The audacity he showed when he called me again was mind boggling. He attempted to sweet talk me into serving Haley papers while patronizing me and telling me how we were brothers and what a lying sack of shit Haley was. Of course, he tried to convey to me that he was the true victim of his own ruse and he was the hallmark of honesty. That’s when I realized I had a genuine snake on my hands. I have a bullshit meter about 30 miles wide and every lie coming out of his mouth set off alarm bells.

I know he conned Haley into marrying him for his green card. I have his former employer among others willing to testify that he told them such while he was sucking face with his girlfriend while married. His own girlfriend told me that Del Taco told her that he married Haley as a ‘business arrangement’ to get his green card. Unfortunately, nobody told Haley this at the time. She blindly accepts love for what it is and all she wants to do is pursue her education and better herself without lying, sniveling weasels like Del Taco. I know alot more now that his best friend he deceived and try to throw under the bus is willing to sign an affidavit that everything Del Taco wrote in his affidavit is pure bullshit (including some rock thrown at his window which I truly believe he did to himself to elicit sympathy). He already let me know Del Toro forced him to sign court papers claiming he served Haley papers at an address she doesn’t live in (my ex-shooting location currently occupied by a modeling agency) nor was present for. Interestingly, the house is owned by a Pepperdine Law student who is in possession of this mysterious manila envelope that didn’t have a return address and has been kept unopened. Haley lives in her own townhouse in a nice part of the Valley.

Haley doesn’t deserve this especially from a manipulative clown like Del Toro. She doesn’t have a bad bone to her body. All I’m trying to do is bring closure for her and restore her dignity after getting emotionally bludgeoned by this soul-less, Satan worshipping retard.

The minute I found out this morning from industry people I offered Del Toro a job as my Minion. $100 an Internet scene, 2 scenes a day, and I’ll pay him on the spot without a voucher.

I’m glad Del Taco was fired from Red Light. A great company like that doesn’t deserve this cancer.

And, yes, I’m going to announce another directing deal for Haley coming up in the next few weeks. I’d love it if Haley can get this fucked up chapter of her life over with and move on because Del Taco just fucked his career in the porn industry up for good.

As far as I’m concerned, he is not welcome at Anabolic/Diabolic. Nor any decent company that refuses to have pathological liars, factory assembly line directors who think about making the quick buck rather than further their careers and names, and thieves in their stable with a propensity for stupid antics like armpit fucking and spitting on the lens. He actually came to Anabolic a few weeks ago in an attempt to get a job (after, of course, telling other companies he was available for work and that Anabolic was begging him to come aboard). Unfortunately, I was on set that day and wasn’t there. This imbecile claimed I was jealous of his style therefore his style, which was the future of Red Light, was available. It was funny because he had to sit in the lobby for over an hour while the staff tried to contact me.

It’s odd. When he was working under budgets for other companies in the past, he would nickel and dime everyone so he could make an extra buck or two. However, when he worked at Red Light that trusted him and paid his productions, he stole and stole and stole.

Think about this, from a moron who claims he’s shot 1000 MOVIES, not scenes, but MOVIES in the past 5 years (I’ve shot about 70 movies (not counting Internet) in three years and I’m a pretty prolific shooter). He’s been FIRED now from Anarchy, Vertigo, American Hardcore, Hustler/VCA, Smash, Pearl, now Red Light and burned bridges with every single one of them.

He truly is an idiot and I have no sympathy for the guy and don’t want anything to do with this manipulative fuck. He probably can’t even afford his steroids anymore and that lease on his car.

In addition, I contend that the use of his correct name is proper because he was a national celebrity in Hungary for marrying a noteable female celebrity 25+ years his senior, using her name to defraud investors, and taking off for America with the money. Of course, he fled the country after some angry people beat the shit out of him, plucked his two front teeth and left him hospitalized for three weeks. One investor who gave their life savings to him committed suicide. Those articles are also being sent from Budapest as well as other official documents. Trust me, I hate journalists who post porner’s real names but, in this case, I consider it apropos considering he was a public figure in Eastern Europe. A celebrity because his wife rotted in jail for two years which humiliated her young daughter.

Wanker Wang

P.S. I’m contemplating hiring on his editor he was cheating for money too. At least he can take solace that I’ll never screw him out of money. I may be a prick but nobody in the industry can say I screwed them out of money or tried to cheapen their rates or took kickbacks. Del Toro is truly one dumb asshole. You’ll probably see him back at Heatwave shooting blowjob videos for $50 a scene like he did before.

P.P.S. My offer to have Martin Del Toro become my Minion still stands. But he will not have access to my checks or any financial responsibility within my corporation.



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