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from – Message to all the fella’s out there: Platinum Puzzy is not one who you can fuck with. I’m not being mean but seriously, you can’t fuck with her. She is in love and no longer fucks men…sorry boys!

Since coming into the industry back in 2005, Platinum Puzzy has become one of the top and most recognized BBW’s in the industry. From running her own website (, her own company (Platinum Puzzy Productions), and her own radio show (Platinum Puzzy Radio), she is a force to be reckoned with and she won’t be stopped.

A Southern California girl by birth, she spent time growing up down South as well. Coming from a broken home and being plus size since the age of 11, growing up was a bit difficult for Platinum. She explained that her high school years were difficult because she was bullied all throughout. She was bullied not only because of her size but because she dated outside of her race, and in the South, that’s definitely not received well. Many men have come forth years later and have told her that they were always attracted to her, but just too afraid to admit it back then.

By the age of 21, Platinum already had a child, had another one on board and was getting married to a military man. A choice she states was a bad one but turned into a great learning experience. Her and military man would eventually divorce some time down the line.

She had been working as a bill collector when she started to have health issues and needed to have major surgery done. Unable to work and needing to make money she began doing phone sex. Over the next four months she would be on the fast track from doing phone sex to getting into porn.

While doing the phone sex, Platinum began noticing something that was happening often. Whenever she would describe herself to the caller they would suddenly hang up on her. When she told the person in charge what was going on they told her that there was a picture of another girl that the caller could see. When asked if she wanted to use her own pictures Platinum immediately said yes.

With the introduction of her pictures to the phone sex business callers began asking her if they could see her on webcam. Once she started getting a following as a webcam girl, her fans then wanted to see her get fucked on camera. And with the introduction of fucking began the world of Platinum Puzzy.

When she started doing porn she dove right into everything, from girl-girl, fetish, boy-girl and everything under the sun. Platinum no longer does boy-girl porn anymore. Part of the reason is because she has found a man who she is in love with, but also, she states that she grew tired of the politics within the industry and the unprofessionalism of a lot of the male talent. She also indicates that with doing just girl-girl, she doesn’t have to worry about performance (i.e. a male talent possibly not being able to get his dick hard).

She also says that she didn’t love doing boy-girl scenes anymore. She has always told herself that once she stopped loving doing something she would no longer do it. And she is a woman who stays true to her word.

Platinum hasn’t worked much in the “mainstream” so to speak. She’s done stuff with Sensational Video but that’s about it. She chooses to do her own stuff, work on her own time, and make her own money. After all, she does have an empire in which she is building.

Platinum Puzzy isn’t just a name, it’s a brand and a business. Everything she does, from modeling, to videos, to attending events is to build on the Platinum Puzzy brand. She works hard at what she does and doesn’t let anyone get in her way.

When asked where she thinks the BBW industry is headed, she says that its going in the right direction, but that it still needs a major overhaul. Even though its moving more into the mainstream, she feels that it is the responsibility of each performer and each fan to change the image of the BBW industry. And that it is time it gets the accolades that it deserves.

As a figure head in the industry, she is approached by many women and her advice is often asked for. So in order to further her empire she teaches lessons to girls about the business through Adult Biz Class. Through the site she can give other women her knowledge of the business and make money as well (hey, she’s got an empire her that she’s building).

Platinum lives quite the happy life. She is in complete control of her business, has a thriving love life and has amazing fans. She says that her fans are always supportive of everything she does. They love the work that she does and to her surprise, are thrilled to see her in a loving relationship. She is truly grateful for the fans that she has.

Platinum Puzzy will no doubt continue to build on what is already a successful business. Her goal is to one day educate enough women where she can retire, let them run the business and all she has to do is oversee her empire. But until then, move out of her way, cause she ain’t stopping.


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