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“The Dog Was a Pro”

Porn Valley- Hey, baby, just back into the dog and he’ll do the rest. It was New York, 1971, and the book The Other Hollywood, devotes a chapter to the infamous Linda Lovelace, episode involving a dog.

Fred Lincoln comments that he thought Lovelace was a pain in the ass. “I didn’t like Linda; there was just something about her.” Consequently, Lovelace was booked to do a dog who might not make such radical distinctions. Eric Edwards was also booked to be in the scene.

The loop was produced by Bob Wolfe who had a studio on 14th Street. Chuck Traynor’s recollection is that Lovelace made maybe 10 to 15 loops for Wolfe. According to Traynor, Wolfe asked Lovelace straight out if would she ball a dog and she said yes. Lovelace, on the other hand, claims there was no way she was doing this. Lovelace says she was offered more money than usual but wasn’t interested. “I’m afraid of dogs.”

On Traynor’s behalf, because Traynor is alleged to have forced Lovelace into the situation, Eric Edwards states that Traynor always struck him as a businessman. “I’ve never seen any kind of malevolence in him.”

For her part, Lovelace said she knew she’d get beat up by Traynor if she didn’t do the movie. “For once, the prospect of a beating was not the worst alternative,” she says. “Any beating no matter how severe, would be better than being raped by a dog.” Lovelace goes on to describe Wolfe as “fat and greasy and black-haired.”

Despite what Lovelace has to say about fat and grease and men who look like black-haired french fries, it’s Edwards’ contention that Lovelace enjoyed everything she did before the cameras. “Even with the dog.”

Lovelace said she was told to undress. But when she said no, she claims she noticed three other men in the room and a gun on a table.

“Now are you sure you don’t want to make this movie?” Wolfe is alleged to have asked her. Lovelace also quotes Traynor as saying, “Take off your clothes, cunt.”

Edwards, however, says there was no such gun and no other people standing around. “There was no forcing her to do anything and Traynor wasn’t even there on the set. Traynor said it wasn’t his film. “So I wasn’t even on the set.” Traynor claims he was down the street getting something to eat- winds up being a piece of apple pie with mold on it.

According to Edwards, the scenario called for him to do Lovelace. “Okay, the boyfriend now leaves to go to work, and the doggie comes in to satisfy Linda.” Lovelace says she would have chosen death at that moment than surrender to an animal. “I’ve been raped my men who were no better than animals, but this was an actual animal.”

Edwards describes the dog as a greyhound or an Afghan, noting that it was short-haired with a thin tail. Lovelace says she was directed to appear frustrated as Edwards left the room then get the bright idea that maybe the dog would do the trick.

Edwards claims it blew his brains out to see Lovelace go down on the dog and get him excited. Lovelace, however, claims she felt nothing but acute revulsion. “Even as this was happening to me, I had trouble believing it.” Lovelace said the scene lasted maybe one hour, two hours and she was ordered to get on all fours. Edwards says the dog took the cue and believes the dog actually came inside her. Lovelace says when the dog was pulled away she was in the deepest valley of devastation, wanting only to die.

Edwards begs to differ, noting that Lovelace took it all in the spirit of free love and that dog movies suddenly became de rigeur. But often times those attempts failed. “We’d try mayonnaise, we’d try hot dogs, we’d smear stuff on her pussy, and it wouldn’t work. The dog would whimper and whine and back off. But this particular dog who worked with Linda was a pro.”

Sharon Mitchell, who was scheduled to shoot in the studio for Chuck Vincent later in the day, states that she happened to walk in as all this was going on.

“It didn’t look like they were forcing her to do anything,” states Mitchell. “It looked like they were forcing the dogs!” But Mitchell says she left, weirded out just the same. “It scared me. “Nobody was holding anybody anywhere. Nobody was forcing her to do anything.”


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