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The Garcia Tapes…AKA…White-trash-Water

LOS ANGELES – Thursday night, caught up with a home town friend of adult star Sassy. “Carmen” a two week houseguest of Sassy’s, is visiting from Chicago. Not a porn star, Carmen did entertain the idea of doing some erotic print work while in town when all hell broke loose.
Recently AdultFYI reported some friction between agent Roy Garcia of Sex Symbols Talent Management, Sassy, Carmen and Chef Jeff. AdultFYI is now in possession of the recorded voice mails Garcia left on Sassy’s cell phone, yelling at her and shouting profanities in reference to all parties involved.

Wayne – We reported this story already but never heard your side of it, so why don’t you tell us the skinny about Roy freakin’ out.

Carmen – Came out here to do some magazine work. Just magazine work. We came to KSEX cause Jeff had the radio show. He invited us on it.

Wayne – How did Chef Jeff get on Roy’s shit list?
Carmen – Jeff was like [on his show], ‘if anyone’s interested in Carmen here’s a pic of her topless.’ Roy tried to act like my agent but he wasn’t. The next day he [Roy] called Sassy and was like, ‘what are you doing? Her career is already ruined.’ I don’t even have a career yet.

Wayne – Okay so Jeff was doing what they do best on KSEX, helping promote talent. Completely innocent, just trying to help. From what I was told, Jeff wasn’t acting as an agent, just promoting you, right?

Carmen – Right. Roy bitched out Jeff for no reason. Roy did tell me if I worked for him that I can only do work with him. But I never agreed to work with him because I didn’t want to do any movies, he only wanted me to movies, he wasn’t into the print stuff.

Wayne – So at no time did you tell Roy that he could represent you?

Carmen – Right and I didn’t want to work with him after the voice mails he left sassy. They were crazy…he did call and apologize the next day but he was saying stuff like, “you fuckin’ bitch, who the fuck do you think you are, Jenna Jameson? You ruined this fucking girls career.”

[At this point Sassy interrupted the interview to provide AdultFYI with some of the actual voice mails left by Garcia.]

One Garcia message left for Sassy said:

[In an angry voice, slight shout] I’m really fuckin’ pissed off right now at Chef Jeff, and at you. I offered your friend ten thousand, ten thousand dollars a month, guaranteed to work for Hustler and VCA and Vivid…and she just fucked that up! And I told you if she works for anyone else the deal is off. Hustler pays me to bring them girls first. They pay a lot for that. You just fucked that up.

[In a whiney voice] Why did you do that?

[back to angry voice] I’m fuckin’ very pissed off at your fuckin’ boyfriend Chef Jeff. What a fuckin’ asshole! He has ruined every chance for me to send girls to Gene Ross or Wayne Lewis ’cause he’s a fuckin’ selfish motherfuckin prick! I’m fuckin’ pissed off. My clients will not see her if she shot for everybody in town or even shot for anybody in town. You made her look really cheap and available which is exactly the opposite that I did of you. Exactly the opposite! I hid you from people on purpose so your price would stay high, and, so that you would be more valuable for the client and you just took this girl and just threw her out to the lions.

Are you crazy, are you crazy? Tell him to take that off [referring to a press release Jeff sent out announcing Carmen as available for work], that’s so fuckin’ stupid. That is so dumb. Your friend wanted to make money out here, she ain’t gonna make shit now except for all the little shitty people.

Fuckin’ aye! [hung up]

Sassy alleges some problems with getting paid for work she did under the wings of the former Playgirl model turned talent agent. Supposedly, after doing work in the amount of $2400.00, Sassy gave her checks to Garcia to cash for her, since she didn’t have a checking account. According to Sassy, Garcia put her off for quite some time and held the money over her head at times.

In another message on Sassy’s cell phone, Garcia said:

As a matter of fact, I am stopping the payment on your check because you never finished your fuckin’ scene scene! [hung up]

Sassy has since been paid in cash, in full.

Wayne – So this was your introduction to the porn world then?

Carmen – Yes, I came out here and all this drama started. And then like the next day or something, we met up with him and he says he’ll give me like $500 if I do some kind of spanking video with a thermometer or something.

Wayne – A thermometer? [laughs]

Carmen – Something like that. I told him I can go to a strip club and make $500 in one night, why would I want to do the video? He’s like, ‘fine you go work in a strip club then.’

Wayne – What are you doing now?

Carmen – I’m going back to Chicago on Saturday. Hustler and Earl Miller took pics of me. They said they’ll call if there’s any work. I’m suppose to come out on October 12th to do a strip club video for some guy Anthony. I’m just waiting for people to call me and see if they’re interested.

Wayne – But you definitely won’t do any video work?

Carmen – Nah, I don’t think so.

Wayne – If Hustler calls you and wants you to do print work, but it’s hardcore print work, would you do that?

Carmen – What’da ya mean?

Wayne – I mean dicks in your mouth, cum on your tits, that kind of thing.

Carmen – No. No pics with guys.

Wayne – You’re not into guys?

Carmen – No, I really like guys, just not in pics. I’ll do it with girls or by myself.

Wayne – So you will do triple X shoots, but only with girls.

Carmen – Sure.

Wayne – Why not do triple X videos then?

Carmen – I don’t want to do videos, basically I don’t want to movies.

Wayne – Random segue-way, did Roy try to hook up with you at all?

Carmen – No

Wayne – Did he offer to let you stay at his house?

Carmen – Yes with everything provided for a month or two, all expenses paid. He also offered me ten thousand dollars for a scene with, I don’t remember, I think it was him and someone else. They were making fun of that when I did my interview on KSEX, saying that he was full of shit. I don’t care if he was or wasn’t, I don’t want to do movies.




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